MOOG: There is something so special about ’90s turbo cars that I just absolutely love. Whether it’s Silvia, RX-7, MR2, and the start of this: the cars that were coming out in the late ’80s started to kind of have this sense of futurism and these really cool lines, and very much inspired by planes and aircraft. But nothing exemplifies it more than the Saab 900 Turbo. I have always wanted to get one of these cars, but I never really had a reason or an excuse to buy one. And when we came up with this idea on MightyCarMods of doing a $3000 budget turbo challenge, there was only one thing that I wanted and that is a Saab 900 Turbo. Now, a lot of people say that you’ll never forget your first Saab. And it’s probably because you’ll never buy another one. Particularlly, if you did DIY, or working on your car yourself, because this is probably one of the most difficult cars to work on. It’s up there with the Mini. But, where the Mini is kind of cool and there is way more resources and lots of information about it, With the Saab, there’s only like 4 or 5 people in the world that actually LOVE them, So it’s very hard to get parts, and very hard to get informations. So, of course, I was inspired by the cars that we’ve made in Japan and the cars that we’ve made in Australia, in a kind of JDM style. And that is what informed me in the way that I would modify the Saab. So, of course, we did : Lowered springs, We did a huge front-mount intercooler, which was probably way bigger than it needed to be. And, of course, we couldn’t find an easy way to fit it there behind the bumper bar, so, we just cut the bumper bar a bits. Massive chunk out of it VL style and I used to have a VL Commodore so, you know, it kind of made sense to me. So, we did : The boost controller, the blow-off valve, And then got the car on the dyno, After we’ve done a straight pipe as well And some dodgy wheels that I bought off the Internet. When the car was finished, it turned out way better than I thought it would. And the sound that was coming out of those straight pipes was just incredible. Now, of course, the car did defeat 2SEXY in the final battle, as it rightfully should have. But there was one part of that battle series that didn’t actually make it into our finale episode. Now, when we first came up with the idea of doing this, the idea was that we would do the cars up, and then we would sell them and see who made more money. Which was a challenge that didn’t actually make it into the final video. MOOG : Marty, how many offers have you had of someone to buy your car? MARTY : I had 5 legitimate offers. One of which, was a young lady. – Really ?
– Yep, who wanted to buy my vehicle. – Uh, did they offer you any money, Martin ? An actual number ? – Well, that… Uh, now I can’t sell it, because it… the mechanic refused to register it. So now no one wants to buy it anymore.
– It’s unregistered ? – Yeah, it wouldn’t… couldn’t pass a pink slip. – Ok
– I had to get up early and tow it here, man ! – Alright. Uh… do you know how many offers I’ve had to buy the Saab ? – How many offers have you had ? – One. – Yeah ?
– And it’s sold. – What ?! – As soon as this challenge finishes, someone’s picking it up. And..! I made more money than what I bought it for.
-[laughs] That’s a load of bull***t! – It’s true ! It’s true.
– Really ? – So, I’m gonna say that, resale value, WaSAABi’s actually been sold. So, I don’t think you can argue with that. That makes WaSAABi the winner. And for the record, I’ve made $300, after spending a couple of thousand dollars on upgrading it. So, I’m still losing a lot ! Anyway, there it is. I think the car was $2700, it’s got a couple of grand worth of mods done to it. And I sold it for $3000. So, I’ve lost a couple of grand, but made $300 on my initial thing. -Well done. Well, that’s important. So, where has WaSAABi gone ? -Well, it has gone to a good home. It’s gone to a friend of mine, whose car actually caught on fire. And it was a car that we have used on the show, in the past. And…he loves Saab, was very into it, followed the series the whole way along. And when I found out that he needed a car, of course, that was the right place for it to go. So, WaSAABi lives on ! I am gonna miss WaSAABi, but I also really appreciate the experience that I got driving it. It’s really easy to lay a lot of crap on different cars and a lot of different brands, And I found the same thing when I owned a Honda as well. But, once you actually drive it, You start to understand why it is that people are so interested in those cars. So, Saab 900 Turbo, I loved it ! May you fly high… in the skies and highways. And, I hope you don’t fall apart too quickly. Considering you’ve done 400.000 km. I always wanted a turbo Saab and I’m so glad that I got to experience one. As hard as it is to say goodbye, it’s also the right time. Because I’ve actually already bought another car that’s taken its place in the MightyMods garage. So, thanks for the good times, and farewell, WaSAABi. Why are there is sidewalks beside most streets ? So Saab owners have a safe place to walk home. That’s actually pretty funny. Why do they fit ABS braking systems to Saabs ? So you can stop quicker to pick up all the pieces that fell off. That’s actually pretty funny.

