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  1. Great review! About the technology: I still think the VW or any other car brand engineers have a lot to improve in the matter of “electric cars”. Do You think it is the only way to the future? By the way I’m still in love with V6’s or even V8’s sound, even R4’s with improved exhaust or diesels but I can’t stand silence when I’m driving. Do You?

  2. Haha, your little note at the end is in reference to a problem only an automotive journalist would encounter. At least until electric cars become common rental car offerings.

  3. Finland pretty good actually 🙂 LIDL.KESKO grocerystores,ABC Gasstations, Hesburger offer CCS/Chademo 50-100kw fastchargers. Many offer Type2 3.6-7.3kw for free. https://www.plugshare.com/ will show these easily. Only thing is that paymethods and charger activating is different in many places and other countires. This must come easier like app activating or just card payment!. Golf is nice but it only supports 50kw fast charging i would buy second hand Ioniq its more economic + faster to charge.

  4. 1:43 and 4:50 – Great shots ! I love it! And yes, where's that f…in' socket !? That should be marked somehow. Thanks Mr Marek!

  5. Portugal, and our EV stations are miserable. We have a few Tesla Superchargers, and from a company called Mobi.e witch is free, but 80% of the charging stations run by that company are offline (because it's free and they don't have resources to repair them and install new ones…)! Ooh and our electricity are the most expensive in europe, so charge at home…..you get the idea!

  6. Serbia – as I know there is only Two in all country. (Both on high way E75(from Hungary to North Macedonia))

  7. Yesterday I "charged" my Skoda Superb Diesel. It took me 2 minutes and my range is +1200km. And when I'm not driving there is no pollution. When an EV is not driving, there is pollution from the nuclear, gas or trash burning electricity power plant. When we get more EV's, the electricity price will rise due to the higher demand, and this way my grandma will pay extra even without a car.

  8. Ukraine. Infrastructure almost zero…..Around my 300.000 population city only some 5-6 chargers 3.3 kW (imagine 21 kWh Leaf need 7 hours from 0 to 100 percent), price for charging there about triple compare to same charging at home.

  9. I'd have one of those used if well kept and cheap. They will be cheap, because the technology is changing so quickly and new electric cars are becoming cheaper than they used to be, with a far better range. If a replacement very high capacity battery pack were available at a sensible price, then people like me would be very interested.
    Great observation about the charge point indicator being absent. I love those indicators on my various cars because I can never remember which car has the filler on which side without looking at the fuel gauge and that little arrow. I've learnt to check even when I think I know, because I used to get it wrong far too often.

  10. Hey Marek, great vid with some strong points and questions! I'm the proud owner of an e-Golf. And it is the best car I have had so far. With some remarks. We have a moving company in Amsterdam which does all things fully electric (if possible) and we haven't bought an combustion engine powered car or truck since 2014. Metrics 2018 98% full electric, 49 tons CO2 reduction. But deep down inside i'm a Volvo fan (240, 940, V70 classic, V70 D5, C70 D4, V60 PHEV) and Sweden is my other home country. "Ock jag talar bara lite Svenska!" But Volvo had no car to match and I think they won't until 2022. In the Netherlands we invest a lot in EV mobility, as the do in Norway. I can charge at home and at work so even with a 200 km range I don't have any range ancienty. Knowing that most of the fuel stations in the Netherlands ar equipped with fast chargers driving a small capacity EV (which the e-Golf now is compared to it's competitors) is no problem for me. And remember it's a Golf!!!! I have driven my car to the Belgium Ardennes multiple time and Paris with no problems.

  11. Czechia: EVs are about to get distinctive plates, which allows them to park for free in Prague, they will also be entitled to drive on motorways without the vignette (which costs about 60€/year) and they are exempted from company car tay (there is no private car tax in Czech republic). I drive a petrol car so i don´t know wheter its sufficient, but in shopping centers there are ussually some chargers, in Prague at least, however not many chargers in streets. Since the highway vignete is cheap and the road tax is applied for company cars only, the sole interesting benefit is the free parking.

  12. Im from Montenegro, there are no charging ports for electric vehicles here.eitherway there are only about 50 EV and hybrid cars compared to about 200 000 ICE cars.in our country people just recharge them at homes.

