Watch This Before Buying a Subaru or Mazda

Watch This Before Buying a Subaru or Mazda

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about Subaru vs. Mazda who makes the better vehicles, now anyone who’s been
watching me for any length of time knows I’m not a fan of either Subaru or
Mazda, but I’ve been a mechanic for 51 years and I work on both models, and
truthfully that’s the reason and I don’t like either of them I work on too many
of them, they break down quite a bit but I’m gonna break it down if you’re
thinking about buying a Subaru or Mazda which one should you buy, now of course
both companies make a whole range of vehicles, take Mazda sports car the
little Miata, it’s a cute little English style sports car, where Subaru has that
BRZ that’s more a Japanese drifter car there different types of sports cars, the
Miata is proving itself to be a cute reliable fun car to drive around in, it can
last for years and years, the Subaru BRZ hey it’s you put a turbo on it, it’s
pretty fast little car, but those are more niche cars sports cars, I’m talking
about the overall Subaru vs. Mazda just plain old regular cars, or of course the
most popular thing SUVs most people these days
give the Mazdas especially the SUV’s higher grades than the Subaru, but take
2018 in the United States Subaru sold over 600,000 vehicles and
Mazda only sold a little over 300,000 vehicles, what’s behind that, well as far as I’m
concerned there’s two reasons, there’s brand loyalty, and there’s all-wheel
drive, now every vehicle Subaru makes is all-wheel drive, except for the BRZ so
all their cars come and all-wheel-drive, so people that want all-wheel drive
especially people who live in very snowy areas, they’re gonna gravitate towards
buying Subarus, who’s been making them for decades, now here in Texas where it snows
maybe once every five years, at least in Houston, Subarus are not that popular, I
remember when I moved down here from up north, I was used to seeing Subarus up
north and I hardly saw any down here, so you get a whole bunch of people that
live in snowy climates, maybe they live out in the country where there’s dirt
muddy roads, the all-wheel drive is gonna come in real handy, I see people who buy
Subarus and they keep buying subarus, they like the all wheel drive system
Subarus been making them so long that their all-wheel drive systems are pretty
bulletproof, they’re one of the best in the market, so as far as I’m concerned
that’s something that’s driving their sales, they only come with all-wheel
drive, so you don’t have to make a decision, should I get a Mazda two
wheel drive or a Mazda four wheel drive, with Subaru unless you’re get in the
BRZ sports car, they are all all-wheel drive, but when it comes to quality in
2018 Mazda was listed as 22nd in initial quality, and Subaru was listed as 28th so
like I said I’m not a fan of either, 22 and 28 out of all the manufacturers, it’s
not one of my picks, but in that same year consumer reports said that Mazda
was third in overall reliability, and Subaru was fourth, now to give a
real-world vehicle versus vehicle comparison, I’m gonna choose the Mazda
cx-5 versus the Subaru Forester, now if you like technology you’re gonna pick
the Mazda, the new 2.5 litre one can shut off half the cylinders to get better gas
mileage when you’re cruising, it’s called cylinder deactivation and really I’m not
into any of that stuff, it’s been proven that the cylinder deactivation systems
often lead to more wear on the engine, many of them start burning oil because
when you shut off the engine on some of the cylinders, it starts wearing them
more and they just end up burning oil as they age, now when it comes to horsepower
the Subaru is less horsepower than the Mazda, Subaru is still using those boxer
engines, it’s an old design, I mean Volkswagen the old beetles are boxer
designs it’s just an old design, and they can talk all they want about changes but
they have a tendency to blow head gaskets, you don’t see in a normal four
cylinder in-line engine like Mazda using, now in terms of transmissions if you’re
getting an automatic transmission, in either the Mazda or the Subaru they’re
both relatively weak units, and why is Scotty not surprised that they’re weak
they’re both using jatco transmissions, their Jatco transmissions designs
that’s the company that Nissan owns a bunch of, they’re not the greatest
transmissions in the world, but man since Renault took over Nissan, they sure market
heck out of them and they sell them all over the world, kind of like McDonald’s
hamburgers not the greatest tasting hamburgers, not the hamburgers that are
best for you, but they sell the heck out of them, now going back to my comparison
of the Mazda cx-5 and a Subaru Forester overall the Mazda handles much better, it
has a much better suspension system than the
Subaru Forester does, the Mazda handles better, it gets better gas much, and it
can even tow 500 pounds more than the Subaru can, and over the course of time
I’ve seen many head gasket failures in Foresters, I’ve seen catalytic converter
failures, and I haven’t seen neither in the Mazdas, so though I personally wouldn’t
buy either model, if you were picking between the two, I would go Mazda over
the Subaru, Mazda also offers 4-wheel Drive in their cx-5, you can get
all-wheel drive on them, if you’re thinking about buying subaru or a Mazda
you know what you’re looking at, and take my advice, go road test them both at a
dealer, you’ll find that the Mazda handles better, and in the long run it’ll
outlast the Subaru, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. I’ve owned 7 different Mazda’s, various models. I currently drive one that is 16 years old. I change the oil every 3,000 to 4,000 miles. I have never had to do a major repair on any of them. Is there a better testimony for what I believe is one of the best car lines being produced today?

