What happened to Edd China? Life after Wheeler Dealers

What happened to Edd China? Life after Wheeler Dealers

Now it has been a very quiet few years for
everyone’s favourite mechanic Edd China, after he announced in March 2017 that he was going
to be leaving Wheeler Dealers. But that was almost 2 years ago now, so what
has he been upto since then? Well for a start, he has used his newfound
downtime to catch up on a few chores around the house. The two bikers in the video here were riding
through the countryside when they spotted Edd painting his fence by the roadside, and
stopped off for an awkward chat as you do. Although we’re not really sure if we like
his choice of colour. Ask Edd 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. Now shortly after his unemployment began,
Edd China released a bunch of Ask Edd videos on YouTube – where he had a go at answering
questions asked by fans. The videos have an underlying message detailing
Edd’s apparent struggle to get his tools back from the Wheeler Dealers garage. In the first video, Edd answers questions
while waiting outside the workshop. Then in the second he is seen passing time
riding a bicycle down the boardwalk at Newport Beach. He’s later seen cleaning cars at a BMW dealership
and checks out the sunset at El Mirage before finally getting all of his tools back. Now I’ve left links to all 6 videos in the
description below. He appointed a PR agency. Following his departure from Wheeler Dealers,
Edd China signs on the line with a Leeds based PR agency called Pure Agency. To help grow his Garage Junkie brand, e-commerce
website and video content, as well as PR and social media management. Now if you’d like to read more about that,
the link is once again in the description below. Advertisedd. Now if you’re unemployed and you’ve got bills
to pay, I guess the money has to come from somewhere. Which is why Edd decided to team up with loosening
and lubricating experts XCP. Now together they created a rather interesting
ad and you can check it out in the description below. Amphibious speed records. Edd also used his time to set two new amphibious
speed records, at the annual Conniston Powerboat Records Week event. Driving the Quadski, Edd set a new class record
of 48.51mph, and then went on to set another class record of 39.60mph in the Humdinga. Any signs of a new TV show yet? Now Edd China has previously stated that his
reasons for leaving Wheeler Dealers had absolutely nothing at all to do with starting a new show,
and that he had nothing lined up at the time. But this didn’t stop him from working on and
releasing a pilot episode of what he hoped would become a new series called Edd China’s
Garage Revival. The basis of the show involved Edd helping
out car owners whose restoration projects have gotten the better of them. What a great guy our Edd is? Edd also showed us a preview trailer for of
yet another YouTube series called Built By Many. But as of December 2018 he still hasn’t made
an appearance in any of the episodes released thus far. Which begs the question – where is Edd? And why has it taken someone of his stature
so long to return to our screens? Now I personally feel there is a real concern
here that if he was to leave things much longer, public interest in the 6’6″ mechanic might
start to wane – and sadly there’s a chance that he could very well be consigned to the
history books for good. What do you think Edd China should do to help
get his career back on track? And do you think he should have just gritted
his teeth and stayed on with Wheeler Dealers just a little bit longer? Let us know in the comments below. And as always, like, share and subscribe. Bye guys.

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. YOU will dispensary but Ed will go on to great things. I cant imagine why BBC didnt grab him for Top Gear, it really needs something.
    I wont watch anything Wheeler Dealers does without him and Im not even a petrol head I just found Ed professional and a great presenter, the little fat boy was the worst part of the show

  3. What got me was; they never add ed's labour into the cost of the car . this meant that mike rarely cleared more then £400 and actually lost on some cars, but then we were their to see ed pass on advice anyway.

  4. Mike had a 2nd hand car dealer friend that he always frequented , the one with old Rolls / corvettes etc a real piece of shit ! I noticed my old Corvette in his yard , G 185 FOO, red convertible , I asked what happened to the hardtop that belonged to it. He called me a time waster, true I was interested in my old car , told me to fuck off , Mikes dealers friends eh ! that,s all you need to know !


  6. we are problaly many who would like to see edd an eddy whelers dearlers back on dicovery so wi can see them in the of the scandianvian area

    " make a presure on the discovery chanal so wi can see whelers dealers "

  7. I learn so much from your show. Hang in there. Netflex might be a good way to go. Regular TV is bad. going to watch netflex.

  8. God bless you Ed..
    Once you left, I lost total interest in the show since it was your informative explanations and demonstrations that made it worth while for me to continue watching.
    If I don't learn from what is presented to me then why should I listen further to it?
    For me, the new show without you became about the ba'zaz and the bling and the wow for the listeners and I just lost interest. It all seemed so ignorant and, 'dumbed down' for the audience but as an eperienced mechanic, I wasn't for that audience and therefore alienated from the show.

  9. Brewer actually ruined the program , I used to record and fast forward the part where he purchased the car and also when he pretended to do any work. Let’s have China and Ant I. Wheeler dealers

  10. The old Show was English and funny. Edd said, what did you buy for a junk again? The new Show is sterile. Brewer is the Big Manager in America, Reminds me of SouthPark, Terence and Philip, do not work together anymore. -"behind the Blow"

  11. Just look at these comments and how much respect everyone has for Ed. When the brains behind wheeler Dealers decides he wants a show, he’ll have it and the audience to go with it.

