Watch Out for This When Buying a Used Car

Watch Out for This When Buying a Used Car

rev up your engines,
hey I recently test-drove a 2010 Dodge Charger everything was going normal
until I came to a stop and then it kind of jutters as it went back down into
first gear you were test driving it, don’t buy it,
it’s got several kind of transmission problem, those things are notorious for
transmission problems no surprise because it’s a ten year old muscle car,
guys generally beat the heck out of them you buy one used you’re buying somebody
else’s problem, if it didn’t do that and you took it to a mechanic and he checked
out said it was okay, still you wouldn’t pay much money for the thing, because
their values muscle car values plummet real fast, the ones that are worth money
the really old ones from sixties and stuff it took a long time for them to be
worth a lot of money, and take care of them spend money maintaining them too,
but the modern ones I don’t think I’ll ever become collectors items because
they make them their mass-produce cars and I don’t think there ever have any
really high value, so you don’t pay much for a used one, got to make sure that
it’s in good shape and with that don’t even think about buying it, Lucas seven
thirteen says I need an alignment on my 96 Toyota 4runner
how can I find out what alignment shop to go to, my grandfather was a mechanic
back in the day he’s long gone, and he was very leery about sending
customers cars somewhere else to get alignments done, they’re dealing with
thousandth of an inch here and there, a lot of people can be crooked about that
try to sell you all kinds of stuff, more customers come to me that came from a
dishonest alignment shop that said, well they were gonna sell us all
four struts and this and that, and I check it out, the only thing I could find
wrong is like a ball joint that’s loose and needs replacing, and the struts are
still perfectly fine, just cuz they’re old doesn’t mean that they’re worn out
if you’ve got a good car, I got replacement struts from my wife’s Lexus, a
Chinese company sent me some for free for me to try out, I put them on it rode
worse then our 16 year old worn struts did, so the old ones can still last
quite some time, so you got to find an honest front end alignment shop, now if
you’re in the Houston area I use cotton brothers on five hundred fairview I’m
using it for 40 years wherever you are ask your friends, do a
little googling, they can sell you the farm, they could even sell me the farm
sometimes on alignment work, because it’s the thousands of an inch I can’t see
that, you got to have a fancy machine and now they got laser
levels, so you got to find somebody you can trust and for my experience stay
away from the chain stores, because the chain stores they generally are always
trying to sell your stuff the service advisors in there they get a kickback
percentage of what they sell, so they’re always trying to sell you a whole bunch
of stuff, so try to find a shop that does front on alignments that isn’t a big
chain, Brett says I got a 2000 Corolla hatchback and recently had the engine
mount change and after that the car is vibrating like mad, first thing you want to find
out is where did those motor mounts come from, because I had that problem in the
past myself I’m always trying to save my customers money, like with that Toyota if
I go to the dealer I’ve seen motor mounts on those things to be 250 bucks,
then you find oh you can get these aftermarket Chinese ones for like $40,
Scotty won’t try them anymore, if they’re off even a few thousandths of an inch
the engine is gonna vibrate like mad, my bet is they use cheaper mounts, I had
that happen to me and I never want to do that again because changes motor mounts
is gigantic pain in the rear end, it’s not something you want to do, its dirty
grease you got the engine jacked up, kind of dangerous, if something slips you got
your finger in there and the engine decides to fall on
your hand as a mount you can say bye to your fingers, always stick to the OEM factory
mounts when you’re doing transmission or motor mounts that’s my experience, and
believe me I learned the hard way, IRB 1974, hey I failed the New Jersey
emissions inspection p0420, hey from what I read about New Jersey it’s so
polluted there why don’t even care, that means the catalytic converter is
working inefficiently, now you can watch my video where I show fail catalytic
converter cleaning it, you can get some of this lacquer thinner put it in with
at least five gallons of gas in the tank 5 to 10 gallons of gas driving around it
might make the light go out, and then aha it’s fixed, now if that doesn’t work
unfortunately a lot of times you got to buy a new catalytic converter and they’re
not cheap, and realize the catalytic converters generally don’t go bad on their
own there’s a reason that they go bad, say the engine is running rich and too
much gas is going inside that will flood out and eventually ruin it, if that’s
your problem you put a new cat on it then passes the test, and then next year the
light comes back on because you didn’t fix the underlying problem, it can get
complicated that’s why I say try the cleaner first
if the light goes out get it inspected, I had people
drive cars for ten years with that code and they still ran perfectly fine, glory
says Scotty I got a 22 year old Mercedes slk200, I only put
a thousand miles on it do I have to change the oil every year or could I push
it two or three years, you got to change your oil once a year period, what happens
is build up things degrade, you run a car especially with you’re not running that
many mileage on it, byproducts of burning gasoline and Earth’s atmosphere is water
vapor, you do get water that intrudes into the engine parts, now that eventually
will degrade the oil amongst dirt and carbon and everything else, 65 miles an
hour all the time like a big truck hey those guys changed their ores every 20
or 30,000 miles, all their heat driving down the road in the wind, it vaporizes
all that water and then burns it, doesn’t intrude upon the oil and have the
problem, but you’re not driving much so change it once a year anyway, he says
Scotty I Drive my car in the spring or winter, car runs good with no overheating,
but in the summer it starts to run hot what could be wrong, you want to check
the cooling fan operation if that’s not working right hey that’s what’s gonna
happen, turn the AC on see if you have two fans both blowing full-speed, some
mornings start it up parking it in the driveway with a hill
and watch it, and see if the cooling fan comes on and off like it
should when it gets hot then cools down turns off, if that’s not working you got
a cooling fan problem, now if the cooling fans are working perfectly fine then
odds are you need a new radiator cuz in the summer it’s the hottest, so your
radiator has to dissipate the same amount of heat that it always dissipates
from the engine burning gasoline, but it’s hotter outside so if your radiator
is weak and it can’t dissipate heat as well when it’s hot outside, it means it’s
just flat worn-out and I’ve had radiators that look perfectly fine
inside and out when I checked them out I checked everything else I couldn’t find
anything else wrong, so I said it’s got to be
the radiator, then I take the radiator out throw away put a new one and then the
problem goes away, so odds are your radiator is just flat worn out, they will
wear out with modern cars because they’re aluminum and plastic, and the
aluminum doesn’t rust but it corrodes and when it corrodes internally you
really can’t even see that much, but then it puts a little layer and the heat
dissipation later goes down, I see that all the time,
almost 77 says Scotty what do you think of the failure of the Renault and Fiat
Chrysler merger, I’m laughing at that one hey when they were talking about merging
originally of course I said two wrongs don’t make a right,
that’s Fiat Chrysler merging and then three wrongs definitely don’t make a
right, that’s Renault Fiat Chrysler merging, Sears and Kmart merged few years
back how’d that work out, they’re closing all the Sears stores down, the Kmart
stores are shutting a bunch of them down from what I read it fell apart because
they couldn’t agree on stuff as it’s not as simple as you think, even take renault
and Nissan merging and it happened way back in 2000, well renault owns a
certain percentage of Nissan, I know it’s forty five percent or something, but
Nissan owns a certain percentage of Renault it’s less than that, I think it’s
20 percent or something but it’s very complicated it has to do with property
and intellectual rights of who owns what and from what I read the Japanese at
Nissan didn’t want to have to share all their stuff with the french Renault, at
any rate I think it’s a great thing that it’s not happening because the cars are
bad enough as it is at Fiat Chrysler, if you brought Renault it to the mix,
you might as well be buying paper mache cars, for once a political reason comes
out to be a good end result as far as I’m concerned that they aren’t merging,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Well scotty in europe whe have more renault cars then the us does, they aint that bad, my dad drives it 22k km a year and hé does al the servecis at the dealer and now hé has 188k on it and only needed New injectors with 180k and it has been cheaper then my uncle's vw transporter ??

