VW Korea pulls emissions cheating models from dealers 환경부 ″폴크스바겐, 조작의심 ′유

VW Korea pulls emissions cheating models from dealers   환경부 ″폴크스바겐, 조작의심 ′유

Volkswagen Korea will take more than 400 cars
off the market for questionable emissions levels, while the lawsuits against the German
automaker pile up. Lee Ji-won shed light on the repercussions
of the company′s emissions scandal. The Ministry of Environment announced Tuesday
that Volkswagen Korea has taken back over four-hundred-sixty vehicles from its dealers
with the older and higher emissions-prone Euro 5 engines.
The company had sent word to the ministry that it would make sure affected models are
not sold to local consumers and that it would recall the 112-thousand cars already sold,…
though it hasn′t set a schedule yet. The ministry is set to release results of
its own VW tests next month. While the automaker continues to grapple with
the massive fallout from the scandal, a group of 51 VW owners here in Korea are planning
to launch a class action suit against the company in the U.S.
According to their legal representative, they bought imported Passat models with parts
that were made in the company′s factory in Tennessee.
The suit will be filed in the Federal District Court in Los Angeles.
The group is seeking to cancel their contract of sale and get a refund for the purchase
price, along with punitive damages. Lee Ji-won, Arirang News.

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