  3. I had a 94 Mazda mpv and I absolutely loved it, it wasn't much to look at and got terrible mileage, but I really enjoyed it, I also had a mid 80's Subaru, the wagon looking one, biggest POS I ever owned.

  4. This guy has no idea what he is talking about….I have owned 5 Mazdas owning one with 220k miles on it. All have been extremely reliable. Not to mention I have been a service advisor for over 10 years so trust me I have seen everything and dealt with tens of thousands of cars and their issues.

  5. my family loves mazda 3 hatchbacks had one new from 07 or 08 and another from 11 or 12 both going strong, the 07/08 is the older body style, has started rusting hard last few years ( inevitable in canadian winters) 11/12 is in perfect shape, both get routine maintenance from mechanic. Really cheap on gas and something to rely upon. Really great cars imo

  6. I own a  2007 mazda  b2300 pickup  , I bought it new for second vehicle ,  4cyl, 5 speed,  its been a tough little pickup, I haven't had any issues other than regular maintenance  ..

  7. Good video I had a Subaru Outback and the engine needed replaced after 100000 miles. Bought a crv and I only replaced the rear brakes 110000. I will buy a crv best car I ever owned.

  8. Dear Scotty what do you think about RAV4 from 2018 and before that
    In gearbox and suspension and reliability and fuel consumption? I afraid of buying cvt now models?? Thank you dear

  9. Subaru or Fuji Heavy Industries used to make aircraft for the Japanese Navy (all the Nakajima planes like Kate).  Car manufacturers who made airplanes in the past know how to make good engines. Subaru has great boxer engines. It also has excellent all wheel drive. Subaru Imprezas dominated world rally championships for a while. So go figure. It is a good car. Mazda used to make corks for bottles. So there is that.

    Scotty will recommend the Subaru BRZ because that is basically a Toyota. It is a good little car, truth be told, especially with that interesting suspension design.

  10. In South Africa I owned a 2007 2.5i Subaru Outback for 8 years, put 205 000 km on it and sold it with 317 000 km with the original head gasket. Never had a problem. We now live in New Zealand and when the time comes I'll buy a Subaru Outback again.

  11. Thanks for mentioning the suv for both brands! I was interested in the Forester and CX-5. I went on test drive for both of them and loved the way CX-5 handles and interior is a beauty. Exterior isn’t screaming for attention but more of a beauty than forester!

  12. I bought a SUbaru used with high mileage….with a rebuilt engine for $2,500 back in 2013. I still got it but recently that sweet Aunt Jemima Maple syrup smell and the oil on my #2 spark plug is telling me a little something…..oh well I got my cash out of it I'll run it till she dies then use it for target practice

  13. I have a 2016 Mazda CX5 with front wheel drive, got it two and a half years ago, and it has been fine up here in Canada. Has done two winters so far and no issues.

  14. Why do I see tons of old Subi's on the road but not as many from other manufacturers? The newer ones might not be as good as the older ones.

  15. I owned 2015 equinox in over 4 years no problems regular oil change that's it. Certainly more exciting to drive than a Toyota Scott owned 😂😂😂

  16. I honestly don't think Scotty did his homework for this one. How can a small Mazda CX-5 possibly beat a real SUV like a Subaru Forester that actually has cargo room and competes against the Toyota RAV4 and the Honda CRV? You can buy a premium Subaru Forester with a panorama sunroof for $27,000 and change. You'd have to pay $5,000 more to get the same options on a Mazda CX-5 with a tiny sunroof, little cargo space and crappy fuel efficiency. The only true thing he said was go and actually test drive them for yourself.

  17. Lot of support for Mazda here, I'll put in my 2 cents, on my second Mazda 6, this one's a wagon, had it for 6.5 years, cannot fault it, it's petrol and will comfortably do more than 1,000 kms from a tank on the open road.

