Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi kids Cartoon | Dangerous seven | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi kids Cartoon | Dangerous seven | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Let us play with the stick today. We will play with the stick later, first lets have some snacks. What Gintu, let us play. Early morning if you eat, entire day goes good. Haha! You doesn’t know to play with the sticks that is why you are talking like that. Ok, I will play and show you, after that we will go and eat, is it ok? Today I will report everything about Vir to boss. lets see what he does. Agdam bagdam aalam phaalam ikadam tikadam dum dumadum. What have you done Gintu? Oops! sorry its a mistake, you all enjoy the party, I am going. He is a magician, boss!! There is no carrot here. Timbaktoon, this is not the way to come in front of me. Boss Vir has a magician friend, magic is a friend of Vir. What are you saying? Boss Vir magic, friend magic Vir, no magic friend Vir. Just shut your mouth. One minute boss, let me breath, ok now it’s fine, boss Vir’s friend Gintu is a magician. He disappears and comes back, he can do anything with the magic. Boss that is why we were never able to defeat Vir. If its true then go and find his weakness. Once his friend is in our hands, then we can kill Vir easily. Haha!! Boss his friend’s weakness is snacks, He will do anything for snacks. Haha!! I have a good idea in my mind, I am addly madly genius, haha!! You are genius boss, addly madly genius. Meow! She is right boss! But what is this addly madly? Hey kids come and have this delicious food, it is cheap and best and listen carefully. If anybody is a friend of Robo boy then he will get the snacks for free. Come fast! Hey my name is Gintu. I am a friend of Robo boy. Oh! You are that Robo boy’s friend, really? You are so lucky Gintu, hey come on quickly give him the snacks. I have heard that, the Robot boy has got seven different types of suits and he can take any form. My friend can take seven different forms, he can do anything. Oh! If you can bring your friend here in seven different forms, then I will feed you free throughout your life. I am his big fan and I want to take photos with him and feed him also. Please call your friend. It is the matter of sometime, I will make seven clones of Vir with my magic and call them here they will be happy. And he will feed me free throughout my life, yumm! This food is so tasty!! Actually his seven forms were suppose to meet me here only, he might be coming any moment. Agadam bagadam aalam phaalam ikadam tikadam dum dumadum. Vir’s all seven clones come in different suits from behind the tree over here. Oh no! I am glad, very very glad. Gintu, now you can eat food free from here throughout your life. And I am going to take some photos with them. Ok. Have this snacks, its very tasty. Gintu, they are not listening to me, tell them to listen to me. It is a matter of sometime, tell them to do what I say. Please!! Friends listen to him, do whatever he says. Ok, as you say. You all come with me, we will have a photo session. Gintu you eat we are coming. You all should listen to me. We all will listen to you!! Good! Now listen he is our enemy, he has disguised like you all and troubles everybody. You all have to finish him. We have to finish him. Show me the anger, everybody should get scared looking at the anger. He is in disguise, here take this M logo, so that you all can recognize each other. Go to Fursatganj look out for him and finish him. How is it possible? My seven forms all together!! Oh! Seven Robot boy, I will take autograph from each one. One autograph please, one photo with me!! Imli, Chulbul run, they have come for me. Robo boy suit on. Chulbul go and find Gintu, I will go and call grandfather. I am not able to understand, how Vir’s seven forms can come together? Leave Vir, lift that car. To save them Vir will come himself. Haha!! where are you Vir? Come forward, look how this people are screaming and crying. Hey you all call your Robot boy, let us see whether he is coming or not? He will come for sure. Death is waiting for him over here, today he will not come to rescue you. Robot boy will surely come, you just see. Please leave us, please let us go. Don’t cry mom, Robot boy will come. Trust me. Enough of you Robot boy, I will count till three, if you don’t come out, I will leave the car down, one, two. Please leave us. Please!! Dad, don’t plead in front of him, have faith Robot boy will come. Robot boy come soon, I have already counted till two, now it is three’s turn. Haha!! Stop! Leave them, you want me, I am here, let them go. No Vir!! No!! Yeah!! Robot boy!! Kids you all were right, Robot boy has come but now he will not go back. Friend’s don’t miss this time. Fire!! No Vir!! Grandfather do something, Vir will get burnt. Vir quickly move away from there. Vir!!

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