VOLKSWAGEN JETTA – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

(engine revving) – Do you like German automobiles? Do you want to put your
greasy little fingers on one but don’t have the moolah to throw down for a BMW or a Mercedes-Benz? Well, boy oh boy, do I has a car for you! It handles like a Scirocco,
has the roominess of a Dasher, the fuel-efficiency of a Rabbit, and my high school girlfriend
Abby drove us to prom in one. This is everything you need
to know to get up to speed on the Volkswagen Jetta! Hi, Abby, congratulations
on getting married. (retro 8-bit music) Big thanks to Turo for sponsoring this
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off your first trip, when you enter the promo code UpToSpeed UpToSpeed, UpToSpeed. Sick. The roots of the Jetta
being with the Golf, or the Rabbit, as they
called it here in the States. VW’s insanely popular
front-wheel drive hatchback built to replace the Beetle. While the Golf was a great seller, and to this day, is the top
car sold by the company, VW knew that the more common three-box design car body configuration would attract more customers
to the German brand. – [Announcer] We’re also impressed at way Volkswagen make Jetta. – Like the Golf before it, the Mark 1 Jetta got it’s styling from the Italian automobile
designer Giogetto Giugiaro. Giugiario? The same dude who designed
the Delorean, the DB4, the Scirocco, and a
ga-ja-dillion other cars. He took the Golf Mark 1
design and added a rear trunk that matched the boxy, angular shape of the popular hatchback. They used the same
suspension setup at the Golf. Macpherson struts in the front, and a twist-beam rear
suspension in the back. The wheelbase was kept
the same at 94.5 inches. But with the added
trunk, the overall length was increased by 15 inches. But VW couldn’t charge 25% more for just adding a trunk to a Golf. Well, I mean, they could but they didn’t. They classed the interior up, offering multiple trim
levels to choose from that included velour or vinyl. And did I say a trunk? The budget sedan was practical
enough for a family of four and sporty enough to make you forget about your family of four. And the motor? She was zippy. (engine revving) It was the same one that
they put in the Scirocco, the Audi 4000, and yes, the Rabbit. It was a 1.6 liter Bosch KE-Jetronic fuel-injected inline-4, producing 76 hrsprs and
83 pound feet of torque. Capable of getting you and
the fam to 110 miles per. “Yay!: “Honey, slow down.” “We got to get to church on time!” “It’s Saturday, Frank!” “I know that, Debra, but we’re Jewish!” “Oh, that’s, right.” VW was an early proponent of
passive restraint systems, like automatic seat belts. Remember, this was the 80s. Cars had to have them, but it didn’t mean you had to wear them. The Jetta got a five out of
five on a crash test rating by the National Highway
Traffic Safety Administration for both the driver and
front passenger sides. In 1984, the last year of the Mark 1, VW would release their GLI, the sporty spice version of the Jetta. Similar to the Golf
GTI, the GLI copied over many of the parts from it’s hatchback bro. Like the 90 hrspr 1.8 liter engine. The motor got lighter pistons,
a higher compression ratio, and the cylinder heads were
altered for performance. It was a GTI with a trunk. (farts) – [Announcer] Jetta. It’s not a car, it’s a Volkswagen. – But while the Golf Mark
1 sold like Ghostbusters, the Jetta didn’t. Even though it was more
practical for a family of four, the hatchback brother outshone it. So what did VW do? They continued to make the Jetta. Enter the Mark 2! (mimics air horns) (engine revving) Americans love their sedans, but the inaugural Jetta was
just a little too small. So VW gave it a shot of HGH,
and the Jetta got bigger. Going from subcompact to compact. This preteen growth spurt make the Mark 2 nearly four inches longer and two inches wider. And the wheelbase grew over 2.5 inches. And just like me, it could now hold five
people instead of four. And the real car fact
you all came here for, the trunk, it gained 30 liters, or 10 bottles of Faygo. Whoop, whoop! The baseline Mark 2 Jettas came standard with a 1.8 liter inline-4, made into either a four-speed manual or a three-speed automatic. There were also diesel options. (engine revving)
(laughter) The pumped up GLI returned for the second generation in 1987, and started with a 1.8 liter 16 valve and then was upgraded
to a two liter 16 valve with 134 hrsprs! (high-pitch engine revving) That’s the one you want. Both were made into a five-speed manual and came with sportier, wide
alloy wheels made by BBS, sport-tuned suspension, and really, really sick Ricardo seats. And while the Mark 2 Jetta was the best-selling European
car in North America, outselling its little bro two to one, VW sales in the states were dropping. This was partly due to them
selling the second gen Jetta unchanged in the States for 8 years. The longest running Jetta to date. That might sound good, but its competitors at the time, like the Toyota Camry
and the Honda Accord, were getting better, while the Jetta pretty
much stayed the same. VW started to feel the pinch as early as the 80s here in the States. North American sales would teeter-totter throughout the decade, but in 1993, it hit an all time low. 50,000 vehicles sold. That’s the total number across all models. In ’93, Toyota sold 300,000 Camrys. So it wasn’t a time when people weren’t buy cars across
