Watch This Before Buying a Subaru

Watch This Before Buying a Subaru

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna tell
you what you should know about Subaru before you buy one, scotty’s not a big
fan of Subaru but I’ve got customers with them and some of them are happy, so I’m
gonna show you what to look for if you’re planning on buying a Subaru as an
example, this 4 year old outback it’s loaded it’s 4-door, fancy high gas
mileage setup on it, the partial zero emissions vehicle with symmetrical
all-wheel drive, now my customer owns this had always bought Toyotas, oh he did
a little research and he said, I hope you’ll work on Subaru scotty cuz I’m gonna be
getting the Subaru, in this case it actually made sense, this thing is like
twenty seven thousand five hundred when it was new four years ago, if you were
gonna get the Toyota equivalent with all-wheel drive and everything, it was
about forty five thousand dollars, so yes I can understand why he bought the
Subaru, we’re almost talking twenty thousand dollars less than an equivalent
Toyota, take a look four year old vehicle what’s it got on it,
sixteen thousand miles so he’s averaging like four thousand miles a year at that
rate, maybe this thing will even outlast him, they generally only have problems
until they get to be higher mileage, now as for the overall Subaru vehicles,
generally they’re not race cars, this is a relatively heavy vehicle, it’s got a
four-cylinder boxer engine, it has been souped up it puts out 175 horsepower, so
it’s fine for cruising around in, I personally advise people with the
Subarus to stay away from the v6 engine it puts out like 275 horsepower, they
just have more problems as they age, that is basically a 6-cylinder boxer engine
like a Porsche, and they have historical problems of head gaskets blowing, and the
horsepower they put out, a lot of times burns out the transmissions because
they’re relatively weak transmissions on these Subarus, but as with all Subarus
except for the BRZ, it’s got that fancy all-wheel drive system, if you really
have to have a good all-wheel drive system, hey the Subarus make a good one, that’s
one of their big sales point, you live where it snows a lot going mountain
or going in mud, it’s where they get a lot of their sales,
from Buffalo where it snows a lot Toronto a lot of people like Subarus, but
me I live in downtown Houston and the last time I checked the nearest
Subaru dealer is like 18 miles away, that shows you there aren’t that many of them,
now they did try a few decades back here in Houston, there were a lot more subaru
dealers but a lot of them just went out of business, they aren’t that popular here,
but they’re intelligent all-wheel drive system it does work good in the snow,
I’ve rented them when I went to Lake Tahoe in the winter, and I’ve had them in
the Rocky Mountains in the winter and in heavy rain and they do handle quite well,
you get a lot of safety if you got an all-wheel drive system, all four wheels
driving you’re gonna stick to the road better, now some of the older
four-cylinder boxer engines have valve spring problems, they had to rebuild the
whole engines and they botched up a bunch of them too doing the repairs, this
is a newer one so far it hasn’t had any of those problems I think they fix that,
but if you’re thinking about buying a used Subaru, check out the history of
that year’s model and if it’s one that had to recall for the valve springs, stay
away and don’t even think about buying it, whether it was repaired or not, I
wouldn’t touch those, now one of the biggest problems and I find with Subarus
is, it’s kind of a niche car maker man their parts, replacement parts can be
super expensive and often you can only get them at the Subaru dealer, as an
example whenever I do need parts which isn’t often on this twenty-four-year-old Celica
they’re pretty readily available, there’s a big aftermarket so I can get decent
aftermarket parts at a good price, but Subarus heck I can get one that’s five
six years old, find out oh that part is only available at the dealer and it’s
going to be three hundred and fifty bucks, where an equivalent part from my
Toyota might be $80.00, realized although the price of the Subarus is much lower
than the Toyotas when they’re brand new the parts are the other way around, the
parts cost a lot more, and let’s face it with these boxer design engine, I mean we’re
talking about dinosaur technology, it’s still kind of a specialist thing fixing them,
and it’s often hard to find a good mechanic knows how to work on the subarus,
so take that in consideration if you’re the type of guy who’s gonna buy a car
and drive it into the ground, and gonna have some repairs over time, if people
can’t fix them reliably and at a decent cost, you might think twice, but if you’re
like my customer and don’t use them much that might be an OK buy for you,
check out this there’s remnants of snails and acorns, obviously a squirrel
has been living under here cuz he parks it a lot, I’ll have to warn him about that,
and if you really want to have an all-wheel
drive vehicle that has a very good all-wheel drive system, Subarus have been
perfecting that stuff for ages, it might not be a bad thing getting yourself a
Subaru, this thing costs almost 20 grand less than an equivalent Toyota
Highlander, that’s a lot of money differential and as far as I’m concerned
that’s got to be one of the big reasons that Subaru sells a reasonable amount of
their vehicles in the United States, last year they sold over 600,000 vehicles, so
if you’re looking for something got a nice all-wheel-drive system, isn’t a race
car by any stretch of the imagination, but you want transportation that’s gonna
be reliable, and not get you stuck in the snow or the mud or the ice, maybe a
Subarus for you, it’s flat as can be here the old ocean bottom, doesn’t snow maybe
once every 5 or 6 years for a few minutes before it melts, I’ll stick with
two-wheel drive cars myself, so if you never want to miss another one of my new
car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Edit: I misspoke when I said v6 subarus, I meant to say flat 6, it's a boxer engine like the 4 cylinder ones

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  2. Hello Scotty, well i love your channel i follow you very much, but i think it's about time you show some of the bad things from Toyota because they excist they are not all good cars, exsampelt is Toyota have huge probems with the DPF filter ( diesel partikel ) many engines have blown off, and Toyota refuse to have any problems, so i think it's about time you show some of the bad things from Toyota also, i know they make good cars but nor all is good !

