What does the inside of a Fuel Filter look like after 300,000 miles?

What does the inside of a Fuel Filter look like after 300,000 miles?

Hey guys, ChrisFix here! Today we’re gonna do something awesome. We’re gonna cut open a fuel filter that has 300,000 miles on it. For those of you who don’t know, this is my 95′ Ford Windstar. My family’s owned it since it’s been brand new. And the cool thing about this van… check out that odometer – 305,000 miles on it and it’s still running strong. Since I have had this car since brand new, I know all the service that’s been done to it. And it’s never had a fuel filter change. 300,000 miles on the same fuel filter is crazy. And I cannot wait to cut it open to see what it looks like. So not only are we cutting open a 300,000 mile fuel filter in my van, we’re gonna open 130,000 mile fuel filter from my pickup truck and then a 30,000 mile fuel filter from my Corvette. So these three fuel filters should really neat idea of what a fuel filter looks like at 30, 130, and 300,000 miles Now the fuel filter on this van is located right in front of the rear driver’s side tire. and to get under there I am going to use some ramps Now that she’s up with the engine running we are going to pop the hood and go over the fuse box and remove the fuse for the fuel pump so the engine will stall out just like that and just to be safe always block off your tires so if the car does try to roll it’ll stop now we can go slide underneath the van because all the fuel pressure has been released that way is the front of the van and tucked right on the inside of the frame rail is where the fuel filter is hiding. Another safety tip- anytime your’re working on the fuel system, wear your goggles; you don’t want fuel in your eyes and have a fire extinguisher ready, just in case. Better to be safe than sorry. Now get your quick-disconnect tool and let’s disconnect these fuel lines. I’ll pop that clip up. Good. And I’m using a flat head screwdriver to help give me leverage as I help wedge this quick-disconnect tool into the fuel line. And now the fuel line should slide right off, and it’s that easy. So let’s go do the other side. If you want more information on how you remove the fuel filters, I have a video specifically for this and I’ll leave that video in the description. Now I’m gonna take out the filter out of the holder. Good— and the hose will come right off. Out with the old, in with the new. You want to pay attention to the flow direction because it’s important you orient this correctly Installation is even easier you just slide the fuel line over the fuel filter fitting, don’t forget to push the clip back in, and when you hear it click, test the connection by giving it a little wiggle, beautiful now one last step, I like to write the on the filter so if you forget the last time you changed the filter now you can check it I don’t know about you but i’m pretty excited to see what the fuel filter is gonna look like after 20 years and 305 thousand miles lets cut this baby open Alright, so here’s everything we’re going to be looking at. We have the 300k mile van filter We have the 130k mile truck filter And we have the 30k mile Vette filter. I also have a brand new filter that I cut open for you guys. So that you could see what a new filter looks like. So that we actually have something to compare against. So this is a brand new filter. You could see how it works: The fuel comes in this way, And then it gets blocked here and has to go through the filter. in order to come out this way. So we are going to all the dirt and stuff in these pleats. And in order to cut this open, I can’t use a cutoff tool I normally would. Instead, I’m gonna have to go manual, and use a hand saw. And hopefully this won’t create any sparks. Because any sparks next to fuel filters, which are filled with gasoline, is not gonna be a good thing. So I have to be super careful. Now I’m gonna move everything out of the way, and we are going to start with our van 300,000 mile fuel filter. So the first thing to do, is I want to empty the filter and see if anything comes out.

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  1. Just done mine again @ 35,000 miles and the old one looks perfectly clean.
    Before that one it had done 100,000 miles and was slightly dirty really on the limit.
    So 50,000 is about right i think.

  2. I was kinda surprised that you change filters each 30000+ miles in States. Believe it or not, I live in Russia, and it's quite common to change fuel filters each time you replace oil, which usually happens around each 7500-10k kilometers. Plausibly, that's because fuel is known to be of low quality here, still quite an unexpected difference.

  3. excellent video thank you very much for the quality with which you make them …. a question … would you have made the video of how to change the fuel filter in the chevy cruze? 2012 for example

  4. I've been changing my filter at every $30K miles. May bump it back to every 60k. looks like that would be a decent interval.

