Watch This Before Buying a Mercedes

Watch This Before Buying a Mercedes

rev up your engines, if you’re planning
on behind I mercedes-benz today I’m gonna show you a few things you should
know before you buy one, see if it was made in Germany or not, and here we go
check it out Stuttgart Germany realize they make cars all over the
world now and the ones that are made in Germany they’re much better than the
ones made in other places, they’ve always made great engines in Germany, I’ve
taken the plastic cover stuff off so you can see this big v8 they’ve been making
v8 engines for a long time and really they pretty much perfected them, this is
the CLS 550 it’s got over 380 horsepower but it’s a normal v8 engine there’s no
supercharger turbocharger, this baby puts out the horsepower by itself doesn’t need
any of those gimmicks and therefore it can last a lot longer without all that
extra strain, and even though this baby’s 15 years old it’s loaded with technology
that you may love when you first buy it and then end up hating when you find out
how many thousands and thousands of dollars it cost to repair, as an example
here’s the top of the strut as you can see it’s got air pressure going in
it also has electricity going in it these things are extremely complicated,
when they work sure they ride like a dream but on these when they break the car will
start tilting and then you got at least replace them in pairs, now that went on
on this one one had about 70,000 miles ended up costing thousands of dollars, I tried to save the customer more money by replacing one, but then the car sat
sideways, had to replace them both, but then about a year later the back ones went out, same
thing you got to replace them in pairs and this, you got an airbag system too on the
backm and half the car has to be taken apart to replace it, even cost more than
the front ones, now if you are going to buy a Mercedes, you’re going to have to
find a mechanic like me to work on it because they’re not easy to work on, this
particular system here was a German company, but they recently got bought
out by a Chinese company, so now instead it’s called an autel lm608, and
you need something at least this strong too
work on the vehicle, this particular one is about five thousand dollars, even
stuff like changing the brake pads you’re gonna need one of these to reset
stuff with, you have to realize having these things worked on and maintained is
expensive, as an example I was recently in San Francisco, and the mercedes-benz
dealer there charges two hundred and twenty-five dollars per hour to work
on your Mercedes, as you can see on the screen there are millions of different
things that you can check out, these are just the beginning of it, and that’s just
the motor section there’s all kinds of other sections and each one of them has a
subsection and a subsection, to operate all this complex electronics buttons
everywhere, you really need to understand electronics and that’s just the tip of
the iceberg, when somebody has to fix them as they break, they really have to
know their stuff, have scan tools and know how to work them, because I met guys
who said oh yeah I work on Mercedes, then they get one of these fancy scan tools
that they bought, and they’re working on a car and all of a sudden the car won’t
even start and they don’t know what to do they just freeze in terror, one guy he
had to bring it on a flatbed over here, start it up won’t even go into gear, then when I finally figured out how to get it in gear, I used my fancy computer, the car
wouldn’t even move, it had all kinds of brake warning, I said what did you do to this
car, and he responded, I just did a brake job on the car, I just changed the
front brake pads and the sensors, he said that’s all I did, then it wouldn’t start
and all this stuff came up and he’s not a liar at least not to me, so I
figured well he worked on the brakes, so I got on this, went into the electronic
brake system, all I did was turn off the fancy supplemental electronic braking
control unit, there’s a way you can turn it off, then I started the car, turned it
off and waited 15 minutes, the computer told me that would be a good thing to do, so I
listened to it, I went back into the electronic braking system, and it sat
there for about five minutes it was going 0% 1%, when it got to 99% then a
hundred percent, take the key out and disconnect your scan tool so I did, then I
started it up, low and behold it went into reverse I drove it away, all the warning
lights came on and the brake system worked fine, and I did was change brake
pads, I figured somehow when he was squeezing
the old pistons back in, that must have disturbed some kind of sensor, it gave a
warning and then in the dash it said, do not drive car fast be careful, well that was
all gone when I reset everything and then it worked fine, you need a really good
mechanic to work on these cars, you can’t get them worked on at the corner gas
station anymore, you can forget that, you need somebody who understands computer
systems, has equipment to work on them just so many computer modules on these
vehicles, this is an older one but I worked on a newer one the other day, and
that thing had 87 separate computer modules 87 of them, all connected
together with a bus line, if you ever have a Mercedes and you get any type
of a serious wreck, take the pay out money, don’t attempt to fix it, from my
experience these late-model Mercedes once they get crunched and that wiring
especially the computer bus wiring gets damaged, their almost impossible to fix
correctly, now they are smooth running quiet cars there’s no arguing that,
but like any modern car hey they’re full of plastic stuff look at this, the grill is
cracked already I’m sure she probably bumped into something but still you know
that’s pretty flimsy plastic, this stuff used to be made out of metal and it was
nice and solid, and I do have to say that their Bosch any like brake systems are
state of the art, they were the people that really started safety seriously, and
a big v8 engine hey their pretty much gas hogs, this particular one is rated at
14 miles a gallon in the city I checked it with my computer, my
customer is getting about nine and a half miles a gallon in Houston, you don’t buy a
mercedes-benz for gas mileage, your going to pay a lot for the car, your gonna pay a lot
for the fuel and the insurance for that matter, now I’m too much of a cheapskate
to ever buy one, I work on them and I road test them and they’re fun for a little while
and I’m bored so, if you don’t mind the price tag and the outrageously expensive
repairs you’re gonna get, hey go ahead and get yourself a Mercedes, just make
sure that it was made in Deutschland, if you don’t mind of our price,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. I bought a 2001 ML430 it was priced right and have had it 3 years with no major issues but I wouldnt buy a Mercedes car at all..the trucks are simple ..less sensors , mostly i just had to change out an old relay and its happy