  3. I’m on my second new Subaru Impreza. I really like these cars, they have been rock solid reliable and trouble free. My only repair on #1 was a brake job, no big deal. Yes, I live in Buffalo NY, and yes, winters I’m on 4 Bridgestone Blizzaks. It’s a fabulous winter car, that’s why I bought it. That’s why I love it.

  4. These cars are comfy, but they can lean when turning at speeds. Also, accelerate around 2-2.5 thousand rpm when on the highway.

    Also, there is a 10 year/100,000 mile warranty on the cvt transmissions for the 2010-2015 outback, and various other models.

    I own a 2014 outback, which my mother passed onto me (which I'm now paying the rest off.) It's a comfort cruiser. Also, the back seats are really comfy. It was one of the prime reasons my mom got it.

    Also, don't worry about the gaskets on the newer models. Subaru solved those on their newer Fb25 engines (predecessor for the ej25)

    Also, their spark coils are extremely powerful, and guarantee the vehicle starting with no problems.

  5. I was just glad you where not talking about the Subaru Impreza in the thumb nail pic, as myself & my brother just bought One each,, 57 plate Imprezas, hatchback. But over here in the UK, Subaru parts are in abundance 😁 u just gotta look. Great video again Scotty.

  6. Hi scotty. Would you know the problem with my 2014 subaru forester. Aircon not working unless you put it in max. The issue is intermittent. Somethings it work fine sometimes its i have to out it in max

  7. Imagine a world where everyone drives Hondas and Toyota. Don't get me wrong, i like Honda and Toyota but I'm sure they are not the only good car makers.
    Subaru is a very good car, specially in rough terrain.

  8. The things you're addressing is
    #1 The EJ25 series engines, NOT their flat sixes. This is mostly due to STi owners throwing stupid levels of boost at them and then wondering why they broke them.

    The second: This problem was EXCLUSIVE to the Alcyone/SVX as at the time, they didn't have a trans that COULD handle the power.

    Sorce: NAISOC and being a subaru mechanic myself

  9. My 2005 outback has 227,500 on it. I did the head gasket at 160,000 this has been the best car I have owned hands down. New England winter are no worry at all.

  10. Subaru tech here. First of all the six cylinder Subarus are by far the best and almost NEVER have any mechanical issues. And the the valve spring recall, no the engines are not being rebuilt or replaced (unless toyota techs do it incorrectly on the frs), the springs themselves get replaced easily with a special tool from Subaru. Do a little research before you make a video.

  11. Got a 2006 Subaru Tribeca with the H6 boxer engine. Has 254,000 miles and it runs like a charm. Has timing chain for one, and i've kept up on the maintenance. It is unmatched in the winter.

  12. As always you are full of shits anything besides Toyota. I own 2014 Forester 2.5i based model with 44,000 miles and no issue what so ever, dude…

  13. Now the tranny is slipping between 1st and 2nd. As well as oil getting in the coolent some ware on the passenger side. Getting rid of this junker next week. And yes I am from Buffalo. Looking at a Honda.

  14. Great engine and drive train. The rest isn't anything to write home about. Might be the most uncomfortable car I ever sat in, at least for me.

  15. 99 Forester and 08 Impreza.

    Awesome AWD, great in snow and ice. Both blew headgaskets, both NA. They both leaked from the cam seals and rear main seal. Clutch went on the Impreza.

    If the new 2.0's solved the leaks and the timing chain is an obvious improvement, I may consider getting a new one.

    Anyone have experience with the newer ones?

  16. Scotty! My Subaru sti 06 has a tranny that’s going on180k miles it runs like new with regular clutch replacement. I replaced my radiator for 250 bucks. In my 1999 Toyota 4 runner it was 450 for a aftermarket one. The price difference is sound. Sorry.

  17. I was hoping you would have talked about the WRX, or STi.🙄How about an in depth video about those, and modifications?

  18. Don't see any reason to buy one in the south unless it is a BRZ or WRX, but up north they are the best bang for the buck for nasty weather commuting. I am on my second Impreza (as of today) and they are the econo mountain goats of the car world. Abysmal gas mileage in non-highway driving for a 4 cylinder car, but if you need a reliable car with insane traction then Subaru is king. My gripe with Subaru is that, aside from the BRZ and WRX, the only cars with manual transmission are the Impreza and Crosstrek. The Crosstrek has a 6-speed manual, but the Impreza only has a 5-speed. IMO, I would have been fine with paying more for my Impreza with a 6-speed because the ratios on the 5-speed, while being predicable and not unsafe, are kinda odd. The drive by wire throttle, variable valve timing and AC compressor clutch sometimes do not like to communicate with each other in the ECU. No issues accelerating or having to quickly apply throttle, but is really annoying when not trying to rapidly accelerate and the variable valve timing + AC compressor clutch decide to engage at about the same time.

  19. I had a 2004 forester xt. It was a blast to drive but horrible on gas. At 85,000 miles it needed repairs that exceeded the value of the vehicle. I wouldn't buy another one.

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