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  1. Hey, ladylike? Sorry but I liked the original group content wayyy more. It’s great that you have things like the empty suitcase show and kitchen and jorn but your videos would be liked way more if the whole group of you where there.

  2. this makes me think ladylike should disguise themselves as men and live life for 24 hours and see how different it is!

  3. i would have liked to see devin play up the "manliness" more. less make up, less getting ready, less feminine clothes.

  4. Della’s description of guys going to Vegas 😂😂😂 one shirt and two pants for three days 🤣 I’m dead!!! Went on a mini vacation with three guy friends and that is literally all they brought 💀💀💀 on the other hand my sister and I packed half our closet 😅

  5. As someone who is heading into the Hospitality (Hotel) Business, a hand written note is very important and a must.

    Patrick is probably hella happy he’s with Devin cause this whole experience was cool.

  6. Not gentlemen. Vegas. Wow Ladylike… you just genderized a town. This Experience or higher end stuff isn’t JUST FOR MEN. Hit up the strip club💵💸💰💵💸💰💴💶💶
    “Ladies is pimps’ too, go on brush yo shoulders off.” – Jay Z.

  7. most ladylike videos could just be titled “i convinced my job to pay for my vacation” but i don’t care bc i love watching woean living their best life

  8. Yo this would be a dope series to do with that talk dude from ladylike. To learn about tons of different ways to be a gentleman. Amazing

  9. I've stayed in Jay Z and Beyoncé's room at the Venetian.. There's a piano in there.. Haha.. It's huge.. (I did not pay for that stay.. It was a weekend trip with friends that they covered.. It was CRAZY)..

  10. I am not going to lie, since I have always felt very comfortable as a female I have never considered doing a gentleman's weekend but this made me question why I haven't. Looks like I have a weekend to plan.

  11. My parents and I went to Vagus for a week and as a person from a smaller community and living in the humid south it was honestly super fun but the city was a lot for a week

  12. Men cars nothing more than speed testosterone stupidity and the high that we gets as we go fast

  13. Devin: So then I was like, 'Well we gotta invite Della.'"
    Me: Head jolts up because my name is Della WHAT!?

    Sorry it's just, so weird to find someone else with that name! Wow!!

  14. Devin,is so humble and cool through the whole experience, you can definitely tell her friends absolutely loved it. I love how she didn't stray from the fact that you Caan still be a gent in Vegas without needing this specific experience. She's a very talented and loved producer

  15. You should have pushed Gary out of his seat.
    Also, while devin and them were doubting the racing thing, I was jumping out and down screaming “fuck yea you got to do it!”

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