What I never expected to find in a barn

What I never expected to find in a barn

alright so the powerstroke van is
currently in the shop we still have the old and trusty GMC savana. We took a seat out of the powerstroke van and we had it
like attached to the wall but it’s making Harrison carsick so then now
using only tank straps in the most precise place as possible there’s
there’s never been a safer seat ever in any vehicle anywhere. So we
got an email from a feller, what video video did we just do they emailed us
about that? We bought some old bike. You just did your CB video. After the the CB video it was a while ago. Yes it was a while ago. However he said he didn’t know we had a YouTube channel
which is super weird because I was a man I think I thought that was what he
originally knew us. So this is a big scam we’re
getting hijacked he said he’s got a big warehouse full of motorcycles I assume
for sale some are not worth a lot or summer got yeah he said there’s some
bikes for Chiba so much about hunter bucks it is expensive as I see we’re here well it’s right I have
no idea what we’re gonna see there we don’t know this guy at all no I only have one Wow what do you do here everything I used to
specialize in restoring I’m not restoring anymore I’m doing more like
resurrection you know I just junkyard specials and I bring him back from the
dead and I’d do everything I’d been from antique airplanes to drag boats to
motorcycles to cars to pickups to everything but train I don’t like trying
what you looking for train okay this has been an obsession since I was six years
old I’ve been doing this and I’m 56 now so I’ve been building bikes since I was
old enough to live a rat Wow yeah so listen but when I’m doing a
proper restoration I have a proper painter do it so it’s everything has to
be spec this grapes have to be the right width
everything has to be done correctly to do a proper Harley especially Harley’s
are real critical last that’s pretty sideways on the right side so tell us about this bike this is a
pretty much all original 1948 pan head that I i got an engine and a frame from
a friend and i started there and then basically I just hunted for everything
every piece was swap meet found Wow every piece now at some point like how
do you even know what the piece looks like well there’s pretty much a Bible
for Harley Davis’s it’s called how to restore your early Davidson and it’s
written by mr. Palmer and he’s the Guru and he he comes along with the whole
plethora of knowledge guys in the antique Motorcycle Club we have an
archives at Harley Davidson and we legitimately look up all the details
right back to the date of production and everything oh wow
so every ball you know it’s what the pros would call a nut and bolt
restoration okay so it’s it’s really correct
very few aftermarket parts on this motorcycle is this thing run right now
absolutely all these bikes are on everything in here so because this is
such an older bike foot clutch your hand shift so you get
Waddell spark advance list this is your spark advance here dr. spark advance
yeah this is your throttle that’s foot clutch and here’s your shifter well so
when it’s nice out you’ll be daily driving a bike like this always Holy’s
they’re all runners really these ones your favorite to drive they’re all my
favorite on this one is one of my favorite handling motorcycles 1948 was
probably the one of the better years for the Harley frame for configuration
because of just how the geometry worked out they they just did a fantastic job
on it what’s uh what’s something like this worth
ah a real 48 this one’s been restored I mean they’re getting upwards of 50,000
formed that was in 1954 that’s a that’s a celebration bike but that badge
denotes that on the front on the front 50 years
I didn’t do a restoration on it I did a resurrection all right the resurrection
is just kind of getting it running and writable cleaning it up doing all the
maintenance getting it running doing the brakes a restoration would have been
rechroming this every chrome and they wear everything right it’s not going to
get that because I arrived not all my bikes like this right uh
Norton’s have a wide range this is a 750 combat was in a lot of people’s opinion
this $0.72 50 combat was was of their factory
race bike but it was strictly it’s a hot especially with this done stole kid on
this hasn’t done stole exhaust on it which is about it possible phone then I
put the core of ejector seat on it and I put an aftermarket tank on it which
looks like the real tank but it’s very rideable very fast it’s the fastest bike
in this place it’ll just walk the blacktop it’s all unbelievable what kind
of horsepower early 80 horsepower and probably right around there yeah that
it’s pretty quick for a bike yeah for something it wider waist like I’ve got
long legs scared scared to go it weighs fire like 530 pounds probably
less than that Wow I’d say 500 pounds it’s an all-original 38 knuckle and it
is restored it is not under restored it is restored by me and then of course I
had it painted by someone and this one’s worth 150,000 in my eyes yeah
well the last two sold for over 125 thousand and that’s without the 30%
Meyers burger so you do the math and they were where they a disco to favor
1930 eggs that were restored and one wasn’t restored as nice as this one newer do you ever drive this one all the
time that’s best suited sort of cool it’s a cool color Venetian whole is
