WHAT ARE OEMs Original Equipment Manufacturers | OEM industrial spare parts

WHAT ARE OEMs Original Equipment Manufacturers | OEM industrial spare parts

what are OEMs did you ever wonder
how big companies are able to manufacture complex product such as a
computer a smartphone or even a car thanks to OEMs We can start by clarifying the meaning of OEM the acronym OEM means original equipment manufacturers and it refers to those
companies that produce parts or equipments that can be assembled on a
finished product by another company which provides to market the item with its own brand this company is referred to as parent company the parent company is
almost always bigger than the OEM companies let’s take the example of
vehicles the majority of the assembled parts of a vehicles are produced by OEM suppliers in fact a car consists of a wide variety of components most of which
are not produced directly from the parent company in many cases the engine of a car can be manufactured by a OEM company not to mention all the
components composing the engine such as the battery the control unit the oil
filter and many other mechanical Electrical and hydraulic components furthermore a car needs wheels to move the wheels are made of tires and alloy wheels which can
be produced by different companies passengers inside the car must be able
to sit in a comfortable position thanks to the seats that are often commissioned
to OEM companies specialized in the production of car seats is thanks to OEM
companies specialized in the production of airbags or seat belts that the
passengers can travel safety windshield rear window and side windows but also the lights or even the mirrors or the radio antenna can be manufactured by
OEMs very often OEM manufacturers sell the same components to several different
car manufacturers This is a hydro steering gear as well as a perfect example of OEM it is installed by automobile manufacturer BMW on its vehicles however this component is actually manufactured inside ZF group factories a German
multinational company producing components for the transport industry now let’s take the example of a computer or any other electronical devices
resulting from the assembly of several components such as the motherboard and other electronic boards The central processing unit the cooling fans or even the operating
system as well as its installed software they are all made by OEM manufactures finally if you found this video useful
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