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  1. so sad I'm praying she makes a full recovery wtf the bus kept goin shouldnt them doors have a child lock that prevents it their totally liable

  2. Legal question: if I'm driving and a kid falls from a bus and i splatter the kid, who pays for my front end damage, and, can I sue for emotional distress.

  3. As a firefighter he should know not to move someone after any potential injuries. His attentions were good though.

  4. what's disturbing is that they show stills and then video over and over plus in slow motion. on YouTube, TV, and Facebook. and don't forget described in graphic detail.

  5. Poor girl. I hope she is okay, if you look at 0:37 apparently she was leaning or hanging onto the door then it seems like the door wasn't locked. The adult that was sitting in the back with her is responsible, should've made sure the door is locked & told her to stay away from the door.

  6. stupid fucking kid. lesson learned. dont play with the big red handle. and dumbass parents for not watching their dumbass kid. well deserverd

  7. GOD. I just had an awful thought. Imagine if there was a car driving fast right behind the bus. Really she is lucky to be alive.

  8. At first the girl was unconscious, but he cradled her and talked to her until she came round.
    "For a very brief time she had got enough consciousness to say 'where is my mommy?,'" he said.
    He picked her off the hot pavement and moved her off the busy road while waiting on emergency medical services. "Obviously you want to leave her laying there, if she's not in danger, but we're in the middle of a state highway," he told CNN affiliate KHBS-TV. "So I couldn't leave her just laying there."
    The little girl is recovering at the hospital. She suffered a broken jaw and will undergo surgery.

  9. "How did you have the wherewithal to jump into action!?" WTF, a kid plopped out on the road in front of you, anyone would have stopped, da fuq stupid question is that

  10. This guy is a firefighter? Really? He should know that in ANY full body trauma you NEVER move someone until an ambulance arrives in case of severe spinal injury. It was a dumb move to pick her up. But am glad she is ok.

  11. Those old emergency exit back doors are dangerous. Most buses even 25 years ago had an alarm and a safety device. I wouldn't be surprised if newer ones can't even be opened while in motion.

  12. So…. how long before the good, god-fearing christian driving the church bus realized how badly he fucked up and came back…. if ever?

  13. he should have never have picked her up without going through the proper procedure. Thank God she was okay though

  14. Fu*k the heroic rescue!😡😡😡
    1st = How come there was not an adult with that child in the back of the bus?😡😡😡
    2nd = how come the door was wide open and nobody noticed about it? the wind is too noisy when a door is opened. Even the driver would notice about it.😡😡😡
    3rd = why she was in the back of the bus if she was alone there?😡😡😡

    This case has to be investigated. Somebody wanted to get rid of that child or the driver was Otto from the Simpsons😡😡😡😡

  15. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. My respects to that man for what he did, and I'm glad that girl wasn't seriously hurt.

  16. he's not a hero he just did what any other person would do a here is someone who puts their life at risk doing something out of the ordinary to save someone Life

  17. I'm glad she is alive. Now, What about her parents? What about the driver of the bus that kept going? What does the Church have to say? We need the REST OF THE STORY!

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  19. LOL, firefighter, why did you move that child without observing for neck and back injuries? LUCKY not training

  20. America,can you make the Philippines a 51st State of the United States so that we can counter China And Their Allies…. Thanks!

  21. This hero has a number 27 on the jersey, the child is 4 years old … just watched the video of Aaron Hernandez, who was 27 years old and had 4-year-old daughter-symbolic!

  22. And what of the bus??? There should have been an alarm that should have sounded alerting the driver the rear door had opened. Instead the driver kept moving never to look in their mirror to notice the rear door is open??? Piss poor skills on that driver to not be aware of their vehicle. Open a door and the air flow changes. No one else on the buss noticed a thing? Were they all brain dead on the bus????

  23. I want to believe most people in his position would have done the same, but that's just not true. I'm glad he helped her.

  24. I want to know how long it took the bus driver to figure out the back door was open on the bus. A little negligent don't ya think?

  25. I bet you the church van was just like, "MORE SPACE!" Not being mean to church people but they kept driving not like the door was open wide open and could've looked to see who did it..

  26. Can't fucking believe no alarm! Nobody saw the door open! It took that fucking bus 10-15 minutes to realize the door was open and she was gone! Bullshit!

  27. Probably Handle Snakes at that Church. Why else would you keep on Truckin after a kid falls out.
    ALSO – where were the Parents?

    Just fucking play the video, and video, and shut the FUCK UP. All these news stations trying so hard to make emotion and controversy. Just play the shit. Report the news and shut the fuck up.

  29. the bus kept going the little girl is 4 yrs old she's not even allowed out of a car seat in my state. yes the driver is at fault in my opinion that child was curious of course she was and what weren't there bus chaparones those doors make noises in my state when opened why didn't that one how could the bus keep going!

  30. Did the bus driver not even notice?Did they come back once they noticed what was going on? And did the other children not tell the driver about this when it happened? I think that bus driver doesn't need to operate any motor vehicle if he is this careless when driving. Glad the childs guardian angel protected her

  31. So, NOBODY in the bus noticed back door just opening?! I mean, the girl had to be there with somebody…

  32. Chuděrka malá…..ať se brzy uzdraví…. a ten hasič moc nepřemýšlel…kdyby měla poškozenou páteř, tak když ne vlivem pádu, tak neodborným zacházením hasiče by holčička mohla skončit na vozíku….měl by dostat další školení….

  33. it was hilarious…the bus driver didn't even had a fucking idea he just kept driving…when he reached her home then he realized…how can this be how can they not hear a door open or a kids screaming after she fell it was a small school bus

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