What Is Wheel Offset?

What Is Wheel Offset?

– Hey guys, what’s goin’ on? It’s Alex from Fitment Industries, and today we’re gonna be talking
about the basics of offset, probably the most requested thing that you guys ask in the
comments and the messages. It’s just understanding offset, and it can be extremely difficult if you really don’t
understand where to start. So, I made a beautiful diagram, which I totally stole off of
Google because I can’t draw. But, we’re gonna be talking
today on how offset works, and we’re gonna be diving
into just the basics. So the first thing that
you need to understand is: how do you get offset? Offset starts with something
called your center line. And your center line is the distance in between your two bead
points on the wheel itself divided by two. So you’re gonna get your center line, which is this green line right here, which is gonna be the middle of the wheel. For the most part, you’re gonna be looking at POSITAL offset wheels, unless you’re going into
multi-piece Fully-Forged or something like that. So what you have here is the center line, which is the middle of the wheel. What I made here is an orange box, and what that represents
is positive offset. And your offset is the distance from your center line to your back pad. Your back pad is mounting surface where the wheels are actually
gonna get put onto your car. So, couple of other things here: outside of the wheel,
right here, inside fender. You’re actually looking at
your suspension components, which would be over here. And then, obviously, this is the offset. This is the fun part that
we’re looking at right here. So positive forwarding offset means that your center line to your
actual mounting point of your back space, or your back hub, is going to be 40 millimeters away. If I go up to a 45, which is this little
extra chunk right here, I’m gonna shave five
millimeters off the back pad, and I’m going to get that
five millimeters closer to the front of the wheel. A good wheel in the right setup is gonna make all the difference between something that
just was not thought out and you pretty much guessed. So, when we go into this, another that you’re gonna have to consider is brake clearance. Break clearance is super
important on cars like STIs, on Evos, things with
Brembos or big break kits. Lexuses are really well known for that. And you’re gonna see that
this little red box here represents your brake caliber. Obviously another big thing
that you wanna keep into account is your suspension components. You wanna make sure
that you’re not rubbing in any sort of way, shape or form. So what does it look like
when you go to a zero offset or even a negative offset? Well, that’s a great point. So what your gonna do is,
I have a handy marker here, and your zero offset is your center line, and if you go on a negative offset, you’re gonna see essentially
this point right here, and this point right here going to be cut. And you’re gonna see this
entire mounting surface pushed back. And what you’re ultimately going to see is in front of where your
mounting point would be. This is what creates that lip, and now you have your fender, and you’re much moved farther back. So this is where a lot
of people like to be, multi-piece wheels, things like that. When you go wider, they like the lip, they like the concave look. This is what’s gonna give you that. There are other wheels that are, you know, essentially one-piece that have their spokes that’ll come in. And you get that concavity
that a lot of people love. So, there’s a lot of different ways that wheel companies use
offset to get the look that you’re looking for, but it really comes down to
what fits your vehicle the most. You’re not just gonna
wanna run a zero offset or negative offset because
that’s what the cool kids do, because if you don’t
have a car that can work with that sort of size, it’s just not gonna work out for you. So we have a Cosplus here just to kinda give you a
little bit of a visualization as to what we’re talking about. So, the back pad is
this surface right here. This is what’s trimmed or, when metal added to it to
give it or take away offset, a lot of your one-piece monoblock wheels, that’s how they do the offset. Multi-piece wheels is essentially just your inner barrel, your outer
barrel, and your center disk that determine the offset and
how you choose to do that. But for this, we’re gonna be looking at how to measure center
line on the actual wheels. So this is the same exact thing
as what we described before. You have your two bead points,
which would be right here. You would measure this
distance divided in half. That is your center line. So this wheel specifically
is a plus-35 offset. So you’re going to see
that most of the wheel sits much farther in
front of the center line than a zero offset or
even a negative offset. So that is everything you
need to know about offset. If you guys have any questions, we would highly recommend
you drop us comment, shoot us a message, and let us know what you would like to see next. On top of that, if
you’ve questions about us that you want to know what
other people are runnin’, check out our gallery; it’s gotta over 5,000 vehicles, www.fitmentindustries.com. Click on the little gallery at the top. You’re gonna be able to see 5,000 vehicles with all the information on
fitment, specs, and sizes so that you know what to get for your car when you’re ultimately
looking at a set of wheels, tires, or suspension. So that is the whole pitch right there. Let us know if you guys
have any questions, but I’m Alex from Fitment Industries. We’ll see you later!

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  1. I have a 2018 Impreza hatch I just got. I have some 17×7 5×100 enkei ev5 wheels that I had on my 07tc, have 225x50r tires on them. And I want to fit them to my Impreza. I'm not sure if the offset will be too much or not enough. I desperately need help because I love these wheels and don't want to sell them. Any advice would be great.

  2. would you guys happen to know what the best offset for a 2018 wrx is? looking for a nice flush fit with the fenders. thank you

  3. I'm very much a novice so plz bare with me, so with a neg offset (tire/rim will stick out farther) are the rims built/forged that way or is there some sort of spacer? Also, if one goes with a neg offset will that effect the integrity/ride/suspension? I have an 2015 Audi RS5 & wondering if offsetting would compromise the suspension or what monitors the suspension.

  4. I am going square setup 20*10 all around with a step lip wheel on a 370Z. I have big break kit. What would be the best offset to go with ? Considering I might go airlift suspension.

  5. That was confusing. I can't tell if the diagram is showing and skyview of a single wheel thingy or the distance between both.

