WATCH THIS Before Buying An Audi R8

WATCH THIS Before Buying An Audi R8

welcome back to the ideal cars channel I
hope that you guys are having an ideal day today let’s talk about the Audi r8 so about a year ago before I realized
how hard and costly it was to grow a YouTube channel full time I was in the
market for an Audi r8 and after building out the ideal cars desirability guide
for the r8 which is something I’ll cover with you guys later on I found a car
that ticked almost every single one of my boxes it was a great spec ivis white
black interior carbon package and the gear bangin 6-speed the car was located
down south in Houston Texas and I got a pre-purchase inspection and it passed
with flying colors now I had already secured financing and
negotiated a price so all I had to do was call the Ford dealership and tell
them that I wanted it but the salesman Joe told me that some dude had walked in
earlier that morning and paid full asking price I guess that’s just how
life goes sometimes huh looking back everything happens for a reason and I
was fortunately able to dump all my Audi r8 funds and then some into funding my
full time YouTube channel but ever since I saw the Audi r8 back in 2008 in the
flesh I knew that one day I was going to own one now all I need is just a lot
more subscribers to make that dream a reality until then though let’s chat
about why out he built the r8 and then I want to take you through the differences
and the kind of enhancements that they did for each model year after that I’m
gonna rate it in four different categories using the ideal cars rating
system and lastly I’m gonna give you my ideal spec for an Audi r8 now if you
have an idea of what your ideal spec would be let us know in the comments
you know ideal cars is all about creating just an open forum for next
generation enthusiasts so let us know what exterior color into your color
transmission preference and any other options or mods you’d want on it
alright so the Audi r8 is a mid-engine two-seater sports car that uses outies
legendary Quattro all-wheel drive system which inspires utter confidence even at
the limit the r8 is the perfect blend of explosive performance and exotic
presence heck even the road-going are eights rely on
the same engineering expertise that went into outies racecars of the early 2000s
the flagship supercar of the Audi brand holds its own from a dig and in the
twisties it’s it’s just a fantastic package but there were a few different
variations of the r8 from 2008 all the way to 2015 so let’s dig into those now
the first generation of the Audi r8 actually had a pretty long production
run in 2008 was the first year the only motor that was available was the potent
4.2 liter v8 pushing out 420 horsepower to the all-wheel-drive system that had a
70% rear torque bias donuts any one you can get a six speed manual source from a
Lamborghini or the R tronic transmission that was operated with paddles but
what’s awesome about the manual 6-speed is that it is a gated shifter which
sounds so satisfying when you make an ideal shift now you could not order
carbon-fiber options from the factory but you could get the carbon side blades
which not only look incredible but also act as a cover for the RH rear wheel
cooling vents also adaptive suspension or magnetic ride was an option the cars
fitted with it were notorious for leaky shocks oh and it sported quad tips which
I thought kind of looked a little funky exiting through those round holes it was
essentially the same car huge changes this year because outtie introduced an
entirely new engine for the lineup of v10 essentially they took the motor from
an LP 560 which is a v10 from Lamborghini slightly detuned it threw on
a different intake and an exhaust the naturally aspirated v10 makes 525
horsepower compared to the LP 560 s 553 horsepower so not too shabby I think
that they detuned it for marketing purposes so it didn’t beat its bigger
brother but boy it sounded good whoo-hoo that sounds good now you in
2010 could order the VA or v10 with the same gated 6-speed or the are tronic
transmission but if you ordered the v10 you got gloss black rear bumper inserts
and new oval exhaust tips the side blades are slightly larger on the v10
you get a slightly more aggressive side skirt and different grille and new
wheels and actually this is something a lot of people don’t note which is really
cool about the 2010 and newer Audi r8 they offered full LED headlights and
what’s so cool about it is that they incorporated 24 individual LEDs to honor
the Audi success at the 24 Hours of LeMans I absolutely love it when car
manufacturers sprinkle in subtle touches like that boom a spider yeah this was
the first year that you could order a topless r8 with either the v8 or v10 but
howdy decided to change the actual design and remove those signature carbon
side blades and instead they put side intake vents this was a controversial
move because without the side blades dare I say the car looks more like a
bloated outie tt-then outies flagship supercar what do you think
well dieting must have been a big thing in 2012 because that’s exactly what
outtie did and introduced the GT spec r8 for both the coupe and the spider
essentially it’s kind of like when Lamborghini offers the Superleggera
pretty much the r8 GT was focused on shaving as many pounds as possible and
these skinny are eights were produced in very limited numbers in fact only 90
coupes and 50 spiders were made for the US market and how can you spot one of
these in the wild well for starters that came with a fixed rear wing and other
aero enhancements clear taillights with modified front and rear bumpers also if
you peek inside the interior will be heavily optioned with Alcantara there
were no out erh produced this year because Audi was going through a midlife
update let’s carry on the last two years of the Audi r8 gen 1 and the midlife
update did not disappoint out he introduced the new S tronic transmission
which was a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission with lightning-fast shifts
the 4.2 liter v8 got a bump in horsepower to 430 horses
and both bumpers were reworked and the v8 and v10 both got oval exhaust tips
