Volkswagen Polo (2009-2017) buying advice

Volkswagen Polo (2009-2017) buying advice

Driving a Polo again, I get why
this car was a bestseller. It’s a nice companion to travel with.
It’s roomy and has a nice finish. That’s why some buyers moved
from a Golf to a Polo. There are a lot of options. A wide range
of engines is available; a nice car. A completely new model will arrive soon,
which means more of this Polo will be for sale. People will trade in their car. There is a relatively
wide range of engines for such a small car. Of course there are a number of diesel engines,
but pretty gasoline engines as well. More turbo engines were used after the facelift,
which have more torque. You should ask yourself which engine
you want in your Polo. ENGINES
gasoline, diesel The number of cars for sale on Marktplaats
show it’s a popular car. Over 2,500 Polos of this generation
are for sale on Marktplaats. Prices start at 4,000-5,000 euros. If you
spend more, the mileage and condition are better. It doesn’t matter which Polo you want;
you can always find it. That’s the advantage of so many cars for sale.
Of course there are relatively many Polo BlueMotions and the small diesel version because
those were road tax exempt and had 14% additional tax liability for a while.
The Dutch are susceptible to this. PRICES
minimum, maximum Of course there are things to watch out for. With these models you can always
find a problem on the Internet. You can find a lot, but that’s because there are
many Polos. Don’t be disheartened by this. A Polo is relatively reliable. There are
a number of things to watch out for, though. This goes for all modern diesel engines, but the
BlueMotion (especially the road tax exempt version) were often bought by people
who didn’t use it enough. The particulate filters get clogged, EGR valves fail…
The EGR valve is a wear part. These are things to keep in mind.
A low mileage doesn’t have to be a very good idea. The diesel engines are involved
with the Dieselgate scandal. Check if the car has received the update. You don’t have to worry that the software update
did strange things to the car. In the end it turned out to be not that bad,
so that’s not a reason to walk away from it. The gasoline engines are often
those nice TSI engines. The pre-facelift GTI has a 1.4 twincharger.
This engine can have problems. It burns oil and engines have been replaced
at a relatively low mileage. The post-facelift 1.8 is much better. The early TSI engines may produce
a rattling sound when you start. The timing chain tensioner has gone bad
and the chain can skip. If you keep driving with this, you can get
serious engine damage. Keep an eye on this. It may be a good idea that when you buy a Polo
with a TSI engine, have it checked at the dealer. He’ll quickly see if everything is OK. The Polos with a DSG transmission have to shift
seamlessly. It’s a double-clutch transmission. Changing gears can be done very fast,
and it should. The clutch shouldn’t slip. You can tell by looking at the tachometer.
It shouldn’t go up when you’re not accelerating. This could indicate something’s wrong. The Mechatronic unit, which regulates
the valves and electronics, can break. All you can do is replace that unit.
You can’t repair it. Anyway, the DSG should shift smoothly.
If it does, the transmission is probably fine. Of course you check the oil level.
You’re all responsible drivers. Do this for the TSI engines. They have long life engine oil, which means
an oil change every 30,000 km (19,000 miles). They do burn oil sometimes,
especially the older models. Just check the oil level, especially when you
just bought the car and need to get a feel for it. If it burns some oil, that’s OK. Next, a more cosmetic thing. Cars with daylight running lights in the headlights
can show a discoloration in the glass. That’s no drama, unless it really bothers you. You can pay attention to these things
and get a discount. A funny one: the fuse box is near my feet.
That’s a common location. You can kick it, accidentally dislodging fuses.
This causes strange electronic errors. If you have a Polo with errors,
check the fuses and give them all a push. This may solve all kinds of issues with little effort. 2 problems with the satnav. The Discover Media
satnav can ignore exits and respond slowly. This may be caused by a defective regulating unit.
Sometimes it helps to reboot the satnav. If the problem occurs more often,
it has to be replaced. So be it.
Another thing concerning the satnav systems. In cold weather, the touchscreen may not
respond or pushes buttons by itself. That’s a known issue. If it’s really bad,
the touchscreen needs to be replaced. This is one of 70 cars.
We borrowed it at Ames Occasioncentrum. Ames turns 70 this year,
making it the oldest Volkswagen dealer. They bought 70 Polos with
different mileages and prices. You get to choose from 70 different
mileages, prices, and colors. All these Polos have Buy and Drive
with the 7 Ames guarantees. THIS CAR 6 months Bovag warranty, valid APK,
no maintenance costs for 6 months or 10,000 km, drive quickly, delivered with full tank of fuel,
and delivered under ANWB guidelines. If you’re looking for a second-hand car and want
our help, or if your company has a nice car for sale of which we may shoot a video,
please send an e-mail to [email protected] Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Heb ff in de Van Dale "degelijk" opgezocht. staat niks over euhm problemen motor, euhm problemen distributie ketting, euhm problemen olie verbruik, euhm problemen DSG bak, euhm problemen navigatie, euhm problemen zekeringskast, euhm problemen EGR, problemen euhm Twincharger kan best wel wat mis mee zijn, euhm sjoemelsoftware, euhm Degelijk: Nope; pON-degelijk: Jep! ( pON-degelijk pun intended )

  2. fijne auto's om in de rijden. mijn zus heeft een 1.6 tdi en met maar 90pk voelt die toch zeer snel aan. heb zelf een passat met 125pk maar die polo hou ik tot de 160 nooit bij.

  3. relatief betrouwbaar… jaja voor een volkswagen misschien. allemaal
    ook grote problemen. en coulance is niet altijd bekend bij pon.

  4. Raar al die negatieve reacties over VAG. VAG rules the world, leuk of niet. Elk ander merk was minder geweest. Stel even, Fiat, Peugeot. Dan hadden we echt veel meer te klagen.

  5. Interesse in deze Volkswagen Polo? Bekijk hier de occasion waarin Wouter heeft gereden:

  6. Wil je een benzine neem dan de 1.4 FSI met 86 pk, niet de vlotste maar rij er al meerdere jaren probleemloos mee rondt.

  7. Alle die negatieve reacties…
    Was mijn eerste echt nieuwe auto die ik kocht,echt een goed bakje voor te beginnen,alleen de aanschaf, trendline 1.2 diesel 17.000 euro,gelukkig nog wat korting gehad… Maar voor de rest was dit een degelijke wagen

  8. 16k voor een 1.4 TDI en 73k op de teller…. is best wel veel.
    Ik heb mijn 1.0 TSI in 2017 gekocht voor om en nabij de 18.5k..
    benieuwd naar de huidige waarde, die ik wil van mn auto af Pipo's geven nooit een goede prijs..

  9. deze burgelijke vag hokken zijn ook nog zeer diefstal gevoelig aangezien elke marrokaan of ander crimineel gespuis hier vaak ik rijdt

  10. Wat een domme reacties hier! Heb zelf ook een polo uit 2016 met een benzine motor en deze auto rijdt als een trein en vind m echt heel erg mooi! Wed dat grotendeels van de mensen hier die commentaar leveren zelf een lelijke barrel rijden! Stelletje hypocrieten.

  11. Then why not speaking on English when the headline is.
    That language sounds like I need to spit from inside my throat.

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