the board, because they were. Americans just weren’t buying VWs. VW debated pulling out of the North American market altogether, but luckily for me, in 1993,
the Mark 3 changed all that. (tires screeching)
(cheering) You see, VW knew that Abby would need a third gen Jetta to drive us to prom. So they obliged. The third gen Jetta will go down as the car that saved
the American arm of VW. If you’re European, you never
got the third gen Jetta. Ha! Now you know what it feels like, Europe! Actually, Europe did get the Mark 3 Jetta. It was just called the Vento. Yeah. They got smaller bumpers
and cooler trimlines too. Yeah, I know. Giogetto Giugiaro didn’t put
his design hands on the Mark 3, but Herbert Schaefer did. Schaefer rounded the edges of the car, helping create a more
modern look for the time. But still keeping true
to the Jetta imagine. The Mark 3 got two new motors. The TDI, a 1.9 liter turbocharged direct-injection diesel engine, and (mimics horn) the VR6 2.8 liter Dual Overhead Cam, narrow-angled V6! The second best-sounding motor ever! (engine revving) The compact design helped VW run the VR6 in cars that only had
space for four cylinders, like the Jetta. The 172 hrspr VR6 got
the wind mobile moving from zero to 60 in a
very sexy 6.9 seconds. (tires screeching) Macpherson struts in the front, and torsion-beam axle out back, along with front and rear sway bars. The most important upgrade
though, cup holders. Seven of them to be exact. You want to learn more about cup holders? Check out this episode of Wheel House. The interior was further refined. Leather seats were an option now. VW used recycled plastics
inside that cabin in order to sell the Jetta as
more environmentally friendly. They also ditched the two-door version. With so many improvements over
the previous Jetta Mark 2, VW sold close to 400,000 Mark
3s during its five year run, effectively pulling VW out of their slump. “We’re staying in America, boys!” “Oh, that’s so great!” (engine revving) And if the Mark 3 Jetta isn’t
sorority girl enough for yous, VW was working on the most sorority girl car ever. The fourth gen was the beginning of the Golf-Jetta separation,
but the two cars did share a few things during those
years that are important. The main one being the 1.8
liter turbo, AKA, never lose! (engine revving) If you were in the VW
car game at the time, the battle raved between
the VR6 and the 1.8 T. Which one is better? If you want my humble boy
opinion, it’d have to be the VR6. But what do I know? I’ve only owned 26 of them. The VR6 returned with the Mark 4, and this time, you could
get it with 24 valves. And the GLI was back. It got some cool suspension
bits, really cool body kit, and big old 18 inch BBS honkers. And the best part about
the Mark 4 and the 1.8 T, was the (mimics engine sound). (engine revving) The Mark 4 wasn’t all roses though. It got new electrical gremlins, and cheap interior parts
peeled and popped off. Also, it smelt like crayons. I don’t know why they smell like crayons. If you do, let me know in the comments. It’s called a call to action. It builds a community. You see, YouTube is different from TV because you can talk to me. Can’t wait to hear from you. The Mark 4 ended in 2005, paving the way for an entirely
new generation of Jetta. The Mark 5 had maybe the
scariest ad campaign of all time, the “safe happens” commercial. – Stuff doesn’t sort of “like” happen. – Bam! Those guys are dead now! Mark 5 was all right. You could get it in the
sport wagon, which was cool, but the standard model was basic and lacked some of the character and charm that the previous year had. (engine revving) The Mark 6 was the high-volume VW made to fight their Japanese
competitors Toyota and Honda, which actually was working out with VW until this little thing
popped up in the press. Dieselgate. You ever heard of it? I’m sure you have. Ironically, the 2009 Jetta diesel sedan was awarded Green Car of the Year. An award that was rescinded in 2015 once the truth got out about
how the diesel produced 40 times more noxious
gases than they said! Just don’t lie. Just tell the truth. Almost tanked the company. The Mark 7, well, not the company, just
the company in America. Volkswagen is too big to fail. The Mark 7. It’s the new, hot new Jetta that VW built to get them out of their lies. – And in my German words,
we have totally screwed up. – Because since 2011, sales of the Jetta have continued to slowly decline, dipping into five figure sales numbers. Again, don’t lie kids! Once you break the bond of trust, you may never, ever, ever,
never, ever, ever, ever, never ever, be able to
trust that person again. (laughter) Thanks for watching UP to Speed
and Donut Media in general. Me and all my friends work here, and honestly, my dream job. Oh, you want to see
another sick Volkswagen? Check out this episode of my
other show Bumper 2 Bumper. Follow me on Instagram and
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and Twitter @donutmedia. I love you.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Apparently it's something they mixed into the interior material that mixes with other fumes like the exhaust to produce a crayon smell. When you drive it for long enough you don't notice it but all my friends remind me of the smell everytime they get into my car. Haha so yeah, its added to my vw owner experience