also Audie redesigned the LED headlights and Tails
and now you could option the r8 with ceramic brakes the interior was upgraded
and there was an optional cross stitching that made it look like a fine
tailored suit but before Audi dropped the mic it had one trick left up its
sleeve for the first generate and that was the introduction of the v10 plus
trim for the coupe the v10 plus model is backed by a 550 horsepower v10 massive
carbon ceramic brakes and a firmer suspension that was found on the r8 GT
oh and 0 to 60 in a blistering 3.3 seconds and it could top out at 198
miles per hour the v10 plus could give any supercar a run for its money so guys
and that is what you can expect from each model year now I’m going to dig
into performance driving experience curb appeal and value for the Audi r8 and
rate each category on a scale from 1 to 5
now guys as we’ve seen our rates vary quite a bit in performance from the r8
v8 that goes 0 to 60 and 4.4 seconds all the way to the v10 plus that does a
blistering 3.3 seconds so for this rating I’m gonna use a car that I’m
really familiar with it’s a 2010 r8 v10 with the Aaronic the 2010 r8 v10 to 0 to
60 in just 3.7 seconds which is dead even with a gt2 and his top speed is 196
miles per hour and that v10 absolutely loves to Rev the motor has no lack of
power all the way to its glorious 8700 rpm redline the car is extremely
communicative even at the limit of adhesion with a slight hint of
understeer the brakes worked exactly as you’d expect and this is almost too easy
to drive at the limit so for performance this car gets a 4.5 out of 5
once you hop into that drivers seat you can tell this is an Audi it’s just nice
the flat-bottom steering wheel is just one of the many touches that makes this
car feel special and on the road it’s extremely easy to drive around town but
when things get a little bit twisty this thing
has cat-like reflexes the v10 makes beautiful music and the art Roenick
transmission is magical when you’re driving fast it’s seriously a great
compliment to the v10 the v10 r8 is the kind of supercar that you can live with
every single day so I give it a four point six out of five is that the Iron
Man car now I know that that movie is roughly what ten years old but the car
debuting in that hit film burning the r8 into most of our memories the r8 is
simultaneously gorgeous and sinister almost every single time that you fill
this car up with gas someone’s gonna come up to you and ask you a question or
two about the car it just attracts attention the Audi r8 just seems so much
more approachable than say like a Lamborghini Guyardo it may have
something to do with the four rings or the softer features but everywhere you
go you’re bound to get at least a thumbs up it’s just an extremely fun car to be
around and it does lack a little bit of that rawness that a Ferrari or
Lamborghini lime gonna give it a 4.3 out of 5 if you’re a supercar bargain hunter
the Audi r8 should just it should just be on your short list the cars are
holding value extremely well if you take a look at the right side of the graph it
shows you what type of depreciation each model year has seen over the last 12
months the 2014 model year depreciated the most at less than 9% and as you can
see in the graph as of January 2018 almost every model year is roughly
flatlined so yeah if you’re not a full-time
youtuber like me and you actually are in a financial position to purchase a first
generate now is a great time to start looking so for value I give it 4.5 out
of 5 Wow that outie r8 did awesome with the total score seventeen point nine out
of a hundred now if we times it by five we get eighty nine and a half out of a
hundred that’s an amazing machine in fact the Audi r8 is the reason I
created the ideal car strategies in the first place I bought sold and made money
driving a lot of ideal cars but the Audi r8 was the first one that I really
realized that there was an actual science behind making calculated buying
decisions so that you can go into your ideal car purchase knowing exactly what
your ownership experience will look like and you can fully enjoy your asset
whether you’re buying a Subaru STi or your first supercar I’ve found a way
that you can identify and then properly negotiate to the ideal price build your
credit and get the lowest monthly terms and then at the end of it all
maximize profit when it’s time to sell it’s a strategy that can be used over
and over and over again and it will completely change the way that you look
at ideal car ownership so what would be my ideal spec r8 for the ideal car
strategies well just like my tennis game I’m a little bit more about control than
power and after driving a v8 6-speed it just felt a little bit more like a
balanced package don’t get me wrong I love the v10 but it’s just too easy to
drive at the limit where the v8 you just feel like you really have to work hard
to achieve a truly rapid pace so the ideal spec would be pretty much the
exact car that I lost last year it’d be a 2009 or 2010 Ibis white with black
interior exposed carbon side lids because you could get them painted as
well Carbon interior and engine bay I’d swap out the quad exhaust tips for oval
exhaust tips put on a black optic grille to get rid of the license plate holder
drop it on some coils to get rid of that mag suspension and I’d be set yeah and
with the market being the way it is I bet I could drive that car for 12 to 18
months and most likely break even so there you have it that is my ideal spec
for an Audi r8 in the comments let us know would you get the AR tronic or the
6-speed gated shifter v8 or v10 let us know what your ideal spec would be for
the Audi r8 and as always I appreciate you hanging out with me if you enjoyed
this vid smash the like button and also if you’re new here and you want to see
an Audi r8 on the channel subscribe and turn on notifications
we’ll get there one day oh and if you want to see what the most and at least
reliable generation Audi s4 is click over here and if you want to see what
YouTube recommends you watch next click over here either way you can’t lose and
as always keep living that ideal lifestyle

