Video Review of the new Tata Nano LX 2012 by

Video Review of the new Tata Nano LX 2012 by

>>This little bright orange car is the 2012
Tata Nano LX – the top-end variant. Priced at 1.96 lakh rupees, this is one of the most
affordable forms of four-wheeled city transport that you can ask for. Don’t be fooled by
the Nano’s compact dimensions – it’s actually a pretty spacious car and can put
some larger hatchbacks to shame. The Nano could easily have been a cult car,
because of its unique styling. It’s also quite nimble to handle in city traffic. The
large glass area, upright seating and compact size allow it to easily dart in and out of
traffic. Top speed is limited to 105 kilometers per hour, but the Nano is not comfortable
doing those speeds and is best kept in the green zone on the speedometer.
Another thing with the Nano is the ease of parking this car
in tight spots….
PTC: Roshun However, the
the smallest turning radius of all cars in
India… at just 4 meters. There are some quirks that the Nano has – the
fuel filler for the 15 litre petrol tank and spare wheel can be found under
the bonnet.
The 2012 Nano is powered by
a 624 cc engine… 37.4 bhp of power and 51 Nm of torque… located between the axle.
Access is difficult The Nano’s compact engine is mated to a
4-speed transmission. The gearing and light weight of the car are well suited to quick
pick up in
the city.
Where the Nano really makes a case for itself is in
use of interior space…
Overall, if you were looking for an entry-level car, especially if you live in a congested
city where space is a premium and traffic jams are the norm, the Nano is a decent bet.
While the Nano may not appeal to all car buyers, it is definitely more value than buying a
bike – as it can seat four in comfort, has good pick up, decent mileage and can easily
do those short trips to the school or local market.

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  1. If this car came to United States I promise you it will be extremely successful. The American automaker has no idea that American's can no longer afford their cars and the prices they charge for it. The Nano will give them a wake up call.

  2. I don't like it. The car makes lots of concessions in many aspects beyond of what can be acceptable. I live in Canada and for that price, I rather buy a used but well featured car. What is interesting is that Indians are not buying it either; Tata is barely making half of their targeted monthly sells.

  3. to all those bastards,india is far a head from most of the europian country,where TATA has bult Nano it also owne jaguar and land rover,and most of the small cars r bein bult in europian countries and Japan,betal,mini are some of the examples,

  4. I own Tata Nano since last one year & its not the financial condition that compel me to buy this car but I just buy it for fun. TO my utter surprise it has given more than what i had expected from it.
    A.C is better than cars like alto, beat and other compact cars.
    Leg space is definitely largest of all small cars and height is also equal if not more than Wagon R or Ritz. & it has a luggage space to carry 2 medium size suitcase or bags and a high way mileage of 30 at speed range of 60-70 km

  5. a landmark in automotive engineering it proves the saying "necessity is the mother of invention" Ultimate Factories Season 5 has a very nice episode on this amazing car

  6. i would rather get an older honda for $2000 dollers and have a real car than pay $2000 for a brand new nano which wont last as long as the old honda, plus the old honda actually has power windows a sunroof and option that people EXPECT from a car these days. Its an indian car MADE FOR INDIA

  7. Love it because it's a real people's car! Like the Beetle in 40's and forward and the T-Ford and so on. That's great!

  8. Why does it sound like the audio was recorded in the 50s? Can you chaps clear that up for next time, ruins the video.

  9. About those front seats being identical, I had a 1961 FIAT 600 and it's seats were done the same way. Little thins like that save production costs. I loved that car. I don't know why a car with a rear engine like the Nano has so much steering effort. I've driven lots of rear-engined cars from the old days like the FIAT 600, original VW Beetle, Renault Dauphine, Sunbeam Imp, and they all had very light steering.

  10. The steering effort discussed is against all power-steered cars nowadays and not vintage cars. Infact the Nano will steer with a lesser effort than the vintage cars that you mentioned considering the size of its wheels.

