Watch Out – Cartman Has Anxiety – South Park

Watch Out – Cartman Has Anxiety – South Park

All right, can I take
your order? Excuse me.
What would you like sir? Can you wait?
Isn’t that your job? Aren’t you a waiter? Hey, could you turn your phone
down kid, this is a restaurant? It just so happens
I have anxiety. That means I have trouble
being around assholes who won’t leave me alone. Oh, hello Eric. Shut up, I have anxiety. Hey kid. Hey kid! I’m on my phone! You’re about to get hit
by a car. All right, that’s it.
Everyone stop the (bleep).
Stop right now! Listen up people,
I have anxiety. That means I’m in my shell and have a hard time
expressing myself. I find it difficult
to engage with others, so everyone shut the
(bleep) up, because my anxiety
is up here right now.

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  1. Man, idk. I feel most anxiety/depression nowadays stems from the shitty lack of family support in societies like those of the U.S. When you don't have a safety net, and have low self-esteem, these neuroses arise and it takes a toll on your overall health. Most people I know online who suffer from anxiety/depression seem to have very negligent parents, distant siblings and zero extended family. That alone is tragic and a sure set-up for misery.

  2. I'm laughing watching this and all but the problem is just that ppl are so assholes i already feel like i will be associated with that if one day i say i have anxiety, everyone will think everyone is faking it and doesn't really suffer from it just like in 2013 when everyone on the internet started saying they were bipolar, it only contributes to grow the thought most ppl already have about anxiety or related mental illnesses, that it is just bullcrap made up by weak people who want attention, it won't be taken serious, but i'm not saying the fault is on south park for this, the fault is on ignorant ppl

  3. Haha this is brilliant. Keep ripping on the snowflake under 25's who think the world revolves around them and maybe one day they'll get fed up of everyone laughing at their fake ass illnesses to get out of doing the smallest tasks and man up!! Here's to hoping though

  4. Ive
    Tried fuckin girls who act like this super waste of my time cause i thought it was cute shy snydrome but it was really crazy bitch with cats bullshit

  5. Makes me wonder if I really have anxiety or I'm using it as a excuse for the fact that i don't know how to interact with people anymore.

  6. South Park has really declined since season 19 ended . It’s almost unwatchable now with the exception of a few moments and a few episodes . It’s almost as if they were trying to warn us about this at the end of season 19 …they have officially surrendered to the PC cops and it’s sucked nearly all humor out of the show.

  7. Moral of the episode; The social media is a distraction from real life. Ergo terrorist could come in and invade the country taking over and nobody would ever unite or work together to stop them.

  8. Weird. Because, I always feel like Rochambeau-ing people when I am NOT anxious…

    Either fetal position, screaming, or wanting to kick you in the nuts.

  9. i dont think niggas get it. it's mocking people who use "i have anxiety" as their excuse for being a punk ass bitchfucker. they're not saying that actual people with actual anxiety disorders (who'd by the way, would most likely never admit it out loud, because people with actual mental health shit usually keep it low key and try to "blend in", etc) are assholes

  10. People are right to point out this is not a joke, but the truth. The most aggressive people are the most anxious. The problem is people cause their own anxiety in cases they can't help. More accurate awareness would be helpful and not just mockery, but that will require more empathy that won't sell as much as something with shock value.

  11. not gonna lie I was pissed at how they explained anxiety but then i smiled cause it reminded me of the old south park then watched the rest of the episode

  12. I have anxiety did not announce it to the world because I just locked myself in my room and wanted no contact. My girl announces to the world she has it when she doesnt even know what it actually means. Thanks sp

  13. This is by far the best clip ever of South Park, they make you see this psychological problem from outside or from every point of view

  14. The thing is, we all get anxiety. If you have actual panic attacks, maybe you need medication, TEMPORARILY. Big Pharma wants you to think having anxiety means there’s something wrong with you. It usually means you just need to exercise more and probably change your diet. It’s also a way the brain gives you the will to act. Don’t dampen it with drugs and become weak.