  18. Sorry to report my current car is a Mazda. Being that the body was in great shape and a test drive proved encouraging, I took the plunge about a year ago. It's an '06 6i, and didn't need a thing to be safety certified. USA has way better prices on parts than ours up here in Canada. Living on a border town opposite an American border town, I can scoop replacement parts at far below retail. Being that depreciation on a newer car would likely be $1000's, it makes sense to respond to what depreciation is all about. Take a car with potential and rebuild key components (control arms, brakes, Struts, wheel bearings and hubs, and CV Axles. By collecting (at best prices and quality) this assortment of parts and installing all at once (where overlap occurs) you can turn back the clock and the odometer (figuratively), at a reasonable cost. Newer cars are too pricy, so, being that the Mazda is fun to drive, and soon to be totally renewed. $1100.00 USD 4 car, about the same in repairs= one nice zoom zoom ride.

  19. Wait a minute…didn't he put out a video about a week or two ago stating that Mazda was in his Top 5 of car makers? I guess the memory is the first thing to go.

  20. Not that Mazda doesnt build a very solid car, but i think youre greatly underselling Subaru, especially with the reliability rating, which honestly, Subaru should have gotten #3 on beause Toyota was 2 and Lexus was 1. Subaru's also hold their value much better than mazda cars.

    Also, Subaru headgaskets, especailly on the more modern engines, is nowhere near as common as in the past. Most of the cases of blown headgaskets are also not caused by a BAD headgasket, but by Bad car owners

  21. Subaru's reliability is actually pretty great. My 2011 Subaru outback has 130k miles and has had 0 problems. There's a reason they are ranked 4th on that reliability list only 1 spot away from a toyota product.

  22. I own a 2005 Mazda 3 that I bought new. The only thing I’ve replaced is a bad sensor. I cannot say enough good things about it. I do live in FL and don’t drive a lot of miles so that helps.

  23. My mom's 2013 Subaru outback had less than 100k miles & the CVT trans went out. Subaru's quality has gone way down & they aren't worth the money in my opinion.

    I'll stick with my Mazda CX-3..

  24. I have a 2006 Mazda 6 with 256,000 original miles still drives good .I had a 2001 Impreza rs with 52,000 and it was a headache the car was stalling on the roads and hesitated (lost power ) when I tried accelerating.I also had to change valve cover gasket and timing belt cause interference engine

  25. I owned Mazda 1997 Mazda MPV 3.0 today 435000 miles no issue still run great like a new…no doubt Mazda is a good car….I love your channel scoot

  26. My uncle who has been a car mechanic for decades once told me that Subarus are kind of bread today, hunger tomorrow.

  27. Unfortunately I would have to cut off my nuts if I bought a Mazda so I bought a Subaru Forester and put a Make America Great Again bumper sticker on it to avoid any misunderstandings.

  28. Living in Chicago. Owned a Mazda Protege and Mazda 6. Bothe had sheet metal rust thru above the rear wheel wells after about four years. My 2010 Subaru Legacy has just started Rustin in the same spot, more or less at the 8 year mark. Lesson: Mazda sheet metal seems thinner and corrodes quicker than Subaru. A quick look in any area parking lot will confirm this. Even when power washing the wheel wells after it snows.

  29. Own two subarus Scotty and to be frank, I'd still own one over ANY toyota shy of supras. If taken proper care of its not top much to expect 300+k miles. This is from experience. Sure they cost a little more to maintain, as a awd, goes anywhere, and is fun to drive as they are would suggest. Although may buy a used 2012 corolla woth manual.

  30. We have a 2005 Mazda MPV bought with 17,000 miles. Now has over 300k. Original everything except radiator. I don’t even change oil as I should. Extremely reliable, cheap to own.

  31. Pfft Mazda are reliable … for example , they used the same engine in their 2004-2014 mazda 2 ( Scotty it had VVT!!!!) . Um i think if they were so unreliable theyd cut that engine a lot earlier. Theyre not idiots. But ooooohhh no Scotty knows more than highly qualified engineers…. beam me up Scotty!!!! – Rev up your ignorance!!!

  32. Jeeps should be Scotty's favorite since initial quality is very nice. Even consumer reports gave rave reviews for the ease of use for UConnect. It is very snappy to use

  33. I have a 06 Subaru forester that has 150k on the clock and nothing wrong with it!… except the struts that need to be replaced… the air conditioner compressor, the window motor, the spark plugs and wires, the ball joints, the timing belt, the sunroof, the spark plug and valve cover gaskets… but other than that nothing wrong… oh i almost forgot the clutch as well.. yup, subaru… AWD is worth it.