  3. I bought 4 new tires from a local shop, had alignment done, ruined my new tires because we went on an out-of-state trip and destroyed the tires before we got back.
    With MacPherson (front) and Chapman (rear) struts the only adjustment on most cars is toe-in. Caster and camber not being within spec is from wear, damage (bent parts), rusted-out unibody where the suspension parts attach to the unibody frame.
    If your car has a beam rear axle and the rear tires are out of line, something is bent. A small bend may be repairable by straightening but very much and you need another axle.
    RWD solid axle should be straight, at least under load. My Dad had a '77 Caddy CDVille that had a cast final drive housing with tube axles pressed in and welded. One weld had broken and let the axle tube slide out ¼" and sag. Never had any trouble but not good.
    Trailers – Often I see trailers with tires tilted in at the top (negative camber). Overloading plus bottoming the springs out bends the axles.
    When the trailer is loaded to the max the tires should have zero or maybe ⅛" positive camber. A small toe-in helps the trailer to track straight and true. Any toe-out tends to cause the trailer to "hunt"- weave side-to-side.
    If a trailer has negative camber the axle may be arched to 0° or just a tad of + camber by loading the trailer to capacity then jacking the axle up in the center, trying it a little at a time until it has 0° or about + ½-1° camber. I did this with a 9,990# GTWR car hauler with excellent results on all 3 axles. Because I used a garage floor jack that pulls back as it lifts the axles got a smidge of toe-in at the same time.
    This trailer tows very stably whether empty or loaded to 9,990# on the axles and 2,000# on the hitch ball. No sway control, never any sway at any speed up to 65-70 mph.

