Watch Out for THIS Shady Car Dealership Tactic…

Watch Out for THIS Shady Car Dealership Tactic…

Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is Dante,
and today is a rather special day. Exactly one year ago, I had a 2000 Malibu.
She was my baby. I’ve had her since I was 17. She drove me to high school
graduation. She drove me to college. Drove me to my first date with my fiancee. I
went to my first big boy job with it. But then, BUT THEN, the car decides that it’s
time to go ahead and have a bunch of problems. Like over $1,000 worth of
problems. And this car Blue Book’s (KBB) for like $600. NOPE. It’s an
old car. The thing is 18 years old. That means it
can vote. So since the car started to crap out on me,
ya boy was in the market for another vehicle. There were three things that I
was looking for in my next vehicle. Number one is a good sound system, I like
to bump some jams while I’m cruising down the highway. You will not hear Lil
Pump blaring through my speakers. Two: power windows and power locks. I know,
this is something super basic and something that like the majority of cars
have now, but you know, after living with the car that’s, you know, got manual
everything, it really changes a man. I probably sound like a spoiled brat ,but
you know what, who cares. Three, I wanted some form of fun factor. Now see, I like
to go fast. I like to scoot my little butt up to 60 getting on the highway and
not wait 10 seconds. So I start looking for cars and I discover one that’s
checking all the boxes: the Chrysler 200. I know I know, I’m cringing now that I’m
looking back at it. I’ve always been sketched out by Chrysler because every
person that I’ve known that’s owned one or at least driven one, it’s just been
complete garbage. I figured that, you know, it’s 2017, maybe they got their act
together. People change, companies change, maybe Chrysler changed. I wanted to
believe them, I really did. A few days into searching, I find one at a
dealership in St. Louis. So I go up there, I’m like okay, yeah, let’s go ahead and
see what we can find. I pull up I asked for it, and the guy goes and gets the key
fob. You don’t even need keys anymore, all you get a have is the fob in your pocket!
Alright, no keys. So we approach this vehicle. I stick the
fob in my pocket. I reached for the handle, and push the button to unlock the
door. Boom. I hear the locks disengage. I open the door, and I get in.
Everything’s going normal. So I look over and I check on my buddy, I’m
gonna call him Corey. Corey is still standing outside the vehicle.
He is outside the vehicle. I am inside the vehicle. He’s pulling on the door
handle like, “the– the door won’t open.” Aight, maybe I just hit the lock button
by accident, Corey. That’s fine, let me go ahead and unlock it again for you. My
bad, Corey. My bad. sSo I hit the unlock button, and the dude is still steady
trying to get in the car and the door is not moving. So I pull on the door. Door
ain’t moving. Okay Corey, maybe it’s just cold outside, maybe– maybe the seal is
just stuck. Y’know what I’m sayin, Corey? I don’t know. I know you’re not trying to
sell me a piece of garbage, Corey. I know you’re better than that.
So after another two minutes of lateral pulls, we open the door. Test-drive
commences. The car zippy. It’s quick. It’s nice. It’s got a nice interior. Engine
noise is pretty nice. Comfy seats. Checking all the boxes. Alright I am
satisfied, Corey. This car is a good one. Now, may I have the CARFAX please. A
RECALL. Corey, there’s a recall on this. Corey– Corey, how you gonna try to sell me a
recall? “I- I apologize sir. There’s- there’s no fix right now.” COREY. Are you telling me
there’s NO fix for a transmission recall?? So I left. I decided to come back in the
morning and I think about it overnight. Saturday morning, I bring my two aunts
with me. I’m not playing games. The door still wouldn’t open. “Uh yeah, what, when uh–
that whenever we got the car– uh– there were there were dings in the door and we
had to get them fixed and I guess they didn’t fix them right–” COREY, you failed to
tell me that there were dings in the door. When were you gonna tell me?! I knew
dealerships were to not be trusted but this, at this point, is a hundred percent
shady. Cool whatever whatever, that’s fine. Test-drive goes fine with them.
Everything’s okay, so they get it fixed and we go back to Monday night. This guy,
okay, so I asked to take the car for a test drive one last time. I am suddenly
informed that the transmission recall has not been fixed. Corey. I’m not buying
this car unless the transmission is completely fixed. Are you understanding
me? A hundred percent fixed, Corey 100 percent
fixed. So he runs back to the manager’s office and then he comes back with this
printout. “Look, there’s a fix!” You’ve just activated my
trap card, Corey, because I knew that there’s been a fix out for over a year.
Okay. So I’m not buying this car, what else can we test drive? “Well yeah, we’ve
got something.” Guess what Corey picked out for me? A Honda Accord, and not just any
Honda Accord, an ECO Honda Accord. Now these three facts or these three things
that I was looking for in a car, I’ve shared these with Corey. Now Corey, why
don’t we go ahead and take take a nice look at this ECO Honda Accord.
I’m telling ya– Corey are you listening? Are you listening, Corey? Because obviously a
fun fast car is not gonna be an ECO Honda Accord. So I walked out. I went home.
You know what, I was bummed because I did like the car, but just transmission
problems that’s sketchy, and then the fact that the dealership is sketchy, it’s
just not a good time. So that’s where I’m gonna wrap up this episode, so let me
know in the comments below what you think. Consider dropping a like, and also
if you have any crazy car buying stories as well, you should definitely let me
know in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you guys have. So thank you all
for watching, and as always the most important part,
have yourself a blessed day. Now here’s what’s gonna happen, next up, here over in
these you know this side of the screen, is gonna be videos it’s gonna be videos.
I’m gonna let YouTube decide. I’ll put you know, I’ll let it recommend crap over
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channel, there it is. So that’s where I wrap up– the dog just
dropped the remote– and happy holidays, people!

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