awesome it was that fast in the color it was and it’s dead nuts correct as far as
the town and everything is now a friend of mine had a virginal paint one and we
took his tail light off and did a color match with a photo chart from a paint
shop guy where there was no ultraviolet rays so we got the color dead-on
tomorrow that’s the boss so what is this that’s a steering damper this is a knob
basically yeah let you loosen or tension to suture ride that dampens the rate of
work travel the source Mike of the time well it wasn’t the time it didn’t have
this you had an Indian or you had one of the other american-made brands right but
at the in the 30s there was – there was there was Indian and there was Harley
right and they were they competed until 1953 when Indian closed the doors
then Harley just went crazy they had all the government contracts for military
bikes and of course the civilian bikes during the warriors they didn’t make
money off all the steel one war effort so there were more bikes lots
of all right so I’m not gonna add war bikes
lock very few of them most were flathead 45s and 74 cubic inch bikes yeah that’s
where the workhorses is pretty fast prettier how many cc’s it’s a thousand
it’s a 6-1 cubic inch you consider this a fairly reliable bike oh absolutely
I’ve had this bike everywhere I was purchased locally here and I knew
everybody that owned it it went through three owners here in the valley what’s
the scoop with this uh that is a 1946 Indian chief is that is that a factory
color actually no mr. du Pont if you bought a motorcycle from him and you had
to have this paint scheme which is the rainbow paint scheme it was devised by a
man named mr. stark well mr. stark was out in the Midwest
holy stark no and mr. stark was a master at his craft in the 40s net cost of
paint work when nobody was doing a custom paint work now mr. DuPont keep in
mind owned DuPont automobile DuPont powdered upon paint right and he would
have painted your motorcycle any color you wanted it a few hat dollars well if
you ordered a rainbow paint scheme in 46 mr. DuPont would have sent your tins out
to mr. stark he would have painted them sent them back to the factory up in
Springfield and you would have got your rainbow chief and that’s what that is
what’s up with a bike like that worth ah I don’t know
twenty thousand twenty thirty thousand it depends I always got a fresh motor
and rebuilt the motor a friend of mine wait is that 1946 why is that not I mean
I like like harley-davidson spring bringing big money and he had spring big
money too depending on the place the chief was mass-produced as they made
lots and lots of them so what do you want if you want any mean what’s the
more you’re gonna get a bike and you’re gonna ride it
you wanna chief that’s what you you don’t want a scallop because there
you know you know these are thousands he sees that was you know pretty custom for
its era you showed up at the movie theater in 1947 with that was that
rainbow scheme you were kind of cool stuff back that so none of these bikes
have walked on for a passenger well is not suffice eo8 you to person see yeah
well her Harley Davis called it to Buddy seat okay Indian called it to chummy
seat what is a speedway bike round and round in circles no brakes serves a
starch you’re wide open throttle oh and then you’re getting sideways you’re
sideways the whole time so it’s like a dirt track bike it’s a round track bike
you’ve got a speedway no breaks you need brakes you rip the you’re up the kill
switch and drag your feet look at that nice that’s the right peg is the exhaust
normally on the ground like that well yeah cuz you’re down like this the
whole time you’re flat oh yeah and your grind you’re going this way you switch
degree I this is back sprocket that’s giant oh yeah so it’s just one guy’s
Hill Climb these person because they’re yes
there are no gears just like tour container can I sit on it yes and and he
doesn’t want that much forward he was like three gram and it comes with some
playing back there extra gearing and it’s it’s on top fuel – that’s not
gasoline and that’s a 72 TRS LC and that’s a failing for my daily
ridership up and run and once I am fr the Davidson back tire now it was a S&S
350 Aramaki harley-davidson sub those engines out to Italian company may
Merrimack Ian it was an entry-level motorcycle that they did the seventies
it’s not single during the AMF yeah they may have to they made a poncho you made
one sense to me 200a made 350 that’s the base he said so
it’s not the only non v-twin that’s the only non v-twin harley-davidson that I
have other than the one you walk past and didn’t notice which is the topper
which is right on the other side this on the four-wheeler harley-davidson make
scooter and it had a two-stroke engine and it very similar to the one that was
in their golf guards okay and that’s what’s in the top or a 165 pretty rare
little bike you know and that and I have a factory sidecar for two horses over
there beyond the turn Iraq what is this it’s from the 70s yeah we found it in a
barn and then we just like on Monday now we got to run it it’s a cycler
that’s a 1916 in the other side car that’s the top of cowling there the
question for you how come how come the side cars didn’t lean this motorcycle
take some of them did know what was researched flexi flexi okay within all I
how can I stop doing next and that seems to make more sense today some of them do
again some of the more modern stuff but but these are when these are rigged