  4. Yeah I'm only a local semi truck driver out of the Twin Cities I don't go over the road but I still average 300-400 sometimes more miles per day 5 days a week. So that's 1500-2000+ miles per week and upwards of 8000+ miles a month. The oil ends up getting changed about roughly every 3 months. Over the road drivers can put 600-700 miles day. Or as many as they can put on in the 11 hours of drive time they're allowed by federal regulation.

  5. Hey Scotty can ya help me fixing my calculator?

    I think it might have an oil leak coming from the solar panel.

    It's a Toyota, so I'm surprised it's failing after my calculus homework. ??

  6. Hey Scotty!Big fan, What do you know about a 2.4L 2008 Volvo s40 faulty car alarm draining the main cars battery?

  7. Hey Scotty my moms 2010 Toyota Corolla has the check engine light on with the VSC off and blinking along with the abs (swerving a little car) always on what do you think it might be? Thanks Luis

  8. Hey Scotty do you think a 2004 Lexus ES330 with 161K miles is a good first car and do you think $1900 is a good price for it

  9. You can actually put lacquer in your fuel to clean the catalytic converter? IDNKT! Won't that hurt the engine?

  10. I have a 2012 dodge charger with 22 inch viper rims..lo g story shirt cant hat an alignment they said I need a camber kit

  11. Scotty, I try to fix everything, as 99% of my dealings with auto shops and repair people in general have been negative. Also, I'm cheap like you. I am pretty knowledgeable about most fixit things, but I almost always learn something from your videos — which by the way, are just great. My wife thought you were nuts at first, but now she wants to see a Scotty video every day!

  12. The first guy with the charger, it could be a dirty throttle body. I had the same issue in my Subaru and simply pulling off the intake to get to the throttle body spray some cleaner in there and wipe it down best you can, try and get real deep. Runs no issue now no more shaking or RPM drops.

  13. Loved Scotty's comment; "You might as well be buying Paper Mache' Cars"..if the Fiat-Chrysler- Renault merger went through– which it didn't!!

  14. I know someone that bought a Renault minivan, caught up on fire and they had to jump out of the car becouse even the brakes stopped working, that happened last month…

  15. Scotty Kilmer
    – I have a 2000 f250 7.3 4×4. I have a problem with my transfer case shifting into 4 high and low. My GEM module seems to be ok per no other issues from it, that is, all interior lights / door locks / windows work fine. I can shift the transfer case into 4 high and low by pressing the contacts on the shift relays. I replaced the sotf switch, still nothing. I'm lost on this one.

  16. Depends on the muscle car. 2013 to 2014 mustang GTs hold their value pretty well for an american car. The trick is to find a low mileage one without mods or tuning.

  17. Making fun of the environmental conditions in New Jersey, from a guy who lives in Houston, Texas is the definition of irony. Love you Scotty, but… glass houses and all that.

