Video captures school bus hit 5-year-old girl in Shelby Township

Video captures school bus hit 5-year-old girl in Shelby Township

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  1. Many school districts have parents walk to the bus to pick up 5 year old kids. Why doesn't this one do that?

  2. People are not respecting life anymore This person has 1 job get those kids to and from school safe this is happening all the time the police need to have a talk with these drivers who are concerned only with a small pay check they should work somewhere else.

  3. This is no time for melodrama and over reacting.
    Falling off the porch was a nice touch.
    The old chain reaction event. One person causes an accident,then another one does.

  4. Did the mom injured her self? The mom screening, got the hair on the back of my neck standing… I hope the driver is not going to be beaten up by the parents.

  5. If there wasnt snow on ground and cold i bet the mom would have been at bus door ….5 yo getting off bus alone???? Parents should be investigated by child protective services ….bus monitor shouldn't have given driver the ok to drive either …but its the parents own fault …blame themselves

  6. This is what I think. They should make sure they can account for every child getting off the bus. They need a head count of every child exiting the bus. It could have happened anywhere. School buses need to have viewer installed on every bus so the driver can see. Also a beeper for the bus driver to detect it is not safe to drive yet. This could have happened anywhere. Buses are in to much of a hurry. I do believe her Mother just had a brand new baby at home. I lived in Shelby Twp. for 4 years and my son went to elementary and junior high there. We never had a problem. 2nd biggest district in Michigan.

  7. I would SUE THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF THE SCHOOL!!IT DOESN'T HAVE ANY EXCUSE FOR HER,EVN ITS NOT HER REGULAR ROUTE, THE SCHOOL IS JUST TRYING TO EXCUSE HER!!??🤨😠😡I WOULD SUE THE CRAP OUT HER& SUE THE SCHOOL IF SHES NOT FIRED!! AND I WOULD HAVE BEAT THT DRIVER FOR RUNNING MY KID DOWN..WTF??!! ALL SHE GOT RUNNING A INNOCENT CHILD OVER,SLAP ON THE WRIST..tht poor kids going to be traumatized by tht dumb Ho!! And MSM acting like the bus driver is the victim!!😠😡😡😡wasnt her route,has nothing to do with her running tht poor little angel over!! LAW SUIT TIME!!!

  8. That is my bus but I got off before it happend. She was a school today but she didn’t go on the bus after school or in the morning. Thank god she is okay♥️

  9. The driver in the white vehicle was blowing their horn for the driver to move so that they could get out of their driveway.

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