Watch this before buying a used van in the UK

Watch this before buying a used van in the UK

just stopped at Gatwick Airport on the
way up to Victoria, then i’m gonna make my way across to Barking to have a look at this van Hope it’s a good one I’m back from London with no
van I went up to London today because I’d seen a van advertised on gumtree
which I was quite interested in I met this guy and had a look round the van
looked okay got a few dents and bruises but you expect that with a used van it
had done 150 ish thousand miles 2013 plate and I thought yeah it’s not too bad for
four grand it was all quite excited had a look inside lots of space for
converting into a camper and then went off to the bank he took me to the bank I
went to withdraw the money and I got the money out and I came back to him and as
he went in the house to go and get the log book I thought you know what I might
just do one of those little AA data check things so I decided to just put
the details into the AA site I paid £15 by paypal and I got a report back
and thought stop so, erm, yeah, let me read you one of the bits there’s an alert, alert (odd voice)
alert tab and the alert tab was said this license plate has been declared a
repaired total loss brackets (write off) by an insurer if the vehicle description
does not match the vehicle you will get checking please get in touch blah blah
blah but it says recorded against the license
plate and the VIN then Fiat Ducato 35 date 5th of the 12
2018 ‘Category ‘S’ insurance loss vehicle structurally damaged but repairable
insurer decided not to repair’ I mean it does say that the vehicle was repairable but I didn’t really want to start my ‘Van life 2′ journey with a van that has had structural damage in an accident I decided not to buy it I was going to
have one of those… you can get vehicle checks done by the AA which I think it
works out about 200 quid which if it’s going to save you a fortune then it’s
worth paying I guess but after just doing the document check the data check
I think it’s called I thought do you know I’m not going to I’m not going to
risk it so when you erm, when you do your report don’t if you’ll be able to
see this I’ve hidden the the registration number but you get you get
a report that comes back like this and then you can click into each tab and it
gives you sort of different bits of information but one of the ones the
alerts obviously you go straight to the alerts because it’s what alerts are for
isn’t it they alert you so I went across there and I thought you know what I’m
not going to buy it so I told the man and I’d been to I’d been to the bank and
I’ve got my four thousand pounds in a brown envelope in my bag and I was
thought you know what I’m not going to buy it so I walked from his house back
up to we went to the bank in Ilford to get the money out and then I I did that I was not gonna bring the
money back to Brighton with me just carrying four grand around in my bag so
I took that back to the bank about an hour later something like that and then
sort of had to try and explain to the lady what the story was and say that I’m
not trying to launder money by taking it out of one bank and puttin’ it in another bank
and blah blah blah but it was all okay money’s back in the bank cost me 15 pound
to find out and the train fare to go up there was a nice day out a lesson learnt
but please do take heed make sure you do these checks it’s really easy to do on
your phone just put in the registration number and you pay your 15 pounds and
you get back this report which will tell you things that you won’t find out if
you do the MOT check when you go on to the the site but yeah well
well worth it because I was ready to part with my money and I didn’t know
that it had been in an accident and it had been repaired
so please do try that they do an offer as well if you think you’re gonna go
through a number of checks you can get I think for 30 pounds or £29.99 you can
get six checks but I only bought the one cuz I thought this is it this is the van
I’m gonna buy this van I’ve got the money I’m gonna do it but then I
realised it wasn’t the van and spent my 15 pound and I have learnt that we need
to be doing these checks because otherwise I would have had a van that
has been structurally damaged in the past although looked okay the underside
looked underneath there because I’m very good at mechanics… not, but I got
underneath I had to look it looks quite tidy it wasn’t
rusty or it didn’t look to be anything untoward but then I guess people who are
maybe trying to scam you are gonna make things look good aren’t they
so yeah lesson learnt use the AA checker thing I will put a link in the
description below the video so you can get through and use the same thing it’s
not an affiliate link or anything like that it’s literally a link to the
website and it’s the same price for everybody and you can get these check done too if you’re thinking of buying a van or a car it doesn’t really matter
they just it’s just any vehicle that you might be buying in the UK I’m home I’ve
had an adventure to London I didn’t lose 4,000 pounds and I still got no van but
hey how I’d rather have no van than a crappy van that’s been in an accident
that’s about it gonna have my dinner got a curry cooking it would be really
helpful if you would like subscribe and maybe leave me a comment the bits will I
don’t know where they come up I’m not good at the pointing so I’m just a bit
this that’d be really helpful if you could do that have a great day

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  1. Thanks for tip it gd to know, hoping have van to travel UK next year. But am looking around at minute. Got urself new subscriber. There veiw new van Life's on here so be gd see how u all get on. From the beginning.. So looks like my morning will be paying catch up on ur videos.

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