We Tried The New Roller Wheel Eyeliner • Ladylike

We Tried The New Roller Wheel Eyeliner • Ladylike

– We are trying this new MAC liquid liner. However– – There’s a twist. – There is a twist! – Apparently this is supposed to make it so it’s easier to apply your eyeliner, so it’s more precise. ‘Cause like, when you got
that little paintbrush, it’s like, if you’re not good at paintin’, you’re probably not good
at paintin’ your eyes. – Some people describe it on the internet as like mini pizza cutter. – It’s tiny! – Look how little it is! – The applicator is not
a traditional applicator. It’s not a felt tip, it’s not a point, it is a actual physical wheel that rolls the eyeliner on, in presumably a straighter line, than could be applied with a felt tip. So like, it’s a wheel, right? So it’s designed to go in a straight line, and I feel like our eyes
are naturally curved. So when you have like a felt tip, with a bit of a curve, it’s easier to create
angled eyeliner things. – I use a Kat Von D tattoo liner, which– – I do too! – Kristen does too! – You have great skill. I like this eyeliner
if in that it’s better than any other eyeliner I’ve tried. But like, I could say the
same thing about broccoli. Or, Brussels sprouts (laughs). – What? What does that mean? – This is the type that I usually use. Usually I’ll use the Sephora brand, but I’m using the e.l.f. brand as of late. – I use the Maybelline
line stiletto eyeliner, and it’s just got a little felt tip that comes to a nice point. – I swear by this one, and so getting me to
cross-over is gonna be a feat. – Look at that! That’s a thin, precise line.
– That’s a thin line. (crowd saying ‘oh’ sound effect) We’re gonna try and re-create
our typical looks with– – This bad boy. It’s always sad. ‘Cause this is like, we
both did a nice job today, and now we have to take it off. (laughs)
I’m like, not happy about it. – Oh my, bye liner. – The new craze, bye liner. – The thing I think about too is that, because I apply mine pretty thick, this is gonna be interesting
because it’s such a thin line. Like I wonder if I will be a little bit too heavy handed with it. – I feel like an eyeliner in the hand is better than two in the bush. (record scratch sound effect) – What does that mean? (sad horn sound effect)
(laughs) – I can hear it slicing
across your eyelid. – My eyes are watering so much. – And it’s scaring me, ’cause in my head it
truly is a pizza cutter. – Dammit! I messed up the wing. – Oh, this is like awkward. – I should point out,
I put my eyeliner on, probably inefficiently. I just draw a really thick line, and then I wipe away all the excess, as opposed to just drawing
it on where it needs to be. – I think my eye looks
good when it’s open, but then when it’s closed
it’s a different story. – Well just don’t close your eyes. I wish this part, was over here. It’s like the flat part of the brush, I want it to be here so that
I can like, hold it like this. – Ooh! – [Short Hair Girl] You okay? What happened?
– Ow. It’s just like, too sharp. I think it’s too sharp. – The closer you get to the lash line, it does feel really sensitive because it is kind of a poker.
– Yeah. – Wow, it feels heavy though. I feel it on my eye. – It gets that wing so precise though. – Yeah, I’m finding myself
using an extremely light touch because it’s like, so sharp, and I’m right on the lash
line so it kind of hurts. – I would’ve thought that with this you couldn’t do like, thick to thin, that’s what I like about the brush. It’s kind of like the flick. But you still can. – I do like the rolling wheel. It’s actually helping to get me through it a little bit
quicker than normal. – It’s almost like I need two of these. I need the paintbrush for the eye, and I need this for the wing. – You really don’t have to
clean up very much though. – I gotta get, I got a little spillage. – The only thing that sucks is like, when you do get close to lash line, I almost want to fill
it in with a felt tip just so it’s a little bit more gentle. – Yeah. My wing is, not the way it looked earlier. It doesn’t have the
flick that I really like, so I’m gonna try and redo it. – I’ve got a little
dottage is the problem, oh no that’s my eyelash. That’s the problem with astigmatism, is that you can’t tell if
something is a mistake, or it’s something that’s just
growing out of your body. – [Brown Hair Girl] No,
it looks really good. – I have very sensitive eyes anyway, but this is just like
really, testing them. – Like the second round on my left eye, once I did it for the second time, it was a little bit less painful because I was applying it
a little bit more gently, and I trusted the motion of
the wheel a little bit more. – You feel it kind of drying onto it, like you would feel a matte lip drying on. – Yeah, it almost feels like someone put glue on my eyelid. – Yeah. – That’s reassuring, ’cause that means it’s probably not going anywhere. – Yeah, maybe that means
that it’ll stay longer. We don’t know. We’ll find out. – We will find out. – My eyes are watering so much. This is gonna take some practice. – If you’ve mastered the brush, you will now have to master the wheel. It’s like preschool all over again. (laughs) I regret to inform you
that my non-dominant hand is not gonna be as good as
my dominant hand (laughs). – I still use my right hand. – Really?
– Yeah. – Wait, you use your right hand for both? – Yeah. Keep your right hand, you
don’t need to change it. – People don’t, you don’t
use your non-dominant? Is that a thing? Okay. – If you’re using a felt tip, it’s already kind of soft, so you apply a little bit more pressure. I think just getting
used to the light touch that you need with this, is gonna be a little bit hard. – I have hooded eyes, so I’m dealing with an
additional obstacle, of the fact that my eye
likes to fold in on itself. It’s like, if you were
putting on lipstick, and you’re like, “Oh, perfect”, and then your forehead like
crashed down on top of it. (laughs) That’s what it’s like doing my eyes. – I like my lines pretty thin, almost a little bit
like you can’t even tell I’m wearing eyeliner. But it’s like, you get close, and it’s like, “Woah, it’s sharp.” – [Short Hair Girl] Yeah. – You know, like kind of thing. This particular style of eyeliner, forces me to go a little bit thicker. – I think you’re doing really well though. – I think I’m done. (laughs) This is actually really
cool, and really good. I think it just takes a
second to get used to it, ’cause it’s just not the same thing. – I don’t hate it. – Nmm-mm. – I think with practice, I could for sure get it in time. It took a second to figure out how to get the wing to flick. – [Short Hair Girl] It
doesn’t do angles that well. – [Black Hair Girl] It doesn’t do angles. – [Short Hair Girl] Because it’s designed to go in a straight line.
– Yeah, exactly. – So for a winged eyeliner, that’s actually gonna
be kind of difficult. – Yeah. – This was okay. It went, actually a lot
better than I expected it to. – [Red Hair Girl] Really? – [Brown Hair Girl] Yeah. – I thought it was gonna go, honestly I thought it was
gonna be easier than it was. When I was like, “Oh it’s easy on my hand. “Then it must be easy on my eye.” – Meanwhile I had ton
of struggle on my hand, and couldn’t even do a straight line. – I would need to like,
use it a little bit more to know if it’s just, you know, first time nerves that make
it a little uncomfortable, and not just, this is a product that doesn’t totally work for me. – I think it’s really interesting. I think that like once
you practice with it, like it’ll probably be
easier to be more precise. I just think that we’re
so used to paintbrushes, that it’s kind of hard to
be like right out the gate, like a master of the wheel. When it’s sharp though. – When it’s sharp, it’s sharp.
– Hmm, hmm, hmm. – This will cut you. – I think the idea is
just doing one fell swoop. – Yeah. – And then you’re done, but, I think it takes a little
bit more than that. – Yeah, eyeliner is never
just one swoop with me, it’s several large swoops. – Yeah (laughs). – So, roller wheel liquid liner. – Lady tested– – [Both] Lady roll with it. (upbeat techno beats) – Okay. – Cool.
– We did it. (upbeat techno beats)

