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  1. "I didn't think they'd do it"
    Me: these people have bought & cooked fish eyes & animal testicles for you. I think whatever you say goes

  2. In 1985 back to the future predicted we’d have flying cars by 2017,…….2019 were attempting to use cheese a tires on a car

  3. I think you guys should hire someone a lil more experienced in jacking up a vehicle. That made me so nervous for the crew's safety

  4. this reminds me of those old school mythical videos. like something jen and john would work on or maybe a ten feet tall episode.

  5. no one except either boosted bois, 54 garage or cleetus McFarland:


    54 garage: laughing in russian

  6. Melt the cheese then make a mold for the cheese so it is like a tire then put the rim in the cheese then put the cheese wheel on the car. BOOM. GENIUS.

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