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  1. I saw WASAABI at a car meet in the Northern suburbs of melbourne only a month and a bit ago. Was awesome to see! You guys are making history here on MCM.

  2. i remember that my uncle was having a Saab 900 Turbo! i think that's the only thing that i remember from when i was 3 year old

  3. We have had the full song of 2 Sexy, whens the full WASAABI song coming out? Is it just me who really likes it? 1:51

  4. well this explain why too sexy was the one left on the segment… and does moog have this kind of video to where his S2000 went?

  5. 3000 for this? In Finland you can get Saab 900 Turbo starting at 650€, it has 400k, but you get 2 of them for the price. The most expensive one is about 5k.

  6. The reason I havent modified my car is because im not going to lose thousands of dollars. when I get a car I love enough to keep for at least 5 years ill modify it. Car audio cost me enough already but I can exchange those components between vehicles

  7. Wow Wasaabi sold for $3000 AUD!

    I always said that I would have paid $5000 for it if I saw it for sale… But its current owner sounds deserving. I hope it is looked after. 🙂

    400,000 KM isn't even that many miles for a car that age really.

  8. Moog, can you release a full version of the WaSaabi song? I always thought it was funny you released the 2sexy theme but not the WaSaabi one. Cheers, mate!

  9. I would've never sold that WaSaabi, it's so cool! But since your friend's car burnt down it is a good thing for you to do 🙂

  10. Drifting around with those pieces of wood under the rear wheels reminds me of a disabled dog with a little wheelchair for rear legs.

  11. Loved my Saab's. And I'm really not sure why. My '93 9000 CD was actually pretty fast stock. The 900 and 900s that I've had were slow as molasses.

  12. Your actually wrong.. Parts are highly easy to get, and always available new.. Parts are cheap and again not hard to get parts at all, and also is an easy car to work on, so for those who claim expensive or difficult to get parts? Just need to know your resources..

  13. Show us the sale documents, show us the blue slip, show us the RMS transfers or you're full of shit. Someone blue slipped a straight pipe exhaust, did they? Liars.

  14. Love the video, very inspirational even though its about a saab. Almost makes me want one. But whats the name of that banger at 1:50?? I want to buy it!

  15. just the name you came up with for the car, WASAABi, just wow, so creative, Moog my hat is off to you! and of course I love the build and video's thanks!

  16. hahah hard to get parts and info hahah just call any mechanic in sweden and he will tell you novels about the 900

  17. Got a 2001 93 Aero turbo with Viggen body kit , goes like a Rocket ! Love it to bits ! One of the old shaped Saab’s would be Awesome ! Cool vid cheers

  18. This is my first car at the age of 15 and at first I thought it was really wonky but is slowly grew on me and it’s an amazing little car I fell in love with!!

  19. In the origin land of Saab is it no problem at all to find knowledge or parts for old Saabs! A land with a great car culture. A land with a stunning nature, long and winding roads. A land perfect for road trips! A country with skilled and crazy engineers and car enthusiasts. Welcome to Sweden!

  20. Difficult to DIY? Not even remotely. It's not like other cars, but that doesn't make it difficult. You get used to a 1 hour belt replacement, but you also get a 45 min. clutch job as compensation. Everything is within reach and pretty clearly understandable. Nothing is "not-doable."

  21. Took a fairly fast, quiet, refined, comfortable and reliable car… and modified it until it sounds like a bucket of spanners. Well done.

  22. Dear mcm It's been 4 years now and I'm still wanting to hear the full wassabi song at 1:50 please release we will buy. 😁 Lol

  23. how did you use an atmospheric blow off valve rather than the diverter valve saab uses ? I was under assumption that if anything I would need a hybrid BOV + DV because saab measures some of the air that's pushed back into the intake ??

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