  12. I miss Edd and I miss the original Wheeler Dealers. Unlike many of the commentators here, I actually think he and Mike were a good team.

    It would be nice to see Edd adding a bit of extra style and class to the new Top Gear. It needs a bit of direction.

  13. Just like Laurel and Hardy, the fat guy skirted on the skinny guys coatails. EDD is likeable while what's his 2 asses isn't.

  14. Mike brewer and ed China were a winning team, why did he leave it was the most popular TV car show in the world , and that's because both of them were good, not just ed,

  15. Ciao ti seguo tutt’ora dall Italia e devo dirti che è un peccato che tu non stia ancora con mike ,eravate una copia vincente .pero sono d’accordo con la tua decisione .mitico

  16. He decides to leave. I'm sorry for the fans, including me, but the show can't stop. Season 15 is awesome and Ant rocks too. Please stop being widows, wheeler dealers is alive!!

  17. If you saw Edd interview at the barbers he clearly states it is about the cars, not the dead-weight (Brewer), or buying and selling. I liked his resto completion pilot, but he can hold a show by himself being more technical. He’s really missed. Come on Edd, we need you back with fresh content. Good luck finding the production company.

  18. Naked mechanics, What could go wrong?
    A reality/quizz show where viewers guess what parts of naked edds body cop injuries during mechanical work.
    Extra points for description of injuries.

  19. Benefit of hindsight – yes, Edd made a MASSIVE blunder leaving before he had something to go to. Massive. Mike is probably a d*ckhead but, hey, you don't have to like everyone in the office. Or tell them they are a d*ckhead. I also worry Edd's use-by is fast approaching, which is a pity.
    I too have stopped watching Wheeler Dealers BTW. Thanks for the links, I have subscribed & "belled".

  20. Edd WAS the  – he was Wheeler Dealers. Mike Brewer always tried to steal the limelight by claiming what great deals he could strike. In reality, he often grossly overestimated the profit and often settled for very little profit. Without Edd he would have had no show at all  despite his cocky claims

  21. Edd was the only real reason I used to watched Wheeler Dealers, just so I could watch him restore the crap Mike would buy 🙂 And of course Edd would save the day with great mechanical skills!

  22. no the showss rubbish now, its the yanks taking over the rights, muck it up after 13years, edd china king,ant no equal.

  23. I’m a fully trained tech and loved the way Ed explain everything with that anyone Can understand come back Ed we all miss you.

  24. The new American producers were ignorant of his drawing power to have let him go. They signed the series death warrant letting go of their cult status drawcard.

  25. Ditto what most have said, No More WD for me. Business is Business but Edd China is the reason the show was a success.

  26. Whatever you're up to EDD, wishing you all the best. I would only repeat what's already been said. You are a rock star!

  27. Ant knows how to look and smile to a camera; he knows all this kind of tricks. We won an actor but lost an engineer.

  28. He made the show, A real mechanic who shows how things are done in the real world,Just hope he gets his own show.

  29. New W /Dealers with Mike an ant is So Much better .Ok mike is the Same But ant is So Cool .Watch it On UK TV . ED .U Don't bite The Hand That Feeds U . Mike Did Not .Thats Y He Has a JOB . And U Don't ?

  30. Keep going ED , used car salesmen like Brewer suck the life out of everything. If he was half the man he thought he was he should have stood by you . But his kind would sell their chidren for a profit .

  31. Ed's NEW SHOW : ED is working on a show at the moment Called Top 200 its a show that shows speed freaks tuning cars to top 200Mph real Boy racer stuff…at least that's what I heard.

  32. Ed was the honest one who did all the work, I only watched the show for him he was the star of Wheeler Dealers – Not that fat annoying little conman, whoever he was. I don't even care for its name Ed should get his own show, I can imagine him working alongside James May in something – Ed China rocks !!!

  33. I loved Ed in the Starz miniseries, Black Sails. Oh wait, that was an Aussie named Toby Schmitz. Could have been each other’s stand in or stunt double though. . . . just sayin’.

  34. The “entertainment factor” has become front and center of Wheeler Dealers now. Ant and Mike joking too much, almost like a Monty Python skit. Auto enthusiasts are more aligned with the old program where Edd actually worked on interesting vehicles. The Americanization of the show has eliminated that. And if Edd was concerned about continuing a presence in the industry, we would have seen something more concrete by now. I fear his day in the sun is over.

  35. Ed, take care buddy! It was a pleasure to watch you and Mike doing all this stuff for so many years!!! I've learnt a lot!!!

  36. Wheeler Dealers is crap with out the big man all ant can do is panel beat and does not show us the people the nit-grita things about the cars.he fixes.

  37. I really Liked Ed. I always wonder what happened to him. Hope He's happy and has a great Future. Ed aka The Big Guy. Best to you Ed!!!

  38. ED was WD. The fat boy was a waste of time. Pissed me off when he used to say ME and ED, should have been the other way round. So inpolite.

