We Used to be Drug Dealers

We Used to be Drug Dealers

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  1. Happy early Valentine's day everyone, hope you find someone you can commit felonies with too❤︎

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  2. This is so touching it made me cry. But Ethan is right, true love does exists, my wife essentially saved my life when she came into my life. She steered me away from a very destructive path. No its not perfect but its love.

  3. Just finished college with a degree and was struggling to get a job as a waiter. That tells you alot about the system. Imagine taking a loan out just to not have a way to pay it all back plus interest. Americas fucked up.

  4. I just hope to find someone as loyal as hila. My life is fucking complicated as hell. It's hard going through shit alone. Having someone special is just beyond words. They make the pain go away. I get so low just thinking of starting to sell but Im scared. Do i believe in love? No. I lost the girl I gave the most fuck about but I'm open to try again. It just gets depressing

  5. this is the only channel i go to that makes me not want a bf and now look st this i wanna get married to a drug dealer i met on skype

  6. On a serious (and pretty cheesy) note, this is a really beautiful story. People nowadays “love” each other conditionally, if they even love each other at all. People now look for love, they go on tinder, they hook up with random people, they get depressed because they don’t feel fulfilled romantically, etc. But that special someone will come to you someday. Just by chance. They’ll be that one person you’re willing to move across the world for. You’ll be willing to go broke with them. To sell drugs with them. To go through everything with them. Because as long as you’re with them, everything’s going to be just fine. Be patient. It’ll come to you when the time is right, when you least expect it. And it’ll be, at least in my experience, way better than you could ever imagine.

  7. That bell pepper moment,i find it so funny in a sad way because where i live,that happens so often,i live with my dad and he gets like 700 bucks per month,and after paying rent and services we end up with 200 or less for the entire month

  8. I saw the video tittle and pic.
    I laugh my ass of damnnn hahah and I still can’t get over it hahahahah uffff 😭😭😂😂😂 you guys are cute tho🥰

  9. its Sep 6 2019 and was recommended this video! you guys are amazing and so glad you guys have everything you deserve! much love!

  10. From dirt broke to now living happy, I'm happy for you guys!
    And now you guys are expecting a kiddo! This video warms my heart!

  11. Man I feel like you're describing me and my wife's early days. Except I was fresh out of the joint with a series felony and my chances of taking care of my new gf like a man should seemed impossible. We started selling dope to meet ends meet. Eventually the dea was on to us and we had to stop selling immediately. Our relationship wasn't worth losing over some punk cops trying to step on our hustle, plus I was on parole. So we moved in with family. I couldn't get a job and my gf was working at time Warner cable at the time. Then we had a baby on the way. I started working for some shit factory doing passivation and pressure testing. Well I got shafted by a coworker and lost my job. I was on parole so life didn't look promising anymore. No job would hire me because my case was armed robbery etc. I've tried to do right and take care of my family. We are married with 2 kids. My daughter is 7 and my son is 2. To this day I can't land a job and I'm pretty much a stay at home father while my amazing wife works her ass off. I feel like a complete failure and I can't overcome this mountain of discrimination and can't find work. I don't sell drugs anymore and all my time is spent with my kids (which I love being here for them), however I can't be the father and husband my family deserves. Life's impossible bro. They say you need to hit rock bottom before coming up… that's bullshit! I've been at the bottom for 7 fucking years! Now my work history is shit, landlords judge me like every damn person I have to deal with. I love seeing ppl like you guys who overcame the obstacles that could've seperated you. All you need is that one chance to get life rolling. I don't see me ever getting that chance. I accept I'm a piece of shit who can't bring bread to the table for my family. I accept the judgement from others who are so much better than me. Ppl act like it's easy to get a job. With kids and a poor work history, bad criminal record, no good ppl in my life besides my wife, it's impossible to move up in life. I'm almost 32 and time just isn't on my side.

  12. If she wasn't willing to be homeless with you then she didnt see you as the love of her life I get that nobody wants to be homeless bc it's awful I've been there twice came up twice I met a girl I'm on her profile rn writing this we was good at first but we lost almost everything we became homeless the thing is she could have left me bc I had nowhere to go at all but she had options but she stayed with me we slept in my truck in the bed of it on a small twin air mattress we stayed in an abandoned house we slept in a tent in the woods nobody helped us we did it on our own I got a job finally I worked my ass off to get us off the street we did it it was a long journey that I'll never forget I'll always love this woman for the commitment and love she had/has for me I'm blessed to have a real one by my side and that's true love my man what she put herself through to jus be with me at my darkest hour is insane thts true love unrelenting love and the fact that she wouldn't stay with u and was willingly or even discussing leaving u to go home tells me she dont love u like u love her not tryna knock ur relationship bc we all ain't perfect like u said but truth stands when the world is on fire

  13. This was my last h3/ethan and hila video to watch. For some reason I chose to watch this one last and I'll have to admit, It is a perfect conclusion for me. Thank you guys hope to meet you someday

  14. AND YOU WONDER WHY YOUTUBE MONITORS UR VIDS LOL ily you guys but I think that’s a good point with flagging certain channels vids, if u use funny raunchy titles YouTube will pay more attention no matter the content of the vids, and I feel like a lot of the people l enjoy watching who complain about flagging have this problem. YOUTUBE NEEDS TO ACTUALLY WATCH THE VIDEOS

  15. My husband and I are currently in a phase like this. I can't find a job, but he has a job and after paying all the Bill's and buying groceries there was $9 left in his bank account. And he gets paid monthly.

  16. I honestly thought the red bell pepper was involved because you guys got into illegal drugs and you hid them inside the bell peppers.

  17. This is the best video you've made. I laugh an enjoy every single other video but this is the realist video you've made in my opinion. Rep you two

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