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  1. Excise tax is a SCAM! It goes into the pockets of the people steeling it from you in your local town hall. Very little gets used or even sent to any place in our government to actually be used to benefit you or anyone you know. Also it's nothing more than double taxation to begin with.

  2. Excise tax is a scam on top of a scam, another "manufactured" tax (legalized THEFT) to scrape more money out of drivers…or ELSE… For the "LUXURY" of being able to own the vehicle YOU paid for, YOU pay to insure, You pay to repair and keep running, and YOU pay to put fuel in, YOU get to pay the democrats MORE money to stuff in their pockets. If 'HALF" the money we pay in excise tax was actually used to fix our roads, we'd be driving on smooth streets of gold!

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