What Is The Best Cheap Used Sports Car?

what’s going on today guys Dean from
Deancent garage here just wanted to make this video to share with you what
sports car I just purchased. I’ve been eyeing up this car for a while now and
I’ll go over in this video why I chose this vehicle and specifically why I
bought the one that I did. I’ve been doing a lot of research on
this particular vehicle and I’ve been keeping my eye out and classifieds and
on eBay for a good example to purchase. Now this definitely isn’t the best
example of the car I could have bought but it definitely is the most
interesting that was available when I was looking. Now with this car there are
a lot of upgrades done to it, a lot of work has been done to this. I do have to
reverse some of the work that has been done unfortunately some stuff has been
done that it’s just not to my taste at all. One of the previous owners bondo’d?
a lot of the body parts and I’m going to have to go through and get all of that
fixed. Now I won’t be doing that I don’t think, myself, we’re getting a
body shop to take care of all the body stuff because I’m not that great with
bodywork and I want this car to look good when I’m done with it. I don’t want
it to look junky, so I got my work cut out for me. Anyways I want you guys to
check it out here it is. if you haven’t figured it out yet this
is a Porsche 944 and not just a Porsche 944 this is actually a 1989 Porsche 944
turbo one of the best 944’s you could actually get your hands on because this
particular model is the one that Porsche put a lot of time and R&D into and
there’s actually a list of over 30 parts that were upgraded from the factory on
this car. Now I’m going to put a link below to a blog post that I wrote that is
actually going to list all the things that are upgraded on this vehicle and
it’s pretty amazing the amount of stuff that they did, like they didn’t just slam
a turbo on it and call it a day. They did it a ton of stuff I could go through
it all here but it really is a long list but things like LSD were an option on the
turbo model also there is a koni suspension like adjustable suspension
that they put on it tons of other stuff you really do have to check the blog
post to see what this car is all about and that’s why it was such a great
purchase because for me to do all of these upgrades myself would cost me
thousands of dollars to do. If you just spend a couple thousand dollars more on
the turbo model you’ve got all these upgrades already done on the car, a huge
advantage over the 944. Yes turbos are a little bit more maintenance
but the fun factor that you get from the additional power and all the other
upgrades far outweighs the additional maintenance that may be required with a
turbo car. You may be wondering why I bought this particular 944,
well a couple reasons why I bought this one. I like a challenge, I like to get
my hands dirty and work on stuff. I don’t like to just buy something fresh off the
lot throw my keys in it and just start driving it, although that is great
there’s a lot of fun there but I find that I learn a ton of stuff I actually
work on my own vehicles and while I’m actually in there I can be doing
upgrades as well and figuring out more opportunities to increase power while
I’m working on it so that was one big factor for me I needed something
I could work on plus I can make content while I’m working on it and also this
particular one came with a bunch of upgrades.
there’s the Lindsay Racing dual wastegate that came on the vehicle it’s
got a boost controller upgraded stainless lines on all four corners on
the brakes brand new tires evo f1 tires all four corners that the rear tires are
bit wider I can’t remember the measurements on them. I can get that.
A whole list of stuff has been done to this car. It does need a lot of work. Right off the top of my head I know we need a new fuel pump, the fuel pump is seized on the car, needs a battery the cooling fans need to be wired back up
probably need to upgrade the wiring for the fuel pump, the interior needs to be
put back together, headliner in the interior needs to be put back in, the
motor for the headlights needs to be put back in and obviously all the bodywork
and I’m sure there’s more stuff as I’m going through and I’m sure I’m going to
find more that needs to be done. The guy I bought from was a machinist and he
said he did the whole bottom end and top end port and polished he’s got a stage
two spec clutch in it, a bunch of other stuff that’s been done the whole exhaust
has been reworked. The exhaust has been upgraded to a 4 inch exhaust and
that’s right from Lindsay Racing as well and Lindsay Racing actually has dyno
charts on their website that shows the performance increase that you get with
the dual wastegate and the four inch exhaust so the numbers are pretty
impressive guy bought it from so this car should be pushing over 300 horse not
too sure if that’s actually the case but we’re gonna find out once we get this
car on the road and I can get it over to a dyno but with what he says has been
done to the vehicle it’s very possible a world over 300 horse on this car and
from the factory it’s a 247 horsepower motor so really wouldn’t be that hard to
get to 300 horse so we’ll see hope you guys enjoyed the video don’t forget to
like it subscribe and hit that notification bell I’ll see you guys on
the next one

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