Vintage luxury car makes everyone nervous. [Battle Trip / 2017.07.21]

Vintage luxury car makes everyone nervous. [Battle Trip / 2017.07.21]

(Incheon International Airport) We traveled really far. That’s a packed schedule. (72 hours left until Denmark) We’re in Germany. – Hello. / – Hello, Germany. The weather is amazing. I thought it would be colder. It’s more temperate. Who said it would be cold? We packed thick clothing. Let’s go. – How is the weather? / – Was it nice? We were told it was cold so we packed warm clothing. But Germany was so nice and warm. What’s your plan? First off, it’s about 5 p.m. in German time right now. Then in Korean time, it would be about 12 a.m. Instead of going straight to the hotel, since we’re in Germany… What were you looking forward to the most? – Wasn’t it beer? / – Beer? Beer. – Don’t do that. / – It has already begun. – Straight from the airport? / – Yes. (The best craft beer pub in Munich) (Have 40 different beers) (And 3 special recommendations every day) How do we begin our three-day trip in Germany? – We start with beer. / – Beer. Lee K Tour. (40 minutes to the Munich’s craft beer pub) (Nature and the modern age coexist together) (Atmosphere of freedom and lively people) How much can you drink, Hyun? – I actually don’t drink too well. / – I see. The taxis here… Even taxis are Mercedes Benz. What the? Hi. Hello. (Let’s take one together) – Why are they doing this? / – Because it was TV? Yes. One of them was… See the beer in his hands? Is that all beer? They were on their way to a bachelor party. One of them was getting married so they had a party. They take beer around like that? – They carry them in a crate. / – It’s a crate. We buy beer in bags. But they buy it buy the crate. – It certainly feels like Germany. / – Gosh. – This is Germany. / – You’re right. – But there’s nothing here. / – They’re drinking outside. Do you see that huge sign there? That’s a sign? – It’s right there. / – Where? Those are the signs. They’re signs? – Let’s go. / – Let’s head inside. Let’s go. We’ve finally arrived to a famous pub. There’s a good vibe here. This pub is enjoyed more by locals than tourists. By locals? – Finally. / – We get to drink German beer. – Let us see. / – We’re in Germany. Everything over there is beer. Each one of them is numbered. – But what’s… / – There is a huge variety. – Those are all different varieties? / – Yes. The alcohol dosage in the beer… They even have beer that goes up to 12%. You’re right. The most famous beer here is the pilsner. So I think we should try it in Germany. Is that what you were talking about earlier? – Okay. / – Is this “beeramisu?” “Beeramisu?” It’s like tiramisu. But it’s saltier. You can eat it with beer. I don’t like cake much. Tiramisu is a bit sweet but this one’s more savory? – I like it so let’s try it. / – Sure. I’m anticipating this. Do you think German beer will be different? – I hope it is. / – Me too. They say that this place is famous within Germany too. Beer comes out of those containers too. – They’re here. / – Already? It’s about to get crazy. I’m craving beer now. (It’s a refreshing lager) (Draft lager, $4.90) – Lee K… / – Tour. It’s different tasting that on-site. You came up with a great team name. – Right? / – Yeah. It’s good. It’s really good. This is seriously good. They use different glasses for different beers. – There are normal mugs. / – I see. Depending on the alcohol content and depth, different mugs are used. Doing that’s mandatory. – I’m so curious. / – Were they different beers? Yes, one was a lager. The other was… – This? Pilsner. / – Yes, pilsner. – I want this. / – I want that one too. Let’s share. It’s nice. I hope the food arrives soon. I’m not sure why but I can feel the taste of the wheat. Really? Really? Well, they say it was produced where wheat is widely grown. Now I want some beer. Wheat beer began in Munich? That must’ve been nice. I think you can get a taste of it in Korea too. – But the taste… / – It’s light and refreshing. It would really be perfect after playing a round of soccer. More so than this. – It’s refreshing. / – It’s just so refreshing. This one is perfect to get rejuvenated. However, if you want to spend time with your girlfriend. – You don’t have one. / – I don’t. I’m sure you will one day. Should we try another beer? Let’s go. – Beer is sure best… / – When the sun is out. Day drinking is the best. – It’s here. / – The food is