  39. The vet boy didn't get enough attention, I think, and Ed worked out under the guise of having a different technician, the program has just as many viewers. Not so. The program was fun and educational with Ed. The technician who is now in the series is a technician who wants to be an Hollywood actor. The vet boy now indeed has more attention, but his input is uninteresting. Give Ed a similar program and chase the chat maker out the door

  40. I carried on watching once Edd left, although for me he was the best part of the show. Brewer’s boring bits ensured I recorded the show before watching in order to FF through him shopping. I’ve done shopping. I’m good at it.

    Since Ant joined, the show has become less oriented towards mechanical matters. There’s Ant’s impressive fabrication; really good to watch, but for the rest, the oily bits are glossed over. There are too many non-sequiturs, bits of the restoration are ignored, and the cars seem to come together by magic.

    Some of the work is poor though. At the completion of a major modification of a van, there were bolts through the roof holding a roof rack. In an accident they’d make a mess of anyone’s head. It was dangerous. The Healey 3000 was a mess.

    The series is aimed at American audiences and, from reports, is hitting its target. It’s moved away from what made it compulsive viewing though.

    Best of luck to Brewer and Ant. Best of luck to Edd. However, I’m sorry he didn’t stay as he might have kept the show on track.

  41. I wouldn't knock Edd or Mike between them they put on a great show that was educational as well great to watch I as still do now.

  42. Ed China was the star of the show. In this world, the salesman will always be the winner over the spanner man as who can win races without him? Obviously, no one here rates Mike Brewer but all love our Ed. Mr. Brewer owns two big motor parks in the UK and is just another salesman. Ed will always be our brother in this life and we wish him well.

  43. I noticed that Wheeler Dealers sadly started to go downhill as soon the greedy capitalist American assholes became involved in the programmes production … Now, there's a surprise – eh!?! Always a bad move allowing the Yanks to become involved in anything British – 'cos they have a "superiority complex" which of course is motivated solely by greed. WATCH OUT NHS !!! I suspect that the real reason Ed sensibly quit is because he'd actually had quite enough of the Yankee dictatorship. Good luck to Ed and a loud emphatic … "fuck off" to the Yanks!

  44. Like many others when Ed left WD I stopped watching. Just loving all the old WD shows and it is obvious that Ed was the star of the show. Hope Ed is back on the TV soon

  45. I was pretty bummed when Edd left the show because he seems so down to earth and is so good at explaining everything. So I think he really needs to step it up get back on the horse and give us some more education on the mechanics of cars and trucks. It's actually one of the only true reality TV shows you can get one mechanic, one audience. "Easy Peasy" Maybe Edd could tag team with Aaron Kaufman and make a damm good TV show.

  46. I haven't watched Wheeler Dealers since Edd left. I just can't handle the show being filmed in the U.S. instead of the U.K.

  47. My husband and I love watching WD even if they are old shows they are still very watchable. The banter between Mike and Edd is electric.

  48. BBC missed an opportunity, Ed would of been perfect for top gear and be able to come up with crazy modifications on road tips across the globe….come on bbc your missing a match made in heaven…🚐🚎🚒🚌🚑🚙🚕🚗🏎🚚🛵🚘vote below hit the thumbs up

  49. First of all, Ed China is NOT just a mechanic, he's a graduate engineer. If he wanted a 'proper job' there's be a queue.

  50. Edd has all the qualities , the knowledge, the skill and the patience to endure the irritating showing-off Mike. Flashy second-car salesman, full of his own ego and probably the worse 'closer' of all time, I would have bought many of Edd's 'restorations. Edd is still immensely capable to run his own show, perhaps a "Edd's Garage" could be proposition. I enjoyed his works very much. Thank you.♥

  51. I keep checking back to see when Ed gets a show. I watched wheeler dealers to see what and how he was working on things. I don't believe anybody but Mike's family watches it for what Mike does.


  53. Unfortunately the only car channel on my local cable is Velocity-Motortrend. I’m pretty sure they would not be too interested in producing any show featuring him given how he left Wheeler Dealers. The only other option I guess is YouTube and/or Instagram?

  54. yeah, it's a bit odd to me that Edd started a couple of shows and didn't continue with them. He didn't seem the type of guy to start things and not finish them. On the other hand, he's no doubt got a mountain of cash and doesn't need to work for a living – good luck to him

  55. like most Edd China has gone to China, more work there fixing Chinese cars since the UK imports more Japanese cars there was less work to fix English made puss boxes.

  56. He should travel to India and help set up a chain of automobile workshops for multi brand cars to knock down the expensive delearship workshops

  57. I think Ed China and Guy Martin would work well together with Ed designing some sort of way out vehicles, Him and Guy building them, then Guy putting them through their paces. It would certainly put two great mechanical minds together to come up with some very unusual and interesting stuff. Who would you be able to talk to to promote the idea?.

  58. What should Edd do? He should come round my joint and help* me get my '81 Alfetta GTV back into tip top condition.
    *help = do all the work for free while I offer words of encouragement…

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