Vintage Volkswagen Station Wagon / Camper / Bus Commercials and Adverts | Camper Life TV

Vintage Volkswagen Station Wagon / Camper / Bus Commercials and Adverts | Camper Life TV

If your TV set broke down right now,
could your wife find something to talk about? Is she the kind of wife that can
bake her own bread? Does she worry about the arms race? Do the neighbours kids wish
they had her for a mother? Will your wife say yes to a camping trip after 50
straight weeks of cooking? Will she let your daughter keep a pet snake in the
backyard? Can you show up very late for dinner,
without calling first, with two old friends? Will your wife let the kids eat
frankfurters for breakfast? Would she name a cat Rover? Would she let you give
up your job with a smile and mean it? Congratulations you have the right kind
of life for the Volkswagen station wagon. Suppose you had a lot to carry, you get a
box and suppose you wanted to carry lots of people too, you need seats and maybe
you’ve worked it so you could walk to the back to change a diaper or squash a
rebellion and windows, 21 at least and why not a hole in the roof to let the
Sun in? Doors, of course to in front, two big ones here and one here in the back.
Paint it up real pretty put it on wheels and you’ve got the
whole idea behind the Volkswagen station wagon Are you the people with the station wagon?
Tell them we’re eating… but we’ve come so far that’s it dear
the Volkswagen station wagon the one that holds about twice as much as the
average station wagon thank you everybody knows how small a Volkswagen
sedan is but watch this the Volkswagen station wagon is only 9
inches longer than the Volkswagen sedan yet it holds one two three four five six
seven eight nine including bag and baggage it’s got more room than a
regular wagon yet it costs hundreds of dollars ways

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