right there they’re caster dimmed so they so they plow just a little bit so
that when someone’s in the sidecar someone’s on the first like you know
squared up is the weight right there’s the harley-davidson chocolate oh that’s
that’s kind of like a Cushman no it’s kind of like a harley-davidson
top oh and that’s got that single cylinder single summer 165 pretty hot
little bike and as this is this very similar to the a to their elbow fire the
engine that is one right there that is an original well thirty Desirables riddim paint real
desirable for the honda restoration guys especially the guys that are doing the
minis yeah you know just coming back thank you jeez it’s trouble 90 look
super nice that’s a runner I just drove it up there oh really
yeah it roams you uh sell that one yeah how much resolving for i take 800 for
it’s worth 12 how fast why let’s go um 3540 Oh a little bit faster like 55
what’s the speedometer say it says it says 80 yeah you’re not good alright doubt if it has a good battery
woman oh it won’t start with this with kicks aren’t it no no they’re not
they’re not a magneto system there are there electric system well turn the key
and see if it has battery right there your left
I got wired to the bike top top of the brake dear he likes action no that’s cuz
the battery’s dead there’s those things well they were a
great motorcycle that one has the high end of transmission okay I hear people
love these bikes oh if you put that thing in low range it’ll break it’ll
crawl and you could crawl right up the side of it and this thing brighten this
thing runs good everyone’s great that one runs great
I got a I just got a yellow one I didn’t get it running yet but it was told it
ran and there’s a red one back there that runs great that is I can’t see on
the back but yeah and they’re really hard
really hurt fun you got an extra gallon of fuel if you’re out the bush really oh
yeah they were the seventies version of the Explorer dual purpose bike that
anyone can get on and ride that one has a buddy seat on – yeah oh yeah my wife
on the back this thing street-legal yeah that’s a cool buddy my runs great
I ride is that why I don’t want to I was told it did I haven’t started it but
it’s not that’s a JT one just like that one it’s
the same a six volt it’s been converted to twelve it was born six or a safety in
this thing still runs oh yeah it goes down the road like like a Pontiac well
it looks something like this worth um five thousand away its hips up and
running driving stopping and this will be fairly new exhaust on it this would
be fairly easy to keep running easier than anything you own there’s no
computer here man you can go to the auto parts store getting and you want onto
the hood same spark plug runs out down all the lawn mowers back in the day you
know it’s just there wonder whole lot of rocket science titties and what else you
broke the motor you can fix these things on the road that was the beauty of it
someone you could not you refuse the Devonian around three years where do I
put the USB port that doesn’t exist here I’m gonna bring one of these home be
like a Rach I got two new car take off the clock yeah cool-looking
I need this it’s solid enough it feels great just shutting the door everything so what is this it’s a 52 Pontiac
star chief starchy no that’s a star chief this is this a chieftain chieftain
chieftain this is Pontiacs that that’s a very most
popular model goes a little waterfall hood that stainless band that goes our
deal my bestest is in this car square for so you only square for engine
configuration in the world that we know there’s about two different cranks or
they it does what’s under different cranks it’s an a square configuration
Wow so what is it it’s a 1950 Ariel square for Ariel Ariel since over that
makes the Ariel Atom I don’t know what the Ariel Atom is Ariel made lots of
stuff they’ve been in business for freaking ever so I guess there was no um
the square Ford’s didn’t oh my god had no big benefits wow it sold for a lot of
years you don’t think things get discontinued or the years and this is
one of the things that did it was a reporter oh there’s Ariel that was right
there it was a motorcycle that a wealthy Brit
what about you know for Brett probably would have
had a single-cylinder 350 or something that’s using the camera bro and help us
out it’s really good foam this is another flush yeah it’s the trail buddy
is a pretty popular bike so we were told this bike runs now when we found out my
definition of that bike runs is a little bit different than his definition of
that my front I think what he means is the engines not see stuff or dran the
last time they rode it it’s a quarter than this Pennsylvania sticker the last
time it was registered was 1974 October 31st 1974 what’s that so what we’re gonna do and I’m sure it
runs when we’re gonna do is we’re gonna want to replace the plug take out all
the fuel replace the fuel lines clean the carburetor swap the battery yeah
it’s probably a new battery with new battery in it we don’t need that we
probably clean that out and write obvious probably no oil in it that would
make sense window oil in it and I think at that
point we’ll be able to ride this thing I’m pretty I’m pretty pumped I’m pretty
excited about it so we’ll see a we’ll see how it goes now we are having some
issues with the battery finding it and then trying to charge one but let’s go
for it go hooked up

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