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Oh so my dads planning on getting one soon, spec would be. Graphite grey with the red on black interior with the wingback seats. Full Bang and Ollusun stereo. Full carbon package. Manual of course with a carbon build up clean, remap and exhaust then 620 hp

  2. Audi is german word for : the four rings of dispare. Only buy any Audi if the four rings are perfectly lined up, otherwise run. Run Away.

  3. Probably an Audi R8 V10 Plus preferably 2014, in Daytona gray pearl, with red seats, carbon fiber sideblade and green break calipers.

  4. Had a v8 manual – amazing! Now have a v8 r tronic with custom TCU and ECU tunes. Actually much prefer the latter for every day use plus the gear changes sound insane with r tronic and straight pipes. Hope you get one soon!!

  5. Suzuka Grey on Tuscan brown leather, 6spd manual V10, carbon sideblades, interior trim, engine covers. Any pre-facelift year, please. I'm actually in the market for one but holding out for the one I REALLY want. Plan on holding onto it for decades. I'm convinced the value of 1st gen manuals has bottomed out with it being one of the last of its kind(10+cyl with manual). You can name the others(post-2010) pretty easily(Viper, Vantage V12, what else?) . The design was ahead of its time and the exterior still looks "current" to this day. I actually prefer the Gen1 styling over the Gen2. Just transplant the Gen2 interior w/ virtual cockpit and this car would be perfect! Solid vid, man.

  6. I have an SQ5 SC wife's and B9 S4 and pretty satisfied. One day I will own an R8. Might own an RS7 before the R8 thought.

  7. Currenly on the market for a Gen 1 (post facelift) V8 manual with black wheels and sideblades in sepang blue/ara blue. Black and blue does it for me, and post facelift since there's a LOT more standard equipment and they ironed out all the niggles with the first version by then!

  8. I have a 2015 Audi r8v10 s tronic. Not the plus .. I love the car, sounds insane, rides smooth, better than a Porsche 911. And looks like a million bucks. Great show.

  9. You got a lot of this right. I'm a '15 V10 owner – spec'd and ordered new back in '14. This car is a masterpiece. I'm in a fortunate position to buy pretty much anything on four wheels – but the Gen-1 R8 honestly boxes well above its class. That's not a statement about performance, alone, since there are plenty of supercars that can now easily beat basic stats like 0 – 60. Rather, it's a statement about the "whole package." The looks are stunning – understated, but a perfect blend of futuristic and classic proportions, curves, and creases. As far as handling… the hydraulic steering, real e-brake, and mechanical nature of the car leaves it feeling much more connected to the road than a lot of more nanny-operated cars.

    One of the key ingredients, though – the naturally aspirated V10. It's to die for. Buttery smooth, high-revving (8,700 RPM), and linear power delivery that no turbocharged car can touch. On top of that, it just makes the most enjoyable noises… again, something that no modern turbocharged car can give you.

    There are a few things you missed in the facelift – updated grille design, chrome/silver touches on the interior, optional sport exhaust (in 2015 only) and few other minor things.

    But not only has the R8 been a great car as far as minimum depreciation, you can count on it APPRECIATING. Many people know it from movies (Iron Man) and mainstream media (posters, toys, video games, etc.). However, the R8 carries the namesake of its Le Mans 24-hour dominating racecar older sibling. Audi literally obliterated the 24-hour of Le Mans race year after year with their R8. As a tribute, they built the 2003 Le Mans Quattro Concept, which was essentially the R8 in concept car form. From it, the R8 production car was born.