finally here. – It’s a sandwich. / – What is that? – I don’t know but it looks good. / – See the size? – I’m getting grumpy. / – Look at the melted cheese. What is that? It’s beer and salt? Is that the beeramisu? – That’s… / – It’s not a tiramisu. You can basically think of it as a tiramisu. Tiramisu usually contains shots of espresso but there’s draft beer in there instead. So it contains draft beer. – Lee K Tour. / – Lee K Tour. That’s German bread. (I want a bite) You two must’ve been hungry. It’s not what we expected it to be. This is driving me crazy… I thought it’d be something weird. – It seems dry. / – Right. But it’s like it contains… How do I put it? Boiled meat? It’s like there’s boiled meat inside the sandwich. – You’re right. / – It’s very good. That really was good. I just want to take a bite. – I want to try it quickly. / – Nothing tastes bad… – When it contains melted cheese. / – Now. (He tries another bite) Thanks to the texture of the meat and the mustard… (Are you a food fighter?) That’s more like shoving away than eating. That was how it all began. What’s wrong? – Do you miss your mommy? / – They’re good. Well, I like eating. That’s how he eats and sings so well. – I have to try this too. / – Try it. But why is it called beeramisu? It’s not tiramisu. It’s pretty much “beer” with “tiramisu.” – It means there’s beer in there. / – That’s right. There’s salt. – It’s been salted. / – Yes, it has. I’ve heard that it all goes very well together with beer. – Well, we haven’t tried it yet. / – We haven’t. – We haven’t tried it. / – That’s right. The sunflower seeds inside are large too. How is it? (Curious) Is it good? It’s good. It does taste a bit salty. Stop after a bite. – It’s salty? / – Yeah. (I thought you didn’t like sweets) That is so good. Are you two sharing a spoon? Then… – They only gave us one. / – They only gave you one? You know, it’s sweet-and-salty. – Sweet-and-salty. / – That describes this perfectly. We can open a store with this. It’s sweet-and-salty. – It’s tasty. / – It really is. We completely scraped this clean. – You ate it all? / – I did. But it really feels like we’re day-drinking. It’s over 9 p.m. – You’re right. / – It’s past 9 p.m. It was a perfect first destination. – Let’s drink until sundown. / – Sounds good. In Germany, the sun sets late because it’s up north. – Did you just drink and sleep? / – Yes. – We knocked out. / – Really? (Second day in Munich) (Lee K Tour itinerary) (Old car renting) Who said Germany was cold? – Who said it was cold here? / – Yeah. The weather is perfect. The sun is hot. It feels tropical almost. Well, we are on our second day in Germany now. There are seven things men can enjoy in Germany. We tried the first yesterday, beer. – We experienced that. / – Aren’t we drinking beer today? – Most likely. / – Of course. We’re about to scratch off three more off the list. In Germany… There’s a place to experience classic cars. We can drive them. – You can drive them? / – We can drive them? Classic cars? That must be expensive. It’s kind of like this. (Heart drop) Oh, those cars with the elongated fronts. Even women might like it because the cars are pretty. Alright. If we take a few more steps, there is something you might enjoy. This place is nice too. We’re still in Munich. – But it’s country-like, right? / – It’s so nice. – Let’s go. / – We’re full of expectations. The weather is so nice today. It’s a beautiful life. I’ll be by your side. ♪ It’s beautiful life ♪ (Where is Gong Yoo?) I can open my eyes after turning, right? – Hold on. / – 1, 2, 3. – Hold on. / – 3. – Hold on. / – 3. There. – He’s really shocked. / – He’s not K.will right now. I’ve never seen his eyes get that big before. That’s so pretty. (It has won over the female heart) I really liked this place. How did they maintain these cars? – A convertible will be nice. / – I can’t say the brand… – But it’s driving me nuts. / – It’s so pretty. Instead of just looking at them, we can rent them too? – We can rent them. / – And drive them. It’s hard not to get wide-eyed over them. Isn’t it great? It’s so pretty. – Gosh. / – Look at that. Gosh. Just look at this. – I don’t even know this model. / – It’s an Alfa Romeo. You need to post pictures of cars like that. – It must be manual, right? / – It’s perfect for SNS. Gosh. It’s so pretty. – And also. / – This one’s amazing. What I wanted to show you, isn’t this car. It’s over there. – You can’t