  2. I own a '91 mk2 Jetta GLI 2.0 16v. Absolutely love that car. But as much as much as I love that thing, there is no denying the VR6 in the mk3 and mk4 R32 sounds absolutely amazing! I had one in a VR6 in a B4 Passat Wagon 5spd that I regret selling. But VW started losing their way for the enthusiasts with the mk4 when they tried to make a baby discount Audi out of it. Then totally lost it with the mk5, when they tried to make a discount German Camry. They brought some of the magic back with the mk6 until the governments knee capped VW like the mafia looking for protection money for the electric car industry. And the new mk7 is just looks terrible, like they looked at Toyota and Honda's styling and said, we gotta get ourselves some of that.

    I've owned a lot of VWs, and still own a mk2 Jetta, mk3 Golf, and a B3 Passat. I wouldn't buy a new one today I'm afraid.

  3. Diesel gate did not break my trust as a consumer. In fact all the opposite democrats in California keep on pushing emission standards in diesel tecnology imposible to reach and make superior in efficiency vs gas engine. But democrats wanted their goverment subsidized hybrids to prevail in the market and be more competitive than combustion diesel, could not do it fair and square. Then what did they do? What they always do, demonize the competitor. Not even Europe have those emission standards, even european markets know that diesel is much more effective than electric vehicles. VW fooled our american burocracy and deliver to me (consumer) what I wanted 55+ mpg highly efficient vehicle with ton of torque. Government played dirty to protect subsidized electric crap with my tax money then VW returned them the coin and cheated on the goverment not on me, once again they built the product that I wanted. After diesel gate I went to VW and bought my first and only brand new car. Since that battle. I love the brand more than ever, you can stand for the goverment I will stand on the side of VW.

  4. I wouldn’t buy any VW passed the 92 models. MK2 was the Dopest VW. Keeping my 92 VW GTI 16 2 liter foreveeerrrrrrrrrrrr.

