What Are OEM Parts & Why Are They Better Than Aftermarket Parts?

What Are OEM Parts & Why Are They Better Than Aftermarket Parts?

At Orlando Auto Body we only use OEM
replacement parts. OEM original equipment manufactured parts. These parts have been
crash tested and verified to be safe. Some shops and many listed on the
insurance preferred list will use aftermarket or imitation parts in order
to save them money, not save you. Imitation parts are poorly made, never
crash tested, and are inferior to OEM parts in terms of quality and safety.
Also using aftermarket or imitation parts could void out warranties, cause
you to have a fee when you turn in your vehicle if you’re leasing, or lower your
resale value. OEM factory replacement parts are genuine parts for your vehicle
to run solid as it should. If you recently had a repair we advise you to
visit us for a complimentary post repair inspection to make sure your vehicle is
repaired to factory standards. We only deliver the highest quality repair and
service and we’d love to help you. For over 30 years
Orlando Auto Body has put its customers best interests ahead of profits.

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