We bought a cheap £500 Sports Car! (Matt didn’t know…)

Pete: good morning I’m Pete and we’ve just
bought a new channel car for 2019. Pete: Thing is, Matt has no idea what I’ve bought so i’m on my way to meet him for the first time Pete: and get his opinion on it. Matt: Good afternoon I’m Matt, so as you might Matt: have just seen Pete has picked up a
project to run alongside the Subaru on Matt: the channel so we’re going to have two
things to go on, which is good. Matt: So at the moment I have no idea what it is, I’ve heard that it’s good, I’ve heard that it’s Matt: fun.. literally no idea what it is so i’m about to find out. Pete: It’s rough i’m not gonna lie it needs a lot of work, but it’s so much fun to drive. It’s so much Pete: fun – and 500 quid you know, who can
complain at that? So let’s see what he thinks. Matt: Okay so we’re here, we’re waiting I’m nervous Matt: anticipating what it’s going to be. I’m thinking is it gonna be JDM? Matt: I’m trying to listen to some noises,
some exhaust sounds coming down the road Matt: no idea what it could be. Matt: I can hear something, oh no – that’s a bus Matt: I don’t think he’s picked up an
Arriva bus. Pete: Some of you may have already guessed
what it is, it’s pretty obvious if you Pete: look at the back window. Matt: Okay I can definitely hear something nice coming now. Matt: I’m don’t know what its gonna be.. Matt: It looks like a beast.. what is it? Matt: FTO? MR2! No way.. Matt: with the lights up as well Matt: That’s a beast. Wow
We’re gonna have some fun with that. Pete: All right so we’ve bought a Toyota MR2
if you haven’t guessed already from the Pete: back window. Pete: Hopefully you can hear us as well because it’s really windy Matt: Yeah it’s like the windiest day we could have picked. Pete: Matt’s not seen this car. Matt: Yeah I love them Pete: It is rough Matt: I know you’ve always wanted one Matt: I had a hunch could it be an MR2, could it be like an FTO or something. Pete: Yeah well the only clue I gave, did I say Mid-Engined? Pete: and pop-up headlights I think, so
yeah it’s the poor man’s Ferrari. Pete: You see what I mean with the rough points? Pete: I bought this for five hundred pounds Pete: off a really nice guy called Dan who’s absolutely gutted to see it go. Pete: He said he’s going to go inside
and cry as I drove away. Matt: I’m not surprised especially at that
price. Pete: It is rough, it needs looking at Pete: but it’s something alongside the Subaru that we can be doing this year isn’t it. Pete: So yeah mechanically most of it’s ok, it’s actually not that bad for 500 quid Pete: I could sell this tomorrow for £600 you know what I mean? Pete: Do we want to point out what’s wrong with it first or? Matt: I can see we’ve already got our trademark on it and we haven’t even touched it yet Pete: Zip ties Pete: So right yeah, so I mean the most obvious thing that’s wrong with it.. Pete: First and foremost is the fact that it’s in three different colours. Pete: Four actually because this
blue here doesn’t quite match the rest of the car Matt: This is a nice shade here.. Pete: The wheels are actually supposed to be
staggered, they’re supposed to be bigger Pete: on the back than they are at the front.
These aren’t, so that’s something that Pete: we’ll have a look at this year however
being honest it doesn’t really affect Pete: the drive from what I’ve seen, it’s just
apparently tyre wear and you know, everything that goes along with it. Matt: I can see big things for this car Pete: Yeah, you see what I mean? Pete: So front bumper, that will need sorting out. Registration plate is cracked the Pete: radiator underneath is actually held on with cable ties as well. Can you see where Pete: the chassis a little bit bent in the corner? Matt: Oh yeah, that was a big curb that he hit. Pete: Yep Pete: This is appropriate apparently, as much as I like it it won’t be staying on the car. Matt: It sounds good as well is it a standard exhaust? Pete: No he’s done something with an Audi RS4 exhaust. Pete: He’s put two together Matt: Really? Pete: I think so, I’m sure that’s what he said so we can have a proper look at it. Pete: General bodywork, he’s de-badged it slightly Pete: I don’t know if it was him or beforehand but you can see the remnants of Toyota Matt: Sun burnt on there Pete: The sills have been rust protected
but they look a bit rough. Pete: As soon as you cover them with a side sill they’re gone so.. Matt: That’s it, it’s something for the channel we can have a go at getting rid of rust and covering, Matt: patching and maybe wrap the car or
something.. Pete: Well wrapping I think is Pete: essential at this stage Pete: So I picked this up yesterday and for the last week Pete: knowing this is coming I’ve been
telling Matt “something’s coming” Pete: “Somethings coming, somethings coming” and I’ve been looking at all the ridiculous things you Pete: can do to them. I’ve been smashing YouTube tutorials. Pete: One guy called geek of the road, if you’re watching this mate i’ve been watching your videos Pete: you’ve got some good stuff Pete: and the things we can do this mate Matt: it’s gonna be a lot of fun I can tell already Pete: What you can’t see that’s not great is.. it veers to the left on the motorway. Pete: Not aggressively, but yeah a little bit of a tracking issue on it. So that will need looking at. Pete: The aerial doesn’t raise. The fob locks all doors apart from the drivers but then that locks on the key Pete: So fine Matt: It’s got to be expected with a car of this age Pete: Yeah exactly Pete: Engine-wise it runs sweet as a nut from I can tell, like, it pulls this car. Pete: I’m surprised considering Matt: What is it 2 Litre? Pete: Yeah 2 Litre naturally aspirated, it’s not a turbo as you can imagine for £500 quid. Pete: But 2 Litres still go for a grand and a half to two grand in a nice condition so Pete: we’re probably not going to lose that
