We Put Wheels on A Supercharged Snowmobile. She Rips! 200+ HP

We Put Wheels on A Supercharged Snowmobile. She Rips! 200+ HP

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. The bolts you guys used for spindles are terrifyingly thin…I would never trust that much power on such a tiny shaft…not even to go around the block…

  2. Weld two sprockets on the jackshaft. Run chains to a solid axle through the rear idler wheels and run a set of super wide gocart slicks. Would that b possible?

  3. You guys may have just come up with something! Patten it and I look forward to seeing you on shark tank!!!

  4. If anyone could take a sled chassis and replace the track with a dozen all terrain wheels, it's Ethan. Can't wait lol.

  5. Lol. My biological father has been doing this since the early 90's. He also made a rear suspension to convert your snowmobile into an atv. He died a few years ago. Man was ahead of his time.

  6. Wonder if you guys could fab up a ski/wheel set up like what bushplanes have. Bet if you get into some mud and water with that animal she'll eat all day…just a thought

  7. That thing looks evil. Ive been on a modified Honda TRX450R and I know it couldnt have been too close to 200hp, considering it comes stock with 53 hp and some change, 100mph top speed. Whatever was done to this Honda, it was enough to where i could just barely max out the RPM's in 3rd gear before I started screaming like a little girl and in the 4yrs my buddy has owned Ive yet to see anyone come anywhere close to maxing it out. So i cannot imagine what 200hp feels like on a bike basically. You pushing a few 100lbs. Not like its powering a 4 door sedan. Lol

  8. Why the annoying juvenile music! A potentially interesting video completely ruined by stupid music over most of it! Very disappointing.
    Holly : (
    Ps…. The bolts used as axles are sticking out FAR to much! The inner face of the wheel should have been flush with the hub/bracket in order to reduce leverage to a minimum. The way you have it is very dangerous indeed. It will inevitably sheer off and then dig in the ground destroying the vehicle and you as it does several front rolls.

  9. I've always wondered why they havent tried this yet. The can am spiders are basically a road version of this, so why not an offroad version?

  10. So you guys dismantle snowmobiles to use the motors and different parts to make some really awesome stuff but…. When are we gonna see a " PTV " dual tracked monster out of Grind Hard Plumbing???

  11. Хана гусянке. А как на счёт перегрева? Дополнительный радиатор ставили ?

  12. A subscriber just give me a snowmobile. He wants me to put the engine in a golf cart. Any suggestions?Happy Thanksgiving

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