    The R8 is Audi's first production supercar. That, alone, is a historic thing. But add in the fact that it's the product of a racing icon, a movie/media icon, and just the last of a breed (things like NA V10's!), and you have the perfect storm for a car that will definitely appreciate. As far as numbers, there are actually far fewer in the US than people may think – only about 6.5k Gen-1 R8s (all variants – V8, V10, coupe, spyder, R/S/6MT, etc.) were sold. Compare that with about 10x the number of 911s… or even about 9k Gen-1 NSXs… and you start to get a feel for how few are actually in the US.

    If you'd like one, I'd buy one before they do start to appreciate. And if you HAVE one, hold onto it. The R8 is a truly special car, and I think it became a modern classic nearly the day it was introduced… which, funny enough, the first full YEAR of production sold out in under a week. That says something. The Gen-2 just never got the love – largely because it was nowhere near as beautiful, and Audi is planning to end production (rumored) sometime in the not so distant future. So… get your Gen-1 soon and enjoy it!

    If you're at all interested in the car, I'd recommend joining us over at R8Talk. Lots of good folks there and tons of good information if you're shopping.

  10. A lot of friends that went from GTR's to 1st gen R8's quickly sold the R8. they said that the car is just downright boring compared to the GTR. I was thinking about purchasing an R8 but decided to keep my GTR instead.

  11. Audi did bring in some V10 R8s in 2009. They where the main sponsor for the Toronto film festival in 09 and brought some in for that. I own a 09 V10 R8 manual. Main difference from the 09 and 10 is the entertainment system.

  12. I love mine… its my "Friday car".. My M-Th car is an (modified) S3 that I really like and is just as quick, but no where near as special.

  13. Truly an ugly car.
    What ever happened to gracefull design.
    So what if it's got carbon fibre whatever and a ghastly interior.
    It's tasteless.

  14. I liked the video. Hopefully once you get a bigger following you'll be able to get your hands on some of these cars to improve the quality of the content. Best of luck!

  15. I own an S8 plus now. What an incredible car. Always loved the R8 but now I hate that they removed the side blades. I am in search of a supercar now. Looking at a McLaren 520 Spyder or maybe even an R8. I think in the Northeast a Lamborghini or Ferrari is too much. Also trying to figure how to buy this level car without making a mistake. I know how to deal but you make a very valid point on when to buy and sell these cars and not get hurt. Any insight would be great. Great channel

  16. Snag Some SWAG! –

    Pls subscribe! –

    Also, if you wanna learn more about the strategies I used to make money driving multiple m3's, check out the Ideal Car Strategies –

  17. I have an Ara Blue 2017 v10+. For me, the black wheels and diamond stitching were the difference maker in the choice of similar spec’d cars. Black wheels make the car look more sinister and the diamond stitching made the interior much more luxurious. Every thing about the ownership has been dope. The performance of the car is a little quicker than what is reported here. I have recorded 0-60 on two different devices that are sub 3 seconds.

  18. Come watch my review of the Audi R8 Competition! It was basically like the R8 GT but better 👍. My ideal would R8 would be a R8 Competition in a Misano red

  19. buying an r8 with the v8 is like buying a v6 mustang whats the point. Never makes sense to me why people always want to go for the low model when buying a sports car isn't the point of getting a sports car for the raw power no for the gas mileage

  20. woah dude so many wrong infos..
    First R8 2007
    Legendary Quattro Allwheel Drive System: Wrong, its the Lamborghini Gallardo Visco technology
    Carbon Options: Sideblade,Interior, Engine Bay
    2009 it was a big facelift. Full Led Headlights, new electronic system (bcm replaced confort and central electrics), Black Displays, electric Engine opener, engine window heater
    2010 audi takes the engine from an lamborghine: wrong! the 5.2 fsi was always an Audi Engine
    2014-2015: S Tronic was already avaible in 2013
    ceramic brakes was always an option since 1/2008

  21. You have the first Youtube channel I've ever seen that actually gave a legit reason to subscribe. So you can one day get a Audi r8. #Respect

  22. Ideal Bang-for-Buck Spec: 2016 V10 non-Plus. Discounted because its warranty just expired. Owned by a little old lady that only drove it to church on Sundays. Mods include VF800 Supercharger+tune, Nardo Gray, black pack trim. Alternative: All of the above. Delete Supercharger. Keep reversible VF tune. Within warranty.

  23. Why the fuck do you have only 11k subscribers? Your videos are so informative. I’m watching because you have year by year breakdowns. Good luck bro.