  15. Holy shit is the old Cartman back? Thumbs up if you want him to start saying "screw you guys im going home" again

  16. If their is one thing I hate about South Park is that they never actually come out and say what the point their trying to make is, which is ironic for a show as blunt as this to piss around to the point where anyone can take whatever they want from whatever episode. Yet Trey and Matt wonder why people bitch over whether this show is liberal or conservative.

  17. people are weak minded nowadays, we all feel like we carry that weight of the unease on our shoulders ranging from sometimes to most of the time but it's only the strong that will be able to brush it off that crushing feeling and carry on because they know there's much more at stake than how they feel internally, that is true strength is confronting adversity in the face even if you are scared. I have no pity for those who claim to have anxiety, life is way harder than that, and you will barely if not never see a strong person admit to having anxiety, but you might catch them fighting their demons their own way.

  18. Ok this is so people with axinty and i have it and i dont like to say it at all and this is the first time i said it and the reason why is thats just being a dick saying you have it and using it to brag

  19. Man this show would be 1000000x better if they didn't alter cartmans character so much. I miss the I don't give a fuck cartman

  20. I deal with my share of anxiety but realistically we have a couple generations of pampered,pussified,pathetic,pompous,premature ejaculations with nothing going for them but excuses. Fucking cowards getting out of being adults or productive humans because they are too sad and weak

  21. Me as a person diagnosed with anxiety, depression and ptsd I think that I'm not the only one that doesn't react like Cartman, we like to hide that condition, but do I use it like an excuse? Maybe it will sound like an excuse but trust me it's not. Either way I love Eric for being a douchebag in a cool way.

  22. just be drunk on stage, worked for me. Or at least I'm told I was contented, actually I never really resolved anything, SMH

  23. Somebody really needs to tell Cartman he’s a real dick but then he’ll just say he has anxiety and that anxiety gives him a license to be a dick

  24. It's especially hard to engage with other people when every single time somebody speaks to u or asks u something u say shut up I have anxiety. I've met people like this and they are soo annoying they say I have a hard time talking to people but they won't even try to talk at all they stare at their phone and don't say a single word so when they have a wee rant about it I say you don't even try at all to get over you anxiety…. You just sit their and accept it and don't work to get control over it. I honestly hate people like that.. They have anxiety but don't bother in the slightest to get over it or help themselves. They will just say oh well I have anxiety so I can sit on my phone and avoid basic human interaction becuase I have anxiety those people will just use it as an excuse to be on their phone.

  25. This is like the polar opposite of anxiety. Pretty funny. I believe the only social commentary they’re making here is that Cartman represents the worst kind of person who does things like use anxiety as an excuse to be an asshole when they clearly don’t have it.

    Me: Saying so as he’s expressing his feelings and making a spectacle of himself

  27. This is sorta the problem i have with people who at least claim they have anxiety or depression. No i don't think any of it is fake, but too many people go aound parading about having it. Yes i do realize that people are different, some want to hide this about themselves while others are quote on quote brave enough to tell people they have it. But if you're the type of person going around parading about it, you're indirectly making people in the society think it's fake amd that's a bad thing for those who actually have it

  28. anxiety does not exist!!!!!
    It is only a disease because physicians want to make money off people that are unhappy with their life

  29. Gosh, lots of takes here from sufferers. Anxiety is like Autism in the sense that there is a spectrum of severity. It can cripple people in a shell of total disfunction on one end of the spectrum… to making it a real challenge to socialize for many of us on the other end, and every degree in between.
    Also, perhaps some people who just like the pills imitate very well the serious end of symptoms to doctors to get pills.
    I can't venture to get into Matt and Trey's minds as they are smarter than I, so I know it's funny. That's it.
    For me, I have to force myself to socialize, the more I do the easier it is.
    I know people who play parts for doctors cause the pills are the goal.
    My only real opinion is, we are over medicated as a society? but some people really need them.
    So, I wrote for a long time and said nothing.
    Without socializing outside of my…*phone*.

  30. fuck off about “i have anxiety and i wasn’t the least bit offended” like ur suggesting u could’ve been but u didn’t. i don’t think anyone has the right to get offended over this

  31. I had anxiety and was also very shy when I was a kid, 2 years in high school basketball team and 3 years in the army pretty much made both of those problems go away, makes all civilian life problems look ridiculous

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