VW Bus Restoration – Part 5 – Stuck Brake Drum Removal (finally!)

VW Bus Restoration – Part 5 – Stuck Brake Drum Removal (finally!)

Whoa So it’s been about a year since I’ve had time to work on my bus. The front brakes have been finished, but the
drums on the rear brakes have been stuck since I bought the bus. My dad bought me a drum puller, which turned
out to be a little too small, so I finally decided to just weld it directly to the drum
and see what would happen. I think I did it! It’s still really hot from the welding. Now I gotta get this thing off somehow. But there it is. I can’t believe it, finally off! I was trying everything, I was trying, uh,
heating it up with propane, I was trying to use wedges like an axe, and I have a crowbar
around here somewhere, I was grinding it, I was just hammering it with every mallet
and hammer I could find. Finally I decided to just weld this puller
on because the puller I had was a little bit too small, and yep that finally worked. I can’t believe it. It’s been up on these jack stands for so long. I haven’t even had time to work on it. Ahh. This one’s not moving. Whoa. Look at this bolt. The bolt actually bent. And then snapped. I need some stronger bolts in this thing. But so far the welds seem to be holding as
ugly as they are. The weak point is now the bolts. My welds are stronger than these bolts. It’s crazy. I’m putting on my welding gloves for a little
bit of protection. In case anything blows up in my face. And I have safety glasses. And maybe I’ll just wear my welding helmet. I have stronger bolts in here now. So hopefully they won’t break. So again the welds held up and the bolts actually
held up. They still bent, but they didn’t snap. What snapped was this little plate here. So this is the point where I got really frustrated
and had to take a break for a few days and do some research online. Everyone pretty much told me I needed a much
larger puller, but I didn’t want to wait so I put my puller back together as best I could
and welded every single piece of it together. I didn’t film it, but it’s one absolutely
solid piece now.

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  1. Great idea of welding it to the drum, I never thought of that option thanks for sharing. I got lucky with a harbor Freight puller just reached the lip of the drum and pulled it off. I made a vedio of it on my channel. I'm restoring two 1967 buses, one like yours and a camper bus I call the Bondo Condo. If you have any question you can e-mail me at [email protected] My bondo Condo is all rusty and crusty many would just use it as a parts bus, but I want to try to save it. This winter I will be building two stock 1600 motors for both buses and share it on my channel how I do it. I will also make an engine run test stand, I''m 64 year old bad back so want to break in the motors sitting on a chair .

  2. glad you got it done congrats!
     But pls moccasins are not proper shoes to work on a car with pls pls consider some boots. even the cheapest boots from Walmart will do. Save your toes

  3. I was clapping for you, bravo. Keep on your journey of learning my friend. A Kombi Restoration will teach you a lot about yourself.

  4. The gameboy stuff u do on your channel is awesome but once i found these bus videos it deff caught my attn. Im a car guy and a handheld enthusiast as well lol so awesome

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