ever see those. / – There’s another one. (A chorus of dummies) (Ta-da) This is amazing. That red one is so pretty. Look at that. It’s an old Porsche. I want that one. – James Dean. / – Right? – James Dean drove that. / – All of them… They’re all German cars. So that’s what it looks like. It’s no joke. – Look at that. / – It’s so pretty. It’s so pretty. – You can’t find them. / – How are they maintained? But how did they keep 50 to 70-year-old cars in such mint condition? Hey, hold on. We can’t get in yet. – Let’s take pictures. / – I’ll take it for you. – Can you take one for me? / – Sure. Can we touch it? (Touching delicately) You can touch them. – Good pose. / – It’s good. Did you post that picture by any chance? – Did you post it? / – I erased it. I knew you’d like this place. But we really took so many pictures. – We did. / – They rent them out. – Really? / – Yes. Do you need an international license? – Yes. / – But you also… Need to take your Korean license with you. Are you switching teams? (I like pretty cars too) This is it. We have to ride this. – This is it. / – It has to be this. You can spend the whole day just looking at them. (Ta-da) To the right. This sounds the horn. – But that’s… / – Is it ready? Is it automatic? – Of course it’s manual. / – It’s an old car. I guess you have to be somewhat experienced. It’s “I rented a car” not “I bought a car”. ♪ I rented a car, I’ll be there to pick you up ♪ That’s reasonable. Let’s go. (Bumpy) Brake, brake, brake. It’s an old car too. – Let’s go. / – You fools. Goodness, guys. – Are you driving it? / – Try driving it. It should start moving. – Let’s start moving. / – Let’s start moving. When I put my foot off the clutch, it will move. – That’s understandable. / – Right. – Let’s go. / – Okay. – There you go. / – Come on. – Check this out. / – Is it tough to drive? It’s very different from cars nowadays. It doesn’t have power steering either. – This feels amazing. / – It’s manual. This is incredible. – Lee K Tour. / – Lee K Tour. I never thought I’d get to do this in Germany. – It’s so great. / – I am curious. What happens if you get into an accident? – The insurance covers it. / – Is that right? You have to get the insurance too. Was it okay to drive? How are the traffic lights? You drive on the left in Germany, just like in Korea. – I’m starting to get used to it. / – I can tell. (Tight) Keep your eyes in the front. Don’t look to the sides. – Do I turn? / – Keep your eyes in the front. Let’s make a turn and check out that small street. Try flickering the turn signal. This is the left turn signal. – Is it on? / – I think so. – The brake is… / – There’s a car coming. Goodness. It’s off again. He can’t pass, can he? I remember that time. – They’re in trouble. / – I have to start the car. That’s a scary moment. – There’s a car coming in. / – The engine is off. And that big truck is coming. He’s making way for them to pass. – It’s off again. / – Gosh. – I’m so nervous. / – What’s this? – It was so hard to go backwards. / – By the way… It’s moving. That’s it. That’s it. Okay. We can act naturally. We were too intimidated. We were too intimidated. Should we just go wherever? Should we go wherever the road takes us? I remember that moment too. Goodness. I was holding the car so it won’t go backwards. But this is… The owner came out. – Isn’t that the car rental shop? / – Did you have to run? Do you have to run and hop inside? We got through it because of you. I couldn’t have done it alone. – Goodness. / – Goodness. We sighed at the same time. It must’ve been your first time since the driver’s test. – It was my first time. / – Right. If we come back next time… – Let’s practice before coming. / – Let’s do that. I can’t enjoy the scenery. I feel good when I see these places. The view is unbelievable. We’re on Battle Trip but this is the best trip I have ever been on. ♪ The flowers fly high ♪ ♪ When you tell me you love me, I melt ♪ It would be a lovely location for a music video. – Right. / – He’s right. We talked about that a lot too. Did you go to the soccer stadium with that car? No way. No!

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  1. I'm envious people with automatic cars but at the same time I'm happy I know how to drive with manual car.. lol

  2. They should search the weather in germany to know what to bring. They depended only on someone hahah

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