  34. My aunt bought a Subaru brand new in 2001 or 2002. Put 285000 on it and been good to her. Recently replaced athe clutch at 250000. She had good luck with Subaru. She stands by the brand.

  35. I put in this yr 135 thousand on my Mazda 3 2012 in just the last yr and she thank God is still running like a beauty regular maintenance on her always! Hopefully she lasts another 130 thousand next yr as she is driven 400 plus miles daily for my job!

  36. I have an 05 mazda 3 5 speed with 130k and runs like a dream. My brother has an 04 5speed with 200k and runs like a CHAMP. but i heard the mazda 6 trannies were junk.
    Super happy that he changed his mind about new gen mazda as my next car is a 17-18 cx5.

  37. AWD can be more expensive upfront, and are expensive to maintain or replace. They serve a purpose so consider your needs. I own a 2017 Mazda 6, and find it very easy to do my own maintenance. Plus the fuel economy was my interest when buying a new car, and I have averaged 27-35 mpg. Almost to 50,000 miles and I aim to get 150,000 more

  38. QUESTION for ya. I recently bought a 1999 mazda miata convertible 5 speed manual transmission. With little less than 150,000 original miles. New belts, brakes, top and rear window (this I know b/c father-in-law is the who we got it from). Originally he approached me & hubby to see if we were interested in a little extra cash…we replace the slave cylinder for him…he had the parts and all but not the time…we did that. He said for us to keep it at our house b/c he lives downtown and neighbors had been looking at it too closely in his opinion…scared theyd slice the top and steal it. So he said for me to drive it all I wanted (husband is too tall and broad & cant fold up enough to get in the seat, much less drive it).He then offered to sell it if we wanted to buy it. He said he wanted a $1.00. We took him up on it. When we paid him, HE HANDED US A CHECK FOR $800. So basically we were PAID to take the car.

    But the car is in immaculate condition, besides a small dent in the drivers front fender that had to be pointed out to me. He had already bought a new fender for it and all the hardware to do the job, new o rings for the AC, roll bar and other odds and ends that it doesn't NEED REPLACING but he had bought to have on hand.

    It runs like a top, no hesitation, stops on a dime, clutch is good and tight, gears are smooth,no oil or gas leaks or smoke.

    I know the Mazdas that you referred to in this video are the newer models…what is your take on the older ones such as mine?

    O and 2 years ago, for our anniversary my husband bought me a 1995 Saab NG900 turbo convertible 5 speed transmission, fully loaded, leather interior, 150,000 original miles paid $800 (they started out wanting $1100. I met them to see the car, in conversation it came out that it was our anniversary & that my husband served in Marines & recently retired…they knocked off $300 as "happy anniversary & thank you for your service" discount).

    Whats your take on that make, model & year?

    In your opinion are there any particular things I need to be looking out for or aware of?

    Thank you. & I really enjoy your videos, entertaining and helpful.

  39. I own a Subaru Legacy 1996 awd 5 speed whit 256790 miles on it whit cero issues still drives very smooth 4 the amount of miles just pass the emissions test 5 days ago

  40. I'll keep away from Mazda. I have a 2nd generation of Mazda 6 ,V6. Its alternator broke down at 120000km, water pump, at 130000km, besides, it started to rust at places such as wheel arch and door frames only at 50000km. I will never buy Mazda again.

  41. mazaru is best
    toyonda is also really good
    but fevy
    that is the worse man
    also don't get me started on that fiasyler dogpoop car
    but if i had to say the most reliable vehicle?
    i'd get a 1712 toyonda celico
    i've driven it for 2million miles and it's still purring like a beast

  42. I got my money's worth out of my 3. Really liked the acceleration on it compared to civic and Corolla and I got it before the skyactiv nonsense

  43. Chose 2018 Mazda CX-5 over a suburu because of affordability and have been very happy with it. Skyactive kicks butt.

  44. Surprised when I saw this, we have had our 2019 Forester for 18 months and it's great. Test drove the Mazda CX5 and we thought the Forester handled better, was roomier, had better fuel economy, better tech, and offered overall better value and 30,000 miles later had no problems, I guess time will tell. I also liked the RAV4 but it was ultimately my wife's decision and she chose the Forester!

  45. Scotty, 2012 and beyond Mazda have IN HOUSE built transmission, not Jatco. You're wrong about Mazda. In 10 years, you will see Mazda 3's, 6's and Mazda CX's outliving their rivals.
    It's the absolute best of Japanese engineering.

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