VLOG 15 – DRIVING A 50 YEARS OLD CAR – Antoine Auriol – 4K

VLOG 15 – DRIVING A 50 YEARS OLD CAR – Antoine Auriol – 4K

Welcome to a new Vlog! Today I just bought some oil. I’ll introduce you to my classic car. We just checked the oil level and all good. It’s an old car so I have to take care of it. So to start the day I’m gonna wash it… Karcher time and then I will make it shine ! I can tell you that the car will be perfect now. I put some product shot to remove imperfections because I didn’t drive this car since a long time and when you have a classic car like this it’s nice to reconnect to it you know ! Come see ! Andalusian bulls. They weight more than 600 kilograms each. Here we are exactly in Pantano of Guadalcacin it is about 40km from Jerez,a great Andalusian city There is a lake and we are driving around with the Fiat Dino and it’s super cool because we feel like we were back in the 60’s – 70’s. Inside it vibrates I love it to drive like that. Do you like it also ? Yeah I love it… I’m having lots of fun… Perfect. Well let’s see if I can touch a bull and come back ! Finally I’m afraid… We just stopped to eat in a small venta a typical restaurant here in Andalusia. It’s fun Then we will try to find a spot to go swimming because it’s hot right? Are we going in the water now ? Yes. And to do a real road trip we will listen some good sound… Let’s go! Pure sensations. In fact this car has been produced in Italy Some people were driving it in the region of Naples it seems that it was the car of the mafia. It makes me laugh to drive this car in 2018 I really feel back in the old days. The vibrations are crazy. We are super low, alm ost sticked to the road we don’t go very fast but we have sensations of speed that are pretty amazing. Now we are at 50 km from Jerez, at the pantano of Guadalcacin a supply of drinking water that is filled up when it rains or decreasing in the summer. It’s very beautiful, and it’s super hot now so after our little road trip we’re going to go in the water ! Azur….. FRENCH POEM… …I wake up thinking of the black fruit of Anibe in their cups warty and truncated… Saint John Perse. Do you always quote Saint John Perse before swimming ? Yeah all the time It’s so good! Come on ! It was so nice… But now I hope that the car will not run out of petrol… it would be a shame … It would be a real shame! Driving and listening to pure music is magic I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like it What’s the matter ? I would have love to run out of petrol… Yes you would have loved it ? Yes… we were nearby the lake, in our boardshorts… That’s true it was quite romantic !

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