  3. Mercedes products are impossible to fix unless you live in a 3rd world country. Those folks can fix anything. Take a totally wrecked Mercedes to Nigeria and in less than 2 weeks, it will look like straight out of the factory. Time is not a factor. A mechanic changed my four air shocks conversion for 8 hrs of labour for about $30. Try beating that! I have driven the car for 5 years now with no issues. I think the mechanics here in US are bilking their customers.

  4. Mercedes are very individualistic cars that have their own style. They don't look or drive like anything else. They can be very complicated. They are most often typical the first to market with advanced features. Lexus is very reliable…but doesn't have the "soul" or technology of a Mercedes
    So when Mercedes gets out of warranty or hasn't been maintained it can be a nightmare. They are also very picky cars about having OEM replacement parts

  5. I had a Cadillac eldorado 1971 and a Mercedes 450 SL 1971. Cadillac is long broken and rusted, the SL still drives perfectly. Deutschland über alles.

  6. Scotty, MBZ, Audi, and BMW are cars that should be leased for 3 yrs. and try to turn them back in. These cars are very costly to maintain. It's good for the rich people to lease them and tax deduct them. They depreciate like crazy. I always told my customers don't buy them because in a year if you are going to bring them back, I will offer you half of what you paid for it. Lease them, use the tax write off and enjoy them and perhaps show off too!

  7. I've had a number of German whips. The strongest cars I've owned, they never stop. That's not to say they don't get complications, they are complex. But they can at least get themselves to the garage!

    Best deal is the simpler, cheaper mid-range models when older and second hand. Strength without the uber complexity.

  8. Hi scotty my name is tenzin I have 2012 ml350 bought it . Thought to drive for Uber unfortunately tlc stop giving new plates in New York City . So now I already spend lots of money for fuel pump n all like almost 4000 $ . I don’t feel like selling this for too much lost. Usually I don’t drive much n I am a good driver so what u think to keep this car or sell it for 6000 where I paid 23000 a year ago . Please suggest

  9. My friends has Mercydee, Porchee Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini, but I'll stick with my Toyoti like Scotty, hehehe!

  10. I owned a Mercedes SL550, stay away from these cars once it is out of warranty, you can spend over 10k in a single year on maint. There is a reason these cars are worth much less than a Corvette.

  11. If its has a air line and electrical line , oh my it is so bad says scotty expensive to repair!
    That's because he has to run it to local dealer.

  12. Just buy a japanese brand and sleep peacefully. That car will probably outlast you with minimum care. I have one so speaking from experience.