  18. Preach Scotty! Firestone repair shop gave me a $700+ fuel pump replacement quote on an ‘04 pickup. The pump alone was half of the quote and they wouldn’t let us supply our own part which later we got for half of what they were wanting to charge us (and no, it wasn’t a Chinese made part). The parts supplier clued us in on the full retail price of the part which was a exactly what Firestone was charging us. I don’t begrudge Firestone trying to make a buck but their all-or-nothing attitude earned them only a $55 diagnostic cost which we paid and promptly stepped ??‍♀️
    I will always be suspicious of mechanics that won’t give me the chance to reduce repair cost on an older vehicle. Some are just too greedy for their own good.

  19. Scotty, I understand that there is a shortage of auto mechanics these days. Not many folks are taking up the trade.

  20. I have a 95 dodge ram with 400,000 miles on it i have an oil leak from my oil pan an ive been running diesel oil is that ok to run diesel oil in my ram 1500

  21. NEVER, EVER go to Firestone, Goodyear, Mineke, Tire Discounters, Discount Tire or Midas unless, you want to be scammed and ripped-off. Disclaimer: In my opinion.

  22. Scotty, please stop taking questions from people who want to know whether they should buy a Dodge or not. They don't know by now, then maybe a Dodge is a perfect fit for them.

  23. Right about the engine mounts. My mechanic, an honest guy, went through two different aftermarket mounts on my Yaris before getting the genuine Toyota mounts. Big difference.

  24. Hey Scotty, I'm a big fan of your channel! Keep up the great info. and tips. I recently bought an '99 mercury cougar. 2.5 v6. From an individual. It was cheap but seems to have a decent engine and transmission. I was just looking for some cheap reliable transportation to and from work. (Nothing special) he had many service records showing all the work done on it the past 5 years. It seemed to me that it was somewhat taking decent care of for the year, make, miles. I was just wondering if you had any advice on anything i should do or check or keep an eye on? Thanks.

  25. I laughed really hard at the “flooded out” cat pic and the “put a new cat on it pic”, absolutely hilarious! I really appreciate the comical side of Scotty’s videos.

  26. I bought 2 tire's and had an alignment done at a tire chain. I went back a couple of days later because I wanted them to rotate my spare and they said my alignment was bad. I said you did it a couple of days ago, the mechanic walked away and said nothing.

  27. You could use a digital angle finder by placing it on the castor line like the strut tube and point it forward and you can set castor put it on hub and level it and you can set camber toe is a little less accurate but if you center the wheel ether use toe plates or make a straight line on tire and you can get it well within spec just make sure the car tires are level with eachother

  28. I had a P0420 code on my Nissan. I drove it for a while then I had a code for misfire on #3 cylinder. I changed the coils and it fixed both problems. Just needed a tune up I guess.

  29. I figured that out the hard way. A perfectly looking radiator, but after I replaced, the car didn’t over heat anymore.

  30. I have a 2005 Grand Caravan. Had a 4 wheel alignment. Turns out the rear is not adjustable. However it's out of alignment and wearing the inside of the tires. What can I do? Are shims an option?

  31. I don't get it… Why not go to a store like Firestone for an alignment? It prints out before and after results for the alignment so …?

  32. I have a 2002 Ford focus it dies Everytime I stop at a light new battery and still does it only when the defrost is on or the A. C

  33. Chain stores often only have one licensed mechanic on staff and most of the work is performed by someone in training.

  34. the radiator question hit home. I live out in the desert and some older cars (10+) have a bad time overheating, so when that has happened I suggest a flush ( and thermostat) and maybe a larger radiator that fits in the same space. I did it to my 07 mini cooper s and it kept it running great for many more years. summers are killer here it's not a big deal for it to hit 115 and all you car is breathing is HOT air.

  35. I worked in a body shop for years. Our shop manager (heavy collision expert) always set the the alignment on -0- before sending to alignment shop. Why did he do that?

  36. Good morning Scotty. Am in Tobago in the Caribbean and having problems acquiring an ABS my Honda Accord 1999, is there anyway of you assisting me with cost etc. My front off side brake is not holding and my mechanic suggested I will need to get the ABS. Thank you for you assistance. My car was assemble in the USA.

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