vintage matchbox corgi hot wheels diecast models etc car boot sale haul of toy cars

vintage matchbox corgi hot wheels diecast models etc car boot sale haul of toy cars

hiya there welcome to Oscar jensons world well right
what we gonna do today were going to show you a box of cars we got at the car boot sale basically as you know if you watch our channel me and Oscar always go to the carboot every sunday we have a little stall selling our every sunday we have a little stall selling our old toys and we buy things off other people as well right a we bought this tub of cars for a pound and what we are going to do is take a look through the box and see exactly what is in here that one is actually one he has had before so wonder what we have got ? that one is a nice one we have a 4×4 mad dog 2 that is a old matchbox monster truck that’s quite cool daddy used to have that as a boy and I am in my thirties we have a old matchbox bus I remember that as a child as well also we have a big yellow corvette I think this pulls back yes you used to get those from the petrol station you used to collect tokens see what else we have got these ones have big wheels there not made by anyone just made in china but there quite cool a matchbox peterbilt should have a little cement mixer on the back that’s gone missing so these are all playworn but only cost a pound GT racer that one another no make one but there quite cool, them ones another no magic wand but I quite Colin
one black she do like anyone know who this is we don’t watch this cartoon or Oscar but its obviously of a cartoon TV program what does it say ? by hasbro don’t know if you know leave comment like
subscribe that type of thing tell me who that is please looks like a dinosaur driving a car another fire engine we got loads in here all for a pound look at that one with big wheels I like this one as well only a plastic one a little plastic Porsche nice one that one a old Mercedes this used to be my favourite car when I was a child there used to be one of these in the garage down the road an old Ford rs200 they were cool cars another old matchbox gt racer one a really nice train a old matchbox truck wow a big old matchbox Porsche 959 this one has been played a lot look at the poor paint work on that a old racing car you used to get these sending of old kelloggs corn flakes tokens and they would send you one of those I remember those another fire engine what else we got a airport food service one its missing a wheel thunderbirds I remember them ones an old Peugeot 504 rally car by matchbox but its missing its boot that’s missing its roof ha ha I do like the old matchbox this is a old ford escort xr3i cabriolet an old fiat xi/9 we have a majorette lamborghini countach in the bottom its missing its spolier most of these are just playworn ones this one is quite cool a old ford transit this was a English these were popular in England and Germany and that’s an ambulance ford transit basically everyone who was a builder had one of these in the 1980’s I even had one and I don’t drive I had one and painted it into a a team van and we used to use it at car boots thats a old dump truck that’s a cool one isn’t it looks like a American racing car it says pioneer Ferrari like a le mans car or something another cool train lotus elise by matchbox these are cool cars in England we have these in london or used to this is quite a old one now but most people around the world think
these are everywhere in London this is the tradionional London taxi this was jaguar police car they used to use these on the motorway to chase to fast cars pretty cool a Bugatti eb110 how cool is thst used to collect tokens to get those so before the Bugatti Veyron everyone likes this was the old buggatti which was really fast we got a helicopter a digger james bond rolls Royce but that is really battered even missing its grill we got loads more in here as well quite cool so Oscar got for a pound from the car boot sale in Moseley cricket club so moom dad get your self to car boots anyway you like this please subscribe
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  2. Various die cast models being sold by UK seller. Corgi, Matchbox, Lledo, Mobil. Prices start at only £4.00. Fast dispatch:

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