Vehicle Spotlight | 2019 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss Edition

Vehicle Spotlight | 2019 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss Edition

Hi I’m Mike Egli with Holiday Automotive. I’d like to welcome you here today and show
you the brand new 2019 Silverado Trail Boss. This is a brand new entry for Chevrolet, and
uh let’s take a look at it here, so, in the front it is very much not anything else, but
a Chevrolet. Black bowtie on this Trail Boss Edition with
the blacked out grille. Brand new LED headlights in the front, so
super white, super bright, very very cool. Makes a nice statement as it’s driving down
the road. This Trail Boss adds a couple other things,
you’ve got Forward Parking Assist as well as some cool red tow hooks in front in case
you gotta pull somebody out. No one’s gonna have to pull you out but you
will pull somebody else out with this big truck. So up front, we’ve got a little more aggressive
stance with this vehicle. You’ve got a nice, tall, domed hood. This is aluminum as well and that was originally
put in there to kinda give us a little lighter weight truck and give us a little bit better
performance and fuel economy. As we come around to the side of the truck,
you’re gonna notice the Trail Boss has the really cool looking black rims. This is standard on the Trail Boss Edition. In addition, we’ve got the DuraTrac tire which
is a real luggy, more aggressive looking tire on this vehicle as well. The Trail Boss Edition has the factory two-inch
lift with this truck. That is the first time we’ve ever had the
factory come to us with a lift in a truck. So couple neat things, everything was engineered
from the factory, to accommodate that lift, and to give you a better ride and handling. Also, warranty is gonna be covered at any
GM dealer, so this isn’t something that’s an aftermarket, after thought. You’re gonna notice the Z71 badging up here,
so this’ll have the off road skid plates and gas shocks. We’re also gonna have the larger steps on
the side. Again, if it’s raised up and this truck’s a couple
inches taller, we’re gonna need a way to get in and out of the truck and the assist steps
are a great way to accommodate that. Our new trucks also now are keyless, so we’ve
got a proximity key as long as I have it in my pocket or purse, I can walk up and touch
the silver button and it’ll allow me to get in and out of the vehicle. So, kind of a nice addition that we’ve never
had before. On the side too, we’ve got a full crew cab
that accommodates another two and half inches of legroom that we didn’t have in our previous
generation. Anything that’s hinged in our new truck will
be aluminum as well. So the hood that we talked about, your four
doors, as well as the tailgate, so anything that has a hinge, is gonna be aluminum now. As we walk ourself back a little bit further,
in the gas door, you’ll notice no gas cap any longer. So we’ve got the cap-less fuel system and you’ll
also notice another hole. That will accommodate our new diesel exhaust
fluid coming forward here later in the year when we introduce a 3 liter diesel in this
vehicle as well. So we’re real excited about that. Again coming around the back, cool Trail Boss
badging so we know we’re in a Chevrolet and we’re in the Trail Boss. Back here we’ve got steps to make it easier,
even with a size 14 boot, we can put our foot right in there and we can climb right into
the vehicle without the need for a step. In the back, dual exhaust tips, all finished
in chrome, really gives it a nice look. They’re tucked right up into the bumper, so
fit and finish was really thought of there. And take a look here we’ve got a one touch tailgate,
just give the little button a push, it’ll drop down, you don’t hear any bang, very soft,
very easy. You’ve got the bed liner that’s in here from
the factory, the DuraTrac bed, and then you’ve also got your LED box lighting, and a one
ten outlet right there that’ll accommodate any devices up to 400 watts. And if I wanna close the tailgate, one or
two fingers is all it needs. I can just lift up and simple as that so,
let’s go take a look inside the truck and see what makes this Trail Boss pretty cool. So inside this new Silverado, everything has
been reinvented. We’ve got Side Blind Zone alerts in our mirrors,
we’re gonna have our Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning. Um, we’re gonna have a heated steering wheel. Heck, we’re in Wisconsin we need to have a
heated steering wheel this time of the year, so that’s very cool. Inside of here being leather interior, we’ve
got power on the driver and the passenger seat as well as heated seats of course, we
gotta have heated seats. Cooled seats are an option in here as well,
so that is something that is nice. Uh, a real nice, clear HD back up camera and
screen, that’s all touch screen, AM, FM, XM satellite radio. You’re also gonna have Apple CarPlay, Android
Auto that’s built into the vehicle so if you want to uh hands-free text message or stream
your apps into the vehicle with music or navigation, that’s certainly an available option there
for you as well so. Just a nice, nice vehicle. As I mentioned earlier, a lot of extra back
seat room – two and a half inches more legroom in the back seat and they’ve also got heat
in their seats, and they’ve also got vents in the back to keep them cool or warm, so,
thanks for joining me inside and uh, feel free to come and see any of us here at Holiday
Automotive, and we will certainly make it worth your trip.

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  1. those that truck comes in moss green metallic,…? and can i get that truck with a heads-up display for offroading

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