much money on this depending on what happens. Matt: What’s the front then? is it just an empty space? Pete: An empty space with a spare tyre. I don’t actually know whether he’s got the spare tyre in there though. Pete: that was the wrong one… Matt: Something opened Pete: So yeah one thing, I’m still trying to figure out how to use this bastard thing. Pete: Well whilst we’re in here Pete: The interior’s not great, it’s not bad but it’s not great. The steering wheel could do witha change Matt: Easy enough to swap out, you can get bucket seats. Pete: Yeah I will do. Pete: Aftermarket radio touchscreen doesn’t work and we’re on 105,000 miles so it’s not small Pete: but it’s not bad Matt: What is it 1993? That’s like really good Pete: Erm, and it’s a sunroof which is great. Matt: That’s a crazy center console right in the middle Pete: Yeah I know mate you can stick all your stuff in here Pete: Ah got it Matt: One of the best parts of getting a new car is Matt: finding where the latches are.. Pete: Oh it has got a spare tyre! Matt: Space saver as well.. someone’s doing well bunched as well d bad never no no really
good I can’t believe 500 quid additional storage more than anything
yeah so what’s just cost us the boot that’s just in II know this is the other
thing like look at the size of the boot nothing so you’ve got like two or three
storage area the deepness of that boot I’ve literally not done anything to this
hence why it’s got the sunroof cover a bit of heat shield or whatever that is
an exhaust I’m not really sure but that’s a deep boot in it
yeah I get fun sedate golf clubs in there not that either of us play golf go
fuck go Percy you free leave and not bad all in all looking good Nick the night
this isn’t that so much fun to work on tweaking with the engine and still
apparently some bits of it are quite hard to get to as you can imagine yeah
it’s like you need a scuffle to like kind of lead over into the car and get
hoisted in the heat shield here and rattles you can’t hear it it’s one screw driven down the road it’s a nice seat
position steer it like the gears man just I’m a play with it that’s so nice
oh well that’s a comfy seat there isn’t it
I don’t know whether that summer roof being bluest I’m assuming he’s done that
or it’s been done it looks like the nicest day you’ve ever seen that work
out Simon’s gray is windy and horrible it’s a proper like drift son berik
position that oh yeah yeah but it’s like it’s just a nice tuck than driving
position isn’t it like yeah it’s like proper comfy and load
it’s good it’s not how I do yeah bunty’s I’m the gatekeeper a push in about something
it’s alright sounds really nice that’s from Al’s well smells like a
possum yes it is yeah well this is the thing it has been decayed so what do you
guys think – reckon we likes tricked it out what you reckon you know I think
it’s probably gone past the point now will you try and restore it and take
your brighter stand and also I like how they look standard but I think they can
look so much better if you do if you taste all things to it if you amazed us
what the panels back to the original color yeah I think the chances are
probably quite slim but I’ll keep my eyes open on eBay and see what pops up
les you know someone who’s recently crashed one in which case he’ll so what
basically get rid of the Ross panels see if we can do anything about them dents
once the body works okay that’s something we can do them Vince until I
get inside and you get them out let’s nail it once the body works okay wrap it
all one colour make you look really really smart yeah pick a nice color yeah
just to get it so it looks tidy then and then we can look at maybe you
performance mods or you know we can do it with one that mm what would you do
like Matt says like if you’ve got any ideas or you’ve seen an amazing mr2 drop
us a link is any ideas yeah or any of the channels that you know it’s got a
nice – let us know in the comments let us know and we’ll check them out and see
if we can kind of figure out what we can do with it but mmm yeah
no I’ve got no gray in my mind it’s like I don’t know what it would suit the MOT
by just love that hello yeah with black wheels or something yeah exactly
I literally just know it’s not red colobus on it I’ve got no doubt that
we’ll find some more things with this car as we go on once we start taking
panels off who knows what we’ll find there for wash your horn like it was
like to hear the sound of a whore you’ll be the first person to try it I feel
like it’s your honour your car you’ve got to do it oh it’s a good whore
someone we can almost like yeah a ruger okay so I’m out the cold yeah leave a
like cold and windy Lister they just are look last year was snowing at this point
a year so car starts lucky yeah a new car for a new year and alongside the
Subaru it’s just gonna be a lot of fun I can
see these two like out in convoy and the roads gonna be good go to all the shows
that when I hit this year yeah stick it up and everything they’ll be
good fun so it Oakley be a lot of interesting stuff to come stuff for you
to get involved in as well heavily we’ve got something coming up from wait a
couple of weeks we’ve got a really big thing actually that you know is gonna be
good for all of you guys who watches yeah definitely something to get
involved with but that is a video if not more in itself but yes definitely stay
tuned for that yes stay tuned well we’ll put something or Instagram and stuff
when that’s getting closer to the time so people that have been watching us for
awhile get first the party that’s all makes sense yeah so keep an eye on the
Instagram and we will be putting stuff up there prior to videos going out so
yeah and be able to stay updated on this car on the Subaru on our other project
and just kind of see where up to with it yeah that’s not you think of the car and
over the next couple videos you’ll you’ll see what we will get follow the
journey see what we can do with this thing
just watching guys thanks a lot see you later

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