  13. Tell me Mr. Marek, where do you recommend having breakfast at 4 am in Warsaw. As usual, quality video!

  14. In Australia public car charging points are rare, even in the major cities of Sydney and Melbourne. Petrol in Australia is relatively cheap and the country is big, even though most people live in 4 major cities and would rarely drive more than 100km per day, which has resulted in politicians largely ignoring EVs. Also, after America, I’d suggest that Australia has the highest climate-change-deniers per capita. We’re way behind most other modern democratic nations when it comes to sustainable energy reliance. Shameful really.

  15. I think the sweet spot for EV range would be 500km per charge; people are used to filling their car with fuel every week or two, not topping the tank off every day.

    Perhaps it’s a generational thing? Am I getting old?

    Anyway, I’d love an i3 Rex or an eGolf if I could buy an EV and be able to rely on sufficient public fast-chargers throughout Sydney.

  16. I live in the suburban area of SE Pennsylvania U.S and charging stations here are established with each station being at reasonable distance from each other. For the VW e-Golf, it caught my eye as it just "a car" that could fit in my daily driving lifestyle but I'm still on the fence here as VW here in the US have a bad reputation for reliability and I need to wire/install a dryer plug somewhere on my house.

  17. Good to see you covering more electric cars. Yes, you are right, this could be a bargain second hand city car in a few years time. Love the drone shots on this video – your productions keep getting better & better.

  18. Oh the joys of driving in Poland. How right you are. I am a Brit having lived and worked in Warsaw for many years and Polish drivers drive me nuts. Your thoughts comments and a Youtube video would be watched with great interest and humour. Your reviews are great – I look forward to them every week. AR

  19. This is an interesting observation about the e-Golf. I will definitely keep it in mind. I drove some electric cars, but as far as interior goes (and Depeche Mode startup sound) I still love the e-Golf.

    As far as charging infrastructure goes – I live in Slovenia and on AC quick chargers are popping up and aren't a rarity anymore. Otherwise, outside of the capital city there is a problem. It is still preferred if you cater to your charging problem yourself and install a wall box, except of course you live in an apartment. In my city (small town actually) they talk about installing five chargers this year and I've yet to see any work done. Also, they most likely won't be fast chargers so Type-2, but when they do get installed I bet we'll see quite a few more electric cars around.

    Also, YES PLEASE – do a video about polish drivers 😀

  20. I live in the UK. The charging infrastructure is growing slowly. But if I were to go on any kind of long distance journey, I would NOT use an EV.

    Given that charging an EV takes from one hour up to 24 hours plus, to really get the EV market off the ground, we need an EV which is priced at around the same price as the Renault Zoe (currently around £18000 in the UK) with a range of at least 600 miles / 1000km plus from a charge.

    As you mention in the video, EVs currently are great for city-centre / round-town and local motoring. Beyond this, you need a vehicle with a petrol or diesel engine.

  21. I would be interested to see a video about Polish driving habits.

    Equally, a VW E-Golf (used) with say 600 km Plus range would be a very interesting car.

  22. in turkey, there is no infrascructre at all, it is very stupid idea to drive a electricity charged car in turkey

  23. Austria, Our charging stations are adequate for the currently very low number of cars.
    We have Tesla Superchargers, but there are very few of them.
    SInce i charge my cars, a Fiat 500E and a Tesla Model 3 at home i
    do not have any problem with the number of charging stations.

  24. More Range is always better, but it depends on everybodys need.
    I needed a car for at least 350 km in high winter, so below -10 Degrees Celsius.
    My Tesla Model 3 has about 360-380 Kilometers range below Minus 10 Degrees,
    so it fits perfectly. For my wife we needed a car for not more then 100 Kilometers.
    The Fiat 500E, used and very cheap for an EV was the perfect choice.

  25. one question regarding the charging of the battery – let's say you get home, it's depleted and you plug it in. Will the battery be charged to 100%, or will it leave some capacity to be charged when the ICE starts in the morning to heat up

    – knowing German engineering, I'd bet it's loaded to 100% and in the morning the ICE will be burning gas and polluting uselessly.
    – this car only restates the fact that German cars are built strictly for Germany. Bigger batteries for bigger range in the city – the prius formula works since 2002, my greatest consumption on an auris hybrid during mixed EasternEuropean driving was 6.3 l/100 km – show me an otto/diesel automatic car from germany that can do that. Why complicate everything? Do you even fathom to realize what replacing the huge golf battery will cost? Too much Frau Merkel, too much for how little car you will have left.