  5. Hey guys my name is Libo Mngomezulu I am from South Africa and I recently bought a VW Jetta 5 2.0 FSI. I am really passionate about cars and was wondering if you guys know of any support groups I can join. I am really into tuning and would like to improve the performance of my car. I just dont know how to go about it. I also want to learn about maintenance tips and mods to watch out for.

  6. No mention of a 1.9 TDI? possibly the best engine ever built… I have had mine for 15 years and it has over 350,000 miles on it and still purring!

  7. Thanks for the video. I own a 2009 VW Jetta. I love the Car . I’m sorry to say , I just might get busted for speeding by a State Trooper soon . The car is great and fast . I’ll Blitzkrieg anyone who passes me : )

  8. I love the sound of the VR6 but I have only ever owned 1 VW and it was a

    jetta VR6 5 speed. I love the car on road trips but the car doesnt like the mountains lol, I guess we will stay here in Florida where its flat and swampy

  9. Used to own an 1980 Fiat 131 Mirafiori and the explanation of the designer on the MKI Jetta makes total sense comparing the 2 cars.

  10. There is a serious factory flaw with this years JETTAs. There is a grinding in the transmission while accelerating. DO NOT BUY ONE THIS YEAR! Let me save you a lot of hassle.

  11. I'm cracking up over here because I had a MK4 Jetta VR6 with a cloth interior and it definitely smelled like crayons on the inside.
    I thought it was just me.

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  15. I have a 2015 Jetta that looks different than the MK6 in terms of rear and front styling, and not as completely changed as the MK7. Anyone know what design I have?

  16. I used to own a mkiv. She was the most fun car I've ever driven. She was gentle on the road but could move if you needed her to. She wasn't fast but was a blast to drive (I owned a 2.0l) and had good acceleration. Unfortunately, a transmission failure killed her and I had to sell her. I was so sad to lose such a great car. I've been looking for a replacement ever since.

  17. Honda: wow nice Jetta
    VW: Yep, this car gonna end ur career
    Honda: To soon junior
    VW sales begin to decline
    VW: Noo! Shit! Oh god!

  18. Mk3 jetta smashed in intersection, next day picked up a mk4 for the wife. First time she gets in it…. WTF does it smell like crayons in here??

  19. I Love German Cars, I had plenty of VW, from air cool to water cool. Now I'm driving and building Mercedes-Benz cars. I hope someday Donut media will do a show on Mercedes-Benz 190e (Cosworth 2.3-16) yall sleeping on the Baby Benz that kicked ass on the track Aryton Senna drove and won. Come on guys/gals do a show that's gonna give you a lot of likes and views. It's not a boring car to talk about.

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    An insult that 4Motion wasn't offered stateside.
    I still miss my '96 Jetta GLS.
    Punk kid ran a red light and smashed the nose.
    Once upon a time it was possible to buy a power egg crated engine and ECU VR6 that had a 3.2 lower and 2.8 24 valve upper and shoehorn it into the Mk4.
    And now VW says there is no demand for the VR engine family.
    Despite the fact that every time it is offered in something smaller than the Passat, it gets snapped up.
    Speaking of insults, VW offered the 3.2 VR6 in the EOS hardtop.
    Instant sportscar, right?

    LOL, wrong.
    They detesticled the transmission in the EOS and programmed it with "luxury shifting" so that it was lackluster.
    SO, the same 3.2 VR6 from the R32 in an EOS was horrifically emasculated.
    Way to go VW.

  22. My 1999 Mk III Wolfburg Edition ate its third transmission and I haven't had the stomach (or cash) to put into it. At this point, it really needs everything replaced so I should just get rid of it but I can't bear to part with her. My second car, and my second VW. The first was a 1969 7-seater Deluxe bus.

  23. How are you just gonna gloss over the MKIV GLI not even mentioning it’s Recaros, big brakes from the TT, 6 speed trans, or how it’s the most unique GLI since???

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