What Does Catnip Do To Cats?

What Does Catnip Do To Cats?

[Music] Catnip is a plant in the mint family The oil in the plant that affects cats is called “NEPETALACTONE” when a cat eats catnip It acts like a SEDATIVE But when smelled it acts as a STIMULANT Some cats get very PLAYFUL While others just MELLOW out… Its thought to mimic feline pheremones Triggering those receptors even BIG cats like catnip! Only around 50% of cats respond The effects lasts for 5-15 minutes [Reg catnip] [Fresh catnip] There’s also other plants…
[Valerian Root] …that have similiar effects!
[Silver vine] [opening door] [cat goes out] [the other one goes out too] Lets see which they prefur… Dude where’s my cardboard box? Dont worry! its safe and non-addictive! c: Do your cats like catnip? subtitles by Jano nick! purrlease subscribe!

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  2. That's basically a Crack den for cats. Anyone remember Shake n' Vac for carpets? I've just had an idea! Haha

  3. This stuff is legal for cats, not fair. And how do you know it's not addictive? Not as if they can get a quarter from their local dealer….

  4. I have 5 cats. None reacts to catnip. Im starting to consider if this is a myth after all. All the times it was dry catnip. Is it possible they will react to fresh?

  5. My brother’s cat used to hate us after having catnip. Sniffing or eating. All around, did it twice and never again.

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