Warner Brother Studio Tour

Warner Brother Studio Tour

(warm electronic music) (mouse button clicking) (warm electronic music) – [Brunette Woman] We are in the Hollywood Warner Brothers studio tour. We really wanted to do this tour, It was a must do in Los Angeles. because we watch Friends with
the kids, over, over and over, and they really wanted
to go on Friend’s set and have a photo taken on
the couch in Central Perk. So, that was pretty cool.
We started at Starbucks which is when we took to our first studio. – [Tour Guide] And these are 3D printed, made to look identical to
the actor, a little smaller. So that’s Jason Momoa’s
costume right there. Follow me this way. – Unfortunately, not everything you see you can film. Then it will
be clear where it came from. – Just be careful not
to yank it or anything. The real sword is in a
glass case right over there. This is a prop that we created for you. (machines humming) (machine humming) Alright, first half original
eight Harry Potter movies. I’ll meet you soon in the
back, so, take your time` walking through here, I’ll meet you in the back of the room, okay. (people talking) This is Emily’s house
in Pretty Little Liars. Come on in, and we have more girls, this is Kim’s antiques. – [Tour Guide] Come on (people chatting) – [Tour Guide] Uh yes, Tim (mumbles) – [Tour Guide] Um, yeah for Emily’s house they filmed inside and outside. Um, you’ll see this
almost doesn’t show up. Ross goes up these stairs,
tries on his dad’s tux and he comes back out – [Tourist] I know – [Tour guide] Heartbreaking,
Rachel’s date shows up – [Loose Haired Woman] Yeah – [Tour Guide] But in
real time, in that episode that’s when Ross and Rachel get together for real, kind of. (laughs) But, feel free to take
photos on the steps, just don’t fall off. This
is called a lighting grid, so, we’ll hang production
lights from up above to light up out sets.
There’s been films here in the 1970s. It’s gonna
look different than it will for friends in the 90s than
it will for Gilmore Girls in the 2000s, you know. There’s also no furniture
of course, furniture can say a lot about a character. So, in Shameless they use much more beat up
furniture than they will when it’s the Geller’s house in friends, on the upper something
side of New York. (laughs) The floors are fake
(Sliding shoe on floor) yeah we don’t use real wood floors here. We don’t want to use anything
that’s too permanent. So, with wood floors, we could just put these type of vinyl floors. We could rip them off and then back on. One. So, this house over
here, for Gilmore Girls fans, is Lorelai’s house. Ah ha, we are standing were the Jeep is typically parked. And yeah, feel free to go around and take pictures. For Pretty Little Liars, this is Spencer’s backyard. You never see the front of Spencer’s- – That’s that part back there. ( people murmuring) – (woman recording) Go, photo. (Camera Click) – But if you’ve seen Two and a Half men, that’s the point where they kill off Charlie Sheen’s character. This is where his funeral is held. If you’ve seen a movie called Norbit where Eddy Murphy plays all the characters, the wedding happens here. So our trees, as we know it’s fall, but you know it’s pretty high um, but leaves haven’t
changed color or anything, that doesn’t happen in L.A. This side is Rosewood High school, of course, these are the same buildings attached to each other, but they look like two completely different buildings depending on the angle. So, we have these big trees and bushes on every corner, so that the camera can’t see what’s around on the other side. On the left-hand side. Again, this is a facade. Does anyone want pictures
sitting on the step? This would be 24, then
of course some people who are in the back watch as well. Fuller House is currently filming their fifth and final season. – It would be okay. Alrighty folks, go ahead and follow me in. (cinematic music playing) (woman speaking) – Our original one, and then his wings are up at the top over there. But, we have another stop to go to. – (Ellen DeGeneres) behind
the Scenes, and in front of the camera. So, get ready for your close up, have fun, and welcome to the interactive stage. (orchestral music playing) (woman speaking) – (woman) And this is from a star is born. (people talking) – Got it, over here. (camera beep) – Ready, 1, 2, 3. (click) Okay, talking to each other yeah cups together. (electronic music) – (woman) This is the Big Bang Theory. (people talking) (TV playing in background) – 1, 2, 3, and then look at this camera right here. Thank you. I got all my pictures. (cinematic music) (woman speaking) – (woman) Do you want to do it? – So, you can hold it
with two hands, okay? One hand around the base, and one around the legs. Any rings? – No – No. (cinematic music) – (child) Is that real gold? (electronic music) – (woman) Aw, I want a cupcake. Quite, difficult you know, eating that cupcake. (TV playing)

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