  6. Still hard to find the perfect fit with no poke on a stock height 2018 STI, every fitment for 18×9.5+38 all have poke which is not flush to guard. Is the offset causing the tyre/wheel to poke out rather than flush?

  7. if I have offset on my front wheels doesn't that change my steering centerline/pivot point and make my tires scrub and wear down faster?

  8. just to clarify, your example of 40mm and 45mm offset. The 45mm offset will bring the wheel back in (towards the suspension). Whereas if I choose a 35mm offset, that will push the wheel out towards road verus the 40mm?

  9. Can someone help me out I have a Infiniti q45 1999 I want 19" rim with step lip, so my question is what is the right setup for my car, going for a flush look thanks

  10. For all those who don't understand the drawing. Here you go in easier words:
    It shows just one wheel from a sideways view. the yellow parts on the top and bottom are your rubber. and the things that looks like is clamping the yellow part would be your wheel wall. The curved line that connects your wheel walls on the right is your wheel face (The part you see from when the wheel is setup). The green line represents the center of the wheel. The thing that is connecting your wheel face and the green line is what offset is about. The part between your wheel face and the yellow-lined box is the part where your wheel connects to the Hub and you use bolts to keep the wheel in place. The yellow-lined box shows how much further (Positive Offset) or backward (Negative Offset) your hub is connecting to the wheel with respect to the center of the wheel.
    For example, Deep dish wheels have negative offset


  11. does anyone have a video on the pros/ cons, handling and wear characteristics on bearings/suspension parts when changing +/- from a oem offset?

  12. Ok i have a cuestion i have a set of rims 2 are 20×8.5 35mm offset
    Of other 2 are 20×10 44mm offset my cuestion is this set fit on 97/99 nissan maxima gxe ? I hope asnwer my cuestion thanks .

  13. So.. I was thinking about buying ESR SR08 18” 5×100 idk what offset. Not dropped, just stock height on a BRZ. What type of offset should I get? Planning on getting BC coilovers after that

  14. Thanks for the video. I don’t know how others struggled to understanding the drawing, I did perfectly and even watched it on 1.5x speed and had no problem. Thanks!

  15. Very confused still… The drawing didn't help very much. Only thing I got was if you run wide you want negative offset

  16. Good video, the wheel at the end helped. Offset ,basically, will determine how much dish(we used to call them deep dish rims?)your rim has or how much clearance between brake caliper and rotors.. roughly.. lol

  17. I currently have a +45 offset but i want to go to a +37 offset. Is there any way to fix that difference? The rim size is also going from 5,5×15 to 7×17. Hope you can help me (sorry for m english i'm from holland)

  18. I'm still confused. Should I still worry about this? even though most likely i'll only be using coilovers, spacers and nice set of wheels

  19. Can you please help. 2012 acura tsx on coilovers. I want a set of wheels but dont know the right offset for front and rear wheels. I want a flush look

  20. so width of the rim is calculated by ''inside the lips'' right ? positive offset the mounting is towards the exterior relative to center line and negative offset is more towards the car? thanks !

  21. i am looking at getting a set of cosmis wheels 006 18×9.5 or 8.5 how aggressive would that wheel be with a 10mm offset for a 2019 civic sport hatchback any help would be great

  22. Sorry, i like most ur vids. But this was very bad xplained.. i agree with some of the coments here. Do this video again, and xplain it better. And talk slower

  23. Is there any different between a 17×8 +35 offset and 17×8 +30. Im currently rocking on 17×8 +35 with 215/45/17 tires and it sit flush with the fender (no fender roll) My car is lowered with 1.5 front and 1.8 rear. I found some wheels (17×8 +30) on your website that im interest in but worry i might have to roll my fenders. Btw I’m from Eau Claire, WI. If I order do i pay sales tax?

  24. what offset should I use for the 10th gen civic sedan (1.5T) 19" wheels using coil overs without rubbing the fenders?

  25. Could you send down to reduce offset for rims that you have already bought if it is too late to send them back

  26. Bought some 17×8 30mm offset and my factory rims were 17×8 45mm offset, will there be any fitment issues?

  27. I've seen the gallery…..I want personal recommendations for at 2013 GTI… come with it, what you got!

  28. So would +32 or +45 be more concave? I'm looking to get that deep dish look and im still kinda confused. Which one of those 2 would give me a deeper dished look? I subbed! Thanks for any advice!! Edit after watching again I'm saying +32 would be the deeper concave? I just don't want to order the wrong wheel lol

  29. Like the rest of the ppl here in the comments section. This video really doesn't help.

    Thanks for the effort tho…

  30. Ok so if I have a 20x11wheel with a 43mm p -offset. And I wanna down grade to a 20×9, can i keep that same offset to keep it flush with the car as it was with the 20×11.

  31. Hey I drive a 2001 lexus ls430. The calipers are pretty big. I was thinking about getting sum work emitz rims, 20s. Wut will be a good offset? I don't really want a deep dish look, nor do I want a flush look…? Help!!!

  32. What do I need to do to make sure I have the right offset and not have to worry about damaging my brake calipers?

  33. Thank you so much for this video. Helped me understand a lot about offset. I recently bought 2018 VW GTI autobann with 18*7.5 rims on 225/40R/18 summer tires with 49mm offset. I have a set of old 2014 Jetta winters tires sitting around which are 17*7 on 225/45R/17 with offset of 54mm… not sure if these will fit without rubbing any suspension/brakes etc? Any help will be appreciated 🙂

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