Video shows suspect loading gun before girlfriend’s shooting death

Video shows suspect loading gun before girlfriend’s shooting death

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  1. Another example of a black woman that won't take these punks of there titty,be careful who you let into your life,God bless her and rest in peace.

  2. So, sad this beautiful young lady had to die this way. Young woman learn to love yourself before trying to find love thru these no good, heartless and unstable men. Get your life in order before you search for love. And when you are out here looking for love get a man who has these qualities: #1.Respects woman (that includes his mother), #2.Has a job (not using you like an ATM), #3.Got his own place (not still living with mom), #4.Has his own transportation (not using your car like its his), #5.Has his own bank account (not on your bank account…y'all not married), #6.Has his own cellphone plan (not on your plan running up the bill), #7.Got his own money (not borrowing money from you…you are not a loan officer from a bank), #8.Know your man background history (has he been in jail…if, so what laws did he break), #9.How many children does he has (do he take care of his kids) and #10.Does he steals from the women he dates (can he be trust around your valuable things). These are a few questions you should consider when looking for a good man. Young ladies your worth more than you think. No man has the right to take away your dignity, money, car, home, children or dreams from you. Be brave and stand-up for yourself. If, you need help go to a woman domestic center or ask your family members and pastor to help you out. But, don't let life pass you by and pray over everything you do in life. Ask God for help…he will come thru for you but, you have to seek his help in prayer. I hope this message can help somebody out here. God bless and my condolences goes out to this young lady family. R.I.P sweet girl you're be missed.😞💔😞💐💐

  3. This is sad. RIP to her and my heart to her family. I deeply wonder why she just didn't take him serious, get out that car, and run for help? She just sat, recorded, and said "okay." Damn. I have a 23 yr old daughter and she needs to know better not to be involved with youngsters like that guy.

  4. I dont get why he was wiping the bullets when he picked them back up with his bears hands and loaded the gun. Sin really does make you stupid. So sorry this happened to this girl I would have gotten out of the car and ran and started crying like heck

  5. And Elizabeth Warren is going around saying jim Crows laws were bad and so vote for her so she can give blax the Gazillions they deserve

  6. I know it doesn’t matter now…
    But WHY didn’t she get out and run? It took him some time to load that gun and everything else he did. Why did she just sit there?
    As someone who lived for years in domestic violence, who has BEEN on the other end of a loaded Handgun, with a raging drunk holding it, I know the fear. But what saved me ( besides God!) was that I did not act all cocky and mean. I instinctively knew, “ talk him down” be humble… no, it doesn’t always work. But it did that time for me. Not a doubt in my mind… if I had said something like, “ you ain’t got the balls!” I’d be dead 💀…
    God bless the hurting hearts in this world of domestic violence. You can never really k ow about it, unless you’ve lived it. I’m thinking this poor baby underestimated what this monster would really do… BIG MISTAKE! You can never k ow what he is capable of… 😔

  7. dont go for black guys that grew up with single mother,find someone that grew up in a normal household with 2 parrents or a white guy

  8. Why didn’t she run or try grab the gun or clip? Why didn’t she call 9-1-1? Why she just sit there an wait dh I’m load his gun to kill her? I’m so sorry this happened to her.

  9. Why in the f**k would she sit there taping instead of trying to escape? Boy oh boy! No video is worth it at all! Now only the video lives to tell the story.

  10. 🙅‍♀️When I say "Ain't 👏NO👏 WAY 👏IN 👏HELL 👏
    He looked like he had no soul. 🤬
    The way he kept looking at her and talking to her while loading that gun would have sent chills down my spine. That's not LOVE, it was pure HATE… I just cant believe this young woman taunted him, and then sat and waited for an execution. 🤦‍♀️
    When a man raise his voice to loud, IM GONE… 🏃‍♀️✌
    Lord have mercy, this is beyond TRAGIC. 💔💔💔😭

  11. Can we have that conversation about, you know, women not being able to raise a man. Women, start picking better fathers for your children. He is one of the millions of examples of a man being raised by a single mother. Also women stop making bad choices in men period. Whats wrong with choosing a man raised by both parents?

  12. These Young Dudes Smfh It Couldn't Been my sister I would've Shot His while Family up Coming out the Court house Show His A** how Fast karma A B** 💥 These Dudes Ain't Nothing But Cowards .These Females Need To Open Their Eyes Frfr

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