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  1. What is the total dollar value of what was provided to this shop? If a small business was to try and replicate what was done, how much would someone expect to pay consultants and design companies to do it?

  2. This is for sure my absolute favorite episode! I have learned a lot about running a business from this one video alone! The owners of Thriftalicious are two amazing people, and I hope they continue their amazing record of accomplishments!

  3. What an amazing couple ❤️ love the store and concept . 👉 small businesses revolution if you could put the inks to their website so we can view and share the website that would be something small people like me could do. Perhaps another way to utilize the extra store space is to have an inside booth like a flea market for handmade small businesses once a month and change a table fee. It would bring more traffic to the store . Would love to see a follow up in a years time

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