Vintage & Prestige Fine Motor Cars | Classic & Sports Car Show 2015

Vintage & Prestige Fine Motor Cars | Classic & Sports Car Show 2015

Okay, I’m joined now by Richard Biddulph and Richard has quite an amazing and stunning collection of cars here today Richard can you tell us just a little
bit about this Bentley that we’ve got here here behind us well it’s a ‘Blue Train’ made by
Racing Green done in Wales it’s an exact (I say exact) it’s a very close, in fact similar to the original Blue Train which is worth a king’s ransom if you don’t happen have a king’s ransom, you can come up with a quarter of a king’s ransom and buy one of these a quarter of a king’s ransom being, roughly? 350, 380 somewhere in that region it’s an R-Type chassis, rebuilt and stripped every nut and bolt as new we’ve inserted a V80 engine, 6.8 litres, with four carburettors and any man with red blood
in his veins, is gonna wanna drive it and any mother that sees it coming down the road, is gonna lock her daughters up simple as that (laughs) so Richard tell us a little about yourself as well, you started vintage cars I hear 8 years ago Yeah, I’ve been doing this for 8 years. We’re one of the bigger pre-war classic car dealers in the UK and Europe for that matter we sell about 200 cars a year. We try and sort of bring something for everything onto our stands, so we got some E-types, some Pre-War stuff we got a silver ghost for the retired colonels we got this for the red-blooded males and we just try and have a good variety of stuff with all top quality
thank you very much for talking to us today, we wish you well with the show Great to be on Men and Motors, what a pleasure Thank you very much

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