Video: Just in!! Used 2007 Dodge Durango 4X4 For Sale @WowWoodys

Hey guys its Ian here at the Woodys Automotive
Group! Today I have this 2007 Dodge Durango, so its white in color. You have 20″ chrome
wheels down here at the bottom! The tires are in really good condition! Along the front
you have the bug guard and the fog lights down there at the bottom! Chrome along the
exterior. So really nice. So on this inside you will notice you have cloth and leather
seats. They are heated! They are also powered. Extremely comfortable! Center console right
here. CD Stereo. 4WD, cruise control. A little under 76k miles. You’ve also got the sunroof,
almost forgot! So that is always handy! Come around to the back you will notice you have
back sensors along the bottom. Tow package, it is a hemi! 5.7L V8. Cubby hole right here.
You can see the third row from here. It does fold flat incase you need more storage! The
back seats are leather. You have heated seats back here as well and two cupholders and a
center console too. So if you like this car, give us a call here at Woodys! (888)869-0963
or visit us at Thanks!

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