  13. I have mine for 21 year now I change oil myself and brake pad and have a check up at the dealer every 5 year I ask them to change the transmission fluid and the filter and they told me i have to change my water pump to around 1 thousand I check on rock auto 160.00$ dollars and I buy the antifreeze at the dealer and I done it myself so far so good

  14. Changing the brakes pads doesn’t make no light or warning come on. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He probably unplugged the abs sensor. And all you do to reset it is turn lock to lock.. no computer needed. Just knowledge

  15. Toyota Honda ⇒ intelligence does business against a high human being
    Because Mercedes Hyundai Tesla ⇒ intelligence is not had anything to do with by a high human being,
                   I deceive a human being lower than oneself and do business

  16. So all we have to do is buy a Mercedes that doesn't have Senso- tronic brake control and/or Active Body Control…I've had four C and CLK 's and have never had to repair anything,,, just routine maintenance,,,very well engineered cars..actually can be economical to run, beautiful to drive and very safe as well.
    Thanks for keep the used car prices low Scotty…..Keep up the good work.

  17. Only buy a Mercedes if you love to drive, love automotive perfection, can afford one, and can afford the repairs. They are some of the best cars on the road, don’t require more maintenance than most cars, and are reliable if maintained properly. When work needs to be done, it’s going to cost more than a typical car, but if you can afford it, it’s worth it.

  18. 1:51 is so funny "even cost more than the front ones!" Ur passion after this many years for cars blows my mind.

  19. i have a BMW, i tried to change out the battery, and the dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree, i had to take it to my BMW dealer who charged me like 150$ to clear the codes…


    NO WHINING!!😆😆😆

  21. Those cars not for people who cares about longevity or reliability .most of them Buying it brand new and they sell it before the warranty end up

  22. After watching this I now know why it costs so much to buy and own Mercedes, and to never buy one! Even if I hit Powerball

  23. Better check for a hole in the gas tank or maybe his neighbor is syphoning his gas. My '06 CLS500 gets 18 arond town 21 on the road @80mph. Bought it new, made in Stuttgart! Do the little stuff myself. You're right about the air shocks. If they go again I'm going old school shocks. The dealer the $hit$.

  24. My Mercedes is 19 years old. It has 182,000 miles on it, I’ve had it for almost 4 years and trust me he’s right when he tells you it’s expensive holy F someone help me sell this 😂😂

  25. I disagree with you Scotty!! I have owned Mercedes since the early 90's,
    never had any problems with them! Depends on which car, like the S
    class, yes it can have problems, airbag suspension, etc! I have always
    bought the c class and e, best cars ever!! My last Mercedes was a
    2009 e350, 241k miles, not one problem, not one check engine light! If
    you put premium gas and full synthetic oil they will out last any
    American junk and Japanese! My father had a Mercedes with over 600k
    miles, no rust, original engine and transmission (no rebuilds), no major
    problems! Some people dont take care of their Mercedes right, so know
    who you are buying from when getting a used Mercedes! The best or
    nothing!! 🙂

  26. I had a South African made W203 C class and it’s one of the most unreliable car I’ve ever owned. Oil leak, check engine light, oil leak again, check engine light again.

  27. look guy.. more thin 15 y I buying used mercedes never I buying new :

    91 300ce-24

    90 300e

    and now I used 99 e430T
    each year I crossed around 5200 km on inflames desert 45+C. between United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia going to Jordan for the yearly holiday with my family . that Granny BENZ age 20+ still work like new car never ever stop or any proplem just before 2week I came back by the monster E430T. So never speaking about greater. your limit corolla

  28. I have owned Numerous Mercedes in the UK (all German Built) and the only problems encountered have been a faulty windscreen wiper, on my 420SE and Rear number plate LED Light both fixed FOC on my B Class W246 by Mercedes UK. They are the most reliable and superb cars ever built. Current Model (unavailable in USA) is my W246 B200CDi AMG with up to 74.3 MPG and 143 MPH top speed (on German AutoBahns near München – Munich) for the benefit of those who don't speak French.

  29. Scotty is again so right. Mercedes in general are good car to drive and they are durable too, but you need the cash to repair them and maintain them. If absolutely one should buy a Benz and avoid expensive repair and maintenance, go with C class. Rather than that why to buy a benz any way. get a Toyota your wallet will thankyou.

  30. Problem is, all the reliable brands don’t seem to make interesting cars these days. I think the SLK looks great but where’s the reliable equivalent made by Honda or Toyota? There used to be a toyota mr2, a Honda beat, but now? There’s no Honda z4 lookalike.

  31. I think Mercedes is overrated. I don't think they're that fantastic. I think it's all hype. They're no better than a Honda or a Toyota.
    I used to drive a 550 for my boss and at the time I had an Accord but I never felt much difference when I parked my car and drove the Mercedes.

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