What is SecondHand Smoking? – And How You Can Prevent it | A Definite Guide | HealthIzWealth

What is SecondHand Smoking? – And How You Can Prevent it | A Definite Guide | HealthIzWealth

Hello World today i am going to show you how to protect your kids from secondhand Smoke Providing you the step-by-step Guide to Do this. No. 1: Reducing secondhand smoke exposure in your home/Car 1. Quit Smoking. If you are a smoker the most important step you can take is to quit. Even if you do not smoke in the presence of your children this most that lingers in your clothes, hair, furniture and car can still have a negative impact on their health this is known as third-hand smoke smoking can leave behind the residue which can also negatively impact the health of your children. 2. Help Others Quit Smoking if they are ready. Other Adults who spend a lot of time around your children and who also spoke both the risks them research suggests that having social support can play an important role in helping individuals with moving especially during the first few months after giving up cigarettes although quitting is a personal choice you may also be able to persuade them to quit if you feel they simply need a small push. 3. Forbid Smoking in your home. It is your home and you have the right to do so. If an Adult visiting your home wishes to smoke make it clear that smoking will only be allowed out doors away from the children even if children are not present the residue left behind from smoking is still present harmful 4. Forbid smoking in your car some people believe that simply rolling down the windows is enough to protect others from secondhand smoke. This is wrong and rolling down the windows may actually help to blow the smoke directly into the faces of those sitting in the backseat. 5. Check your lease agreement if you If You live in an apartment building with other tenants who smoke you may be affected by secondhand smoke check your contract to see if there are any restrictions about smoking indoors keep watching to see the next part of this video don’t forget to Like and subscribe our Channel

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