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  1. Is it wierd that I actually make dots on my eyelid and then connect them with a line? Also, I use my non dominant hand for the other eye too!

  2. Jen and I use the same eyeliner (Maybelline Line Stiletto), and tbh it's the best drugstore liner that I've found. The only time I have a problem with it coming off is if my eyes are watering like Niagara Falls

  3. Kristen. I’m a fine arts major, I’ve received an award for art and Im still not good at doing my eyeliner

  4. who in the world wrote the captions because they referred to Chantell as "brown-haired girl" and Jen as "short-haired girl"

  5. I know that this is a year late but I just saw this video now. I would like you all to know that the subtitles processor doesn't register the girls' names so when a person is speaking off camera it subs will put in descriptions. My personal fave is at 5:04

  6. I didn’t know anyone used their non-dominate hand to apply eyeliner to their other eye. That seems really difficult.

  7. I love Jen so much man like do you see how good of a friend she is the worry in her voice when Freddie poked her eye i was just like "awe I want a friendship like that"

  8. I was born a male and becoming a woman, I've never saw myself as pretty, I wonder if they have the skills to make me look good

  9. NOT HATING I LOVE THEM ALL BUT I don't like the fact that they are using mac makeup I get that they are testing it but MAC TESTS ON ANIMALS if they aren't against it then that their views but personally I would NEVER use anything that cause an animal pain or discomfort

  10. Does it annoy anyone else how jen does her eyeliner? It just bothers me that she does it so thick and that it’s such a tinyyyyyy wing

  11. I feel like everyday I'm like "eh" with my eyeliner. They are no where near matching and not even fully opaque at the lash line. BUT no one that cares about makeup is ever that close to my face to be able to tell so from a distance it's fine 🙂 Also, how are none of them holding their lids down?! My eyes would be twitching up a storm. Also also, Kristin uses her non-dominant hand to put on eye liner?!

  12. I was about to ask if anyone else thought that Fred was just there to try it and not compare…. and then she said that’s how she likes it….

  13. I love doing winged eyeliner, and I’ve been able to make this eyeliner roller work by using tape as a guideline. This is actually one of the first eyeliners I’ve been really happy with because felt tip liners seem to dry out super quickly after a few uses. I’ve tried both drugstore and high-end felt tip liners and them drying out has always been a problem. I’ve tried different methods of storing the liner but it always ends up drying out after a few uses. I eventually switched to liquid, which I loved since it lasted so long. But it’s definitely hard to perfect. I actually found the roller to be the easiest to use.

  14. I too had no idea it was normal to use the same hand for both eyes. I use my left hand for the left side and right hand for the right side. But I am also left handed so maybe that’s why.

  15. wish i could relate but i have very hooded eyes and can't wear liner without it making my whole lid look black (can't tightline either because double lashes woo)

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