  26. what? extra 300 kilograms??? are you kidding me? :)) the auris hybrid has 136 hp and weighs 1380 kgs. Less than a Golf 2.0 tdi? The GTE weighs 1615 kg :))=)) wow, that's lame. Does it also come with a maintenance happy DSG gearbox? Oh, and talking about Eastern European relevance, does the Golf GTE have room for a spare tire? the auris hybrid has.

  27. Hi from Barcelona.
    Here in Catalonia the charging station are really good. However in other places of Spain is more difficult, instead of having a Tesla.

  28. No such infrastructure what so ever in Greece! You ll see few ev cars but I guess they only move localy! They were to put ev stations on the highway between Thessaloniki-Athens, not yet though and I dont know how long they will survive until those fucking gypsies find them and remove them….

  29. LIve in Australia and have been watching you for some time. Would love to watch a video regarding driving in Poland. Regarding EV chargers in Australia – we're getting there….slowly. We don't get the e-Golf (or Golf GTE) here but as a big Golf fan (we're on our 7th) we would definitely get it instead of our current TSI.

  30. Regen is always applied before brakes kicks in. The strength is for a driver's convenience. The most efficient movement is in neutral actually because then you do not use energy reconversion.
    In Lithuania Charging is fine. Here we still have free fast Charging stations along main roads every 50 km. Even if one is out of order, you can drive to the next. As there are only ~1000 evs, a charging stations are not occupied even considering there only is one at a site

  31. Switzerland here. Tesla infrastructure is absolutely great west of Budapest. Haven't tried driving to Poland yet.

  32. I have one of these (2016 SE, 24 kwh) that I bought at the end of the three-year lease.
    2:39 — It took me about a year to discover this but you can toggle between coast and recuperation by pulling back on the gear lever and releasing it. This makes it easy to coast most of the time and toggle on B model to slow down, rather than braking. When you have B mode on, you are almost in a one-pedal mode. 6:38 — I don't understand why you would take cables, don't the charging stations over there provide them? 6:41 — the air compressor and tire kit are supposed to be stashed in the gap you can see on the right side of the boot.

  33. Marek, on the battery indicator the cable is on the right which indicate that the plug for charging is on the right. The arrow is just redundant…

  34. In Lithuania we had special plated for EVs. They had letters EV and a few numbers. These plates also available for rechargeable hybrids.
    Charging stations are in cities, also near motorways or main roads. There are a few charging stations near Lidl shops in capital city. I'm not sure if EVs are allowed to use public transport lanes but a few years ago they were allowed.
    There are quite a lot charging stations in Estonia.

  35. Marek, in the future plugin vehicles will respond to voice command "Hey car, where is the charging port?" Or if you own the car (rather than just testing it) you will remember where the port is. 🙄
    Let's hope that as battery technology improves these E-Golf can be upgraded to have longer range, so finding a used one at a big reduction in price would eventually get you a very good EV. Time will tell. That was sure a quite test drive. 🙂

  36. It will be interesting to see how insurance companies treat EVs with aftermarket batteries. Its easy to imagine them using a possible fault with a non-factory battery to not pay out on a battery related accident. So I suppose we will have to wait until certified (EU?) aftermarket battery manufactures or service centres become a thing.

  37. Filmed with Panasonic Lumix GH4: https://amzn.to/2WIVgoL
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  38. Hello, cungratulations for your great reviews!
    I live in Lisbon PORTUGAL and own 2 EV cars. A 2013, 22kw Zoe and a 2014 fiat 500e, for about 2 years.
    I buy bouth my cars in the used car market, and 90% off the time i charged them in our MOBI.E street chargers, witch sow far, are free to use!!!
    And we have about 250 charges around the city. Butt some off them don't work 🙁
    Aniway, me and my wife are very happy, since we change ouwer old diesel cars for used, electric cars.

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