  24. I had the R-tronic, V8, worst transmission in the history of transmissions, made the car almost undriveable! Had huge buyers remorse, despite a test drive, where I think the car I drove was S-tronic and I did not due my due diligence! The air con failed (known problem) so you MUST have extended warranty, the best thing was, I bnought it second hand, kept it 4 years and it only lost about 35K$ that sounds like a lot but when you take the total cost of the car new (130) it was not too bad and I got to drive a super car for 4 years.

  25. I'm about buying R8 – my spec is V10 with manual gearbox, color really doesnt matter – I will wrap it. Interior black with carbon package. I will also probably add regula body kit

  26. I was looking at r8 because they look like a super car and they are very comfortable and have that famous all wheel drive so I just assumed that there is ridiculously fast so I started looking into them a while ago I knew that there was a V8version of the r8 I just assumed that that the 10 version would have like 100 more horsepower or something like that and it would be a little bit heavier but no the v 10 smokes the V8 and I would love getting the r8 but V8 versions just like an average car it’s not super fast it’s not super slow but The v10 has some very impressive numbers do you think and maybe a few years the price will go down more on the v10s

  27. Great video and great channel!! I recently started looking for a manual V10 R8! I don't have the money yet, but it's always nice to dream and start trying to pick out my Ideal Spec!!

  28. “The R tronic transmission is magical”??? “Extremely easy to drive around town” I couldn’t disagree with you more. It’s literally the worst transmission I have ever used. It lurches and thuds with every shift. It can never quite get the right gear, it was just underdeveloped for its time. I’ll agree it helps to just floor it everywhere but man I’ve never heard an owner say it was good. Get the manual or save up for the S Tronic and avoid the R at all cost. Other than that, I agree with everything else you said, great video!

  29. A 2010 with V10, 6speed, body color side blades, coil springs, and a front license plate holder for my trump 2020 plate…….

  30. Good video, I liked the information you covered. Just wondering why you and two other reviewers of the R-8 have not mentioned the front frame design flaw and frame separation issues with this car, especially in the 1st Gen cars?

  31. Got to hold out and get the S Tronic and avoid the R at all cost, huge difference in performance…2013/14/15 will be the most collectible of the 2008-2015 series…v10 due to not having to pull out the engine to fix the Air Con they tend to have problems with and change the shocks….

  32. Just bought a V8 White deco and White/Burgundy leather and burgundy side blades 2009 with engine bay carbon pack. Exclusive badge on inside of doors suggest colour scheme is unique, at least in this region (UAE). Love it!!

  33. 1st gen V10 in Ibis white with a 6 Speed gated manual, exposed carbon side blade, carbon interior, and carbon engine bay. Then whatever mods wheels, bags/coils, exhaust, Wing, and definitely a Gloss Black RS Mesh Grill. The perfect spec in my opinion. 1/28/19

  34. I have a 2008 Audi R8 V8 R Tronic ( 40,000K ) Ice Silver, black interior, full Carbon Fiber package, Fins, Engine compartment, Instrument panel and doors, Hand made diamond stitch leather seats, felt head cover, Capristo sports exhaust Looks just like Tony Stark's but it's mine 😉

  35. Lamborghinis have poor design. I'm not a fan of their polygon theme. I expect more from a super-car. The Audi R8 has one of the finest designs ever conceived by the human mind. That's why people usually comment or ask questions at the gas station. I would love to have the spyder one day. I feel guilty lusting after that spyder.

  36. Awesome video and channel with solid video structure, stats, and insight. You've got a new subscriber👍

  37. Clickbate thumbnail, just waffle, 1st and last time I watch your channel. You forgot to tell us the wheels were round.

  38. I could totally agree with just about everything you had on this video with one exception…. The 2012 model year R8 GT. Yes it was limited in numbers and was available as either a coupe or Spyder BUT it came only in V-10 form with 560 HP right from the factory. It also had available the Carbon ceramic brakes along with all the Carbon Fiber you could want right from Audi. It ticked everything you you wanted in your ideal R8 except for the grille. It didn't have the leaky MR shocks either and was only available in the R Tronic. It does cost more then the rest of the Gen 1 cars but the price also seems to have stabilized and I doubt it will go down much further (It could actually start to climb) as so few were produced

  39. I’d like it as a gen 1 spyder, in black metallic, with red-leather seats, with an s-tronic gearbox with the 5.2 V10

  40. 2011 V8 R8 + V10 carbon blade, suspension with front lift, VFR supercharger, exhaust, prior design body kit, carbon steering wheel, swap out seats, Matt black and gloss black paint combo, interior carbon + Alcántara headliner.

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