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  1. I posted the vid:) I was contacted by 5 news stations including this. I know everything that happened. They actually missed out on the fact that he got inside of the bus

  2. His dumb behind needs to get on that bus and taken to kindergarten….because that is equivalent to his IQ……..

  3. Well i would hate anybody throwing something at my car i would be furious too hopefully those kids learned their lesson some people you dont joke with

  4. LAW SUIT against the School District for attempted man slaughter with a vehicle by the bus driver. Insane bus driver runs over and kills a man as a full load of children watch in horror, could have been the OUT COME of this story.

  5. I would have done the same thing. I love how the media is slanting this to make it look like he's a complete whackjob. Did anyone hear that someone threw something at his car? One of those bad azz kids could have made him crash!

  6. Driver should have called Dispatcher to send Police. Child should have been suspended for throwing object from Bus Window, And yes the Old guy should also get arrested. He did. Driver of Bus should be fired. He had recourse

  7. Man who is hold on the bus. Obviously he is deaf man. Sign language said “where police. Call police” after speech said “pull it over, pull it over”

  8. Ahhh. Dedicated to all adults driving beside a school bus full of unruly children. You sir are a hero…an innovator. Im up next.

  9. Thats the kind of kids we have thees days. No respect anymore the parents dont care send them to daycare an then school funn making them but dont teach them humility. Now they are. sposed to be traumatized boohoo

  10. I'd agree unruly kids throwing garbage out of the window onto the road not only can cause damage to property but also is a danger to road safety…With that said, THAT is clearly not the right way to deal with it. He should've tried to remember the bus company, or the school name or the phone number written on the back of the bus in most of the cases, and lodge a complaint to the bus company and school like any sane, responsible and law-abiding adult would do.

  11. How is he supposed to get off the bus when it is moving? He he gets off, he;ll be run over.
    The bus driver should have stayed but and called the police, unless the guy was forcing his way in to the bus by damaging the bus.

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