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  12. Um idk the 2nd highest economic growth behind China? What do you mean by an embarrassment to cars anyways? You expect it to give you a hand job? Relax. It's a car.

  13. "Tell me about how awesome your shitty economy is when it can sustain the majority of your population." <- Then how is it a shitty economy if it can sustain most of the population? What's next? You're going to say China is a disgrace to humanity. Your logic is pathetic. India's has the 3rd largest economy, and is an investment heaven. AH. I see why you're upset, you're upset because you couldn't get afford a car, so you had to get a dirt bike. Get over it. Crying on YouTube is pathetic.

  14. This is a very practical car as far as any reasonable engineer can see,i applaud TATA and all those geniuses behind the Nano.

  15. Remember, you can get a better car if you want to. This car intends to get people off their cheap bikes and into cars. The reason you buy this car is because its cheap. And if you want to be a troll and an ass, go ahead. However, you aren't going to get any claps.

  16. there are always some morons like u who jst look for negativeness everytime rather to apprciate anything… people like U dont hv courage to any better and useless, the purpose of this car is simple & straight thats to gv a car for people who cant afford to buy expensive cars or live in traffic cities and easy to maintain but still loosers like u brings country & nation evrytime… im sure u dont drive any better vehicle thn a camry……

  17. I don't think they will be allowed to sell this car in Europe because of the EuroNcap standards. If they do I would buy a new one every year just for commuting

  18. Nano is a car for the common man, humans and racists alike. There's no point at looking down on huge Indian population coz it's the reason we've cars like Nano. If u dislike this car and want a uber cool luxury sedan or a made-for-the-rich hatchback or SUV, u r probably in the wrong place. This car is all bout a car for every family.

  19. Mr.chindi …. jazz cost around 7.7lac…. M800 is around 4lac…. wagonR-5lac, estilo 4.7lac, alto800- 3.7lac…. while nano is only 2.4lac top end. so stud the fuck up… compare prices …. what do u get for 2.4lac these days??? i have a 1.4liter ford fiesta TDCi, but i still love the tata nono for its brilliant engineering … Be indian, buy indian …. Chutiye….

  20. actually it is good to know its cons to so that after buying one does not cry or feel bad, he should already know what he will enjoy and what not, I am not at all against nano, I am just preparing my answer for them, who thinks nano should not be buy. thanks dshining..

  21. Tata Nano, other Indian cars fail crash tests, says  indian safety body………… stupid the indians car can be………

  22. I would rather go for an auto rickshaw and give it for rent and make money than buying this whatever they call it but this really isn't a car

  23. I think it serves the purpose…besides its meant for lower middle class fmlys with a dream to buy a car.. Also we should not b too pampered like europeans!! Its a car for less than 3L u dumbos!

  24. I like the Tata Nano and i give India credit for entering the auto market, honestly i would rather spend the $2,500 dollars on a Tata Nano, it actually has a rear seat and cargo space, here in the U.S, people spend $25,000 dollars to buy a Smart Car. The Smart Car is a 2 seater and cargo space is nil to non existent. Also the Tata Nano gets much better gas mileage than a Smart Car, 40 MPG on the Smart Car vs 65 MPG on the Tata Nano

  25. Thanks to Sri Ratan TATA . I'm driving TATA nano LX since 7 years . so far no issues , iam Happy to own TATA nano . No maintenance car, just engine oil change.

  26. मिरर के पास जो ट्रैंगुलर ग्लास होता है वो टूट गया है, उसका कितना कीमत है

  27. Handling and driverabilty depends on Khar weight of any car m800 was STD model was 840 kg …I see Tata make Nano which is 600 kg STD model. So I. Own nano LX model …and change'it's 210 bolts with smaller in size… aluminium no. Plate…ig reduce unwanted weight. Handling is better day by day…maza aata hai… Nano chalo to jano.

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