Volkswagen Golf VI R Buying Advice

Volkswagen Golf VI R Buying Advice

This Golf R had a difficult task: succeeding the R32. The R32 had an amazing 6-cylinder engine sound. It’s not as fast as the sound makes you think it is,
but it’s a good sound. That’s important in a car. This Golf VI R is the first R
without a 6-cylinder engine. It had long been speculated that this car would be
called the Golf R20, but it became the Golf R. It has a 2-liter turbo engine,
but it’s not the same as in the Golf GTI. This is an upgraded version with different pistons.
Many things are different, such as the turbo. It has many more hp and tuning options.
I may get back to that later. It has 266 hp and 350 Nm (258 lb ft) torque.
It’s a fast car. ENGINES
gasoline There are 2 transmissions. It does 0-100 kph
(62 mph) in 5.5 seconds with the DSG. With a manual transmission
you can do this in 5.7 seconds. There’s a 3 and 5 door version and a convertible,
but that one doesn’t have all-wheel drive. Basically it’s a Scirocco R powertrain
in a Golf convertible. That’s funny. Many of these are for sale.
The Golf R convertible is a fun car. This video is about the regular Golf R, though.
Regular Golf R? It’s a very special Golf. About 20 Golf VI R are for sale on AutoTrack. Prices start a little below 20,000 euros.
It won’t be a very fresh car. The prices go up to 30,000 euros. Of those 20 cars, many are convertibles.
That surprised me. PRICES
minimum, maximum Of course there are plenty of alternatives. A Golf GTI gets close.
It’s a logical alternative if you like this body style. That one has front-wheel drive only. The Audi S3 has the same powertrain,
but it has a nicer finish and is more expensive. If all-wheel drive is a requirement,
your choice is limited. The Subaru Impreza is an option.
A Ford Focus used to have front-wheel drive only. BMW used to have rear-wheel drive only.
Cars like these got all-wheel drive only recently. If you want to buy one, nice. It’s a fun car. It appeals to the imagination
and does so with more people, including those with not enough money
for proper car maintenance. Check the maintenance history and what tires it has. You have to replace the tires after a while. I don’t like that either,
but worn tires happens with my lifestyle. Sometimes they wear faster than usual. Off-brand tires on a performance car such as this
one shows maintenance hasn’t been taken seriously. Buying it was one, cool rims and stereo was two,
and maintenance… Rather not. Check if the car has been well maintained. About the powertrain. A number of things
are standard with modern cars / Golfs. This is a 6-speed DSG, which is rather reliable. It does have to work properly. It should shift gears
smoothly. You shouldn’t feel it shift gears. Even when you’re going full throttle.
It should easily and seamlessly shift down a gear. If it doesn’t, something may be the matter. A vibrating clutch with the manual transmission
indicates a broken dual-mass flywheel. That’s a known issue in these videos.
You’ll have to replace it. You might as well do the clutch then.
These things are expensive. This generation Golf R has no issues with the
timing chain because it has a belt for the most part. It’s complicated. That belt needs to be replaced frequently.
Keep an eye on the maintenance intervals. Does it exceed the years or the miles? If you find a car with a good mileage and
the timing belt has been replaced preventively… This may indicate they messed with the mileage.
That’s something to keep an eye on. Tuned cars… I would tune a Golf R, but do you
want to buy someone else’s tuning project? Look at what and how things were done. The crankcase ventilation can break
more easily with stressed engines. The car has Haldex all-wheel drive, which means
it’s front-wheel drive until it starts slipping. It’s more intelligent than that, but grosso modo. The Haldex pump can break,
especially in the early models. That’d be 2010. You can test this in a low gear,
first or second, and go full throttle. If you feel and hear wheelspin,
the Haldex pump is a suspect. The body and interior.
This is a sturdy generation of Golfs. That’s because the Golf VI
is a big facelift of the Golf V. It has better materials and it lasts longer. They took a second step in development.
You notice this with a number of things. This also means that the interior has to look good. It should match the mileage.
Not much wears quickly in the interior. The body. Check for damages.
These are cars with potential and younger drivers. Of course there are older drivers too. Things can go wrong. In this weather, the drains
in the doors can get clogged. You can open them up with a wooden skewer. Life tips. The suspension is rather sturdy as well. Check for sounds.
Creaking often indicates ball joints. These can break at a low mileage,
so keep an eye on that. The electronics. It’s getting boring,
but there aren’t many problems. Check everything, such as the sunroof.
I won’t try in this weather, but it should work. Check all the electronics.
Pay extra attention to the satnav. It’s wanted by those who prefer not to pay for it. It’s so wanted that there’s a special lock
to make sure it doesn’t get stolen. Unfortunately it happens a lot. We found this Golf VI R at
Hamilton Automobielen in Eindhoven. He has many Golf GTI and Golf R. It’s his thing. This car has been sold.
That’s a shame, because it’s a pretty one. The color combination may be a bit boring,
but many people like black inside and out. This is a good car with DSG. THIS CAR If you’re looking for a second-hand car and want
our help, or if your company has a nice car for sale of which we may shoot a video,
please send an e-mail to [email protected] Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

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  2. Het grootste probleem met een tweedehands GTI/R is dat het geen auto is die je koopt om rustig mee te rijden en netjes mee om te gaan. Je kan er bijna vanuit gaan dat de vorige eigenaar dat dus ook niet gedaan heeft.

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