Vintage Auto Chinon 50mm f1.7 lens review in video and photo. CHEAP!

Vintage Auto Chinon 50mm f1.7 lens review in video and photo. CHEAP!

Green and orange letters! Made in Japan! f1.7! Must be expensive!? 5€. That’s what this cost. About the same size as Helios 44M but much lighter. More space age grace than the Russian. It’s very light, not to be dropped. Aperture ring clicks are snappy and reassuring. Handling is just right. It has green and orange letters. I might have said that already… It feels compact and while light, still well build. Shot with Sony NEX 6, aps-c size camera. Edited and graded in Davinci Resolve. Love it. Usable sharpness from f2.8. Best from f5.6 to f8. Full open there is some weird color stuff going on. Gone by f2.8 Surprisingly good all the way to f22. Colors pop nicely. Getting focus at f1.7 is challenging. That full open weird color stuff works in real life. In low ligh and full open that weird color stuff creates a not so flattering tone. Otherwise, loveliness. Still, You do get best results from 2.8 forward. Bokeh can be distracting… and work wonders when focusing close. You can get sci-fi flares… or blobs of happy colors, not so good. Here You can see some fringing as evident in quite many highlight shots. Yet with just a hint of highlight the result is delightful. It boils down to the shooting experience. It feels right, You want to look through that bright glass. If You can find it for 5€, take it. Otherwise, maybe not.

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