  5. When would you recommend to change the fuel filter on a 2014 camry. I read the owners manual and it has no mention of anything about when to change the fuel filter.

  6. If you see the fuel truck filling the station be sure not to fill up your car all the dirt thats in the bottom of the station tank will get stired up adn then you will have your fuel filter working overtime

  7. I know the new Nissan's put their fuel filter in the gas tank with the fuel pump so you can't change it. Terrible design. Don't buy a newer Nissan!!!

  8. @ChrisFix, may i request to use this video as reference for our thesis? please feel free to respond to your ample time. thanks!

  9. hey chris i find your channel very informative anyway i have a 2005 acura rl i want to change the tranny filter on it but im not sure where it is and also how to do it the right way any info would help thanks

  10. Changing mine this week, my 04 ford escape has 224k on it. Changed everything, And the fuel filter is the one thing i forgot lol

  11. OMG, I came across one of your other videos on changing a mustang strut to coil-overs and man, I gotta say you're videos are amazing. You're like a "How to for dummies". Awesome man and thanks for all you do.

  12. flowing clean fuel backwards through the filter can demonstrate flow restrictions but the older filter will have dirt on the outflow (original inflow) of the filter.

  13. only 30k miles haha u need to change fuel filter after about 7k miles. Im always changing fuel filter with oil in engine (filter included) maximum 8k miles.

  14. So 30 to 75,000 miles. I have about 20,000 on my fuel filter now. I should be good for another 5 or 6 years on my personal driving.

  15. Pretty much a fuel filters only real purpose on most older vehicles is to catch all the bits of brush and commutator material that comes off the fuel pump during operation. Paradoxically, most older fuel pumps are open frame motors in a sealed housing that are directly cooled by gasoline. The fuel flows directly through the motor after coming off the pump section. With the advent of brushless motors, external fuel filters are becoming less common since they do not have to handle the high particle load.

  16. that 300K fuel filter looks newer than the 100K 😀 just an observation
    and man that wood wont stop that car rolling bro.. 😀

    you shouldve keep filtering that fuel until its clear!

  17. Fuel filters are cheap. Compared to replacing injectors and regulators. I change my fuel filter once a year. Basically every 10k miles.

  18. Dude! I could watch your videos all day. I acquired an abused 2005 PT Loser with 200k miles and never had an oil change. Oil everywhere from all the gasket leaks. I can tell I’m gonna have to replace the fuel filter after this.

  19. Funny, here in The Netherlands we are very keen about our car maintenance. For i.e. Volkswagens needs service every 20K miles and all filters will be replaced including the interior filter.
    All the filters are installed around the engine block and the interior filter under the glove box. A fuel filter cost only $ 9, oil filter $6, air filter $9, interior filter (carbon) $16

  20. Holy,, my toyota has 900.000 kilometers on the clock and I never thought of changing the fuel filter. Imma buy one now.

  21. On my Buick roadmaster wagon 1994, I never had a problem with filter or injectors until I put in some bad gas. That clogged up the fuel injectors! I took off the old fuel filter and when I shook it, it clinked on the inside, so it had fallen apart on the inside for untold thousands of miles. Being bad, it allowed the dirty gas to clog the injectors. I cleaned the injectors using 90% rubbing alcohol soaking and an ear bulb to manually force back flowing when hooked up to my battery charger to click them open temporarily. Dont leave them powered open too long.

  22. I am curious … you americans when you change your oil and oil filter you don't change air filter , cabin filter and fuel filter ?

  23. Chris my brother!!
    Dude by far you have the best videos. Very informative and thorough.
    Super helpful, and your videos are giving me the confidence to start tackling repairs, and just overall maintenance on my 87 Hardbody!!
    It’s a well running truck, and thanks to you, and through your videos it’ll stay that way.
    Thank you brother, keep up the awesome work. Have a blessed day 👍🏼

  24. I really hope you can answer this. Is it possible that my fuel filter is so clogged that the engine just completely stalled out while driving it? And is it possible that the fuel injectors will be okay? The car starts. Doesn’t seem to be a misfire or anything. Just stalls out in about 5 seconds. It stalls out instantly if I hit the gas.

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