What if Wheels were Never Invented? | #aumsum

What if Wheels were Never Invented? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. What if wheels were never invented? No problem. I’ll just use my Private Rocket. Oh AumSum. Wheels are believed to have been invented
almost 5500 years ago. Ever imagined what the world would be like
without wheels? How would you go to school, work or even on
a holiday? Bicycles, cars, steam engines and even planes,
nothing would be possible without the wheels. Yes, horses and sledges would be there. But it would be a super slow and super rough
ride. Not only in transportation, but wheels are
also a major component of the industrial revolution. Elevators, blinds, cranes etc., all have some
form of wheel hidden in them. Now, on adding teeth to wheels, gears were
invented. Clocks, grinders, car engines, bicycles and
other complex machines work with the help of gears. So, basically, if wheels were never invented,
we might still be living the pre-historic way. What if we stopped drinking water? We will have to sell our water purifiers to
scrap dealers. Oh. You are unbelievable. About 60% to 80% human body is water. We need water for various purposes like digestion
and excretion. Water is also a major component of blood. However, every day we lose about 2 to 3 liters
of water through sweat, urine, breathing, etc. Hence, to compensate the water loss, if we
don’t drink enough water, then we will get dehydrated. During dehydration, our brain works harder
than normal. It informs kidneys to retain moisture. Thus producing darker concentrated urine. It reduces the production of saliva causing
dry mouth. Lack of water also causes our brain tissues
to shrink. We get headaches and feel nauseous. Our energy levels drop and our skin becomes
dry. Besides this, chronic dehydration can lead
to severe health problems and even death. What happens if a plane is struck by lightning? It will start glowing like a disco ball. No. Lightning is a massive flow of charge which
carries thousands of volts of electric current. Thus, it is extremely fatal for living beings
and can damage anything that comes in its way. Ya dude. It is really terrifying. Now many times, airplanes get caught in a
heavy lightning storm. However, airplanes are designed to handle
the lightning strikes. The outer skin of most planes is primarily
made of aluminum. Aluminum is a good conductor of electricity. When lightning hits the airplane, the electric
current travels through the outer skin of the plane. It does not pass into the airplane. Eventually, it exits off through another extremity,
such as tail. Thus, the airplane and the passengers within
remain protected. What if you fell into a black hole? I’ll color it with my color pencils. No. Boundary of the black hole is called event
horizon. Small black holes have stronger gravitational
forces than large ones. If you fell towards a small black hole. The strong gravitational forces would stretch
you. Until you are torn apart, even before you
cross the event horizon. In case of a large black hole. You would be able to enter it. Unharmed, falling freely until you reach its
center or point of singularity. Here, you would get squashed and merge into
it. But your friend observing this from outside
never actually sees you enter the black hole. He just sees you fall in slow motion, freeze
and then go dimmer. Why? Because our current laws of physics don’t
apply beyond the event horizon. Making it impossible for us to see beyond.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Other people just going to invent it
    What if we stop drinking water?
    Were going to start eating it

  2. 1:silly aumsum
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    5:aumsum in doctor costume

    First 5
    Next 5 coming soon

  3. If there were no wheels that means no ring worlds and they are flat but curled up so does that mean no flat earthers

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