What It’s Like Driving a Slammed Static Vehicle

– Hey guys, what’s going on it’s Alex from Fitment Industries And I’m here with… – Brian from Custom Offsets. – And Brian, we decided to
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just a couple questions so you guys can get a
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Fitmentindustries.com Who are you and what do you drive? – I am Brian from Custom Offsets and I drive a ’99 Lexus GS300. – [Alex] Talk about the
specifics of your Lexus GS300. – [Brian] It sits on the ground, (laughing) it scrapes in my flat shop, it’s terrible to drive, looks awesome. – So Rainy drives a slammed, static GS300. – Yep. – And those words could not be more true to your vehicle. It is slammed– – [Brian] Yep. – [Alex] All the way. Static, doesn’t move. Got the wheels to fit under– – [Brian] Cambered. – [Alex] Underneath the over fenders, you got some camber. So, you’re like the static stance guy. – [Brian] Yep. – You give, I mean, the
guys remember Jasper, but your car gives Jasper’s car… – It gives it a good run for its money considering mine just
frame bangs everywhere. – Yeah, all over the place. – Yep. – And it’s a much larger vehicle. So the vehicle was on air, your GS, when you first got it, was on air. – Yep. – And then you switched to static. So what was the legitimate
reason that you did that? – There was two reasons, so my air ride was old and
it was log manifold style. – Okay. – So instead of having the
nice little airlift V2 box it was two, half inch copper logs with old school, manifold valves in it. So it was dated. (chuckling) It was a very old set up. – Sounds like you’re repairing a bathroom in a house or something like that. – Yeah, pretty much. – You had to turn the water off before we fixed the shower head. – Yeah, so I have the 11
switch paddle up front which it was cool, but I mean you never had the same height. It didn’t hold an alignment,
the bags were shot. (sniffing) So I decided to get rid of it ’cause it also messed up all my fenders, my fenders were all chewed
up, I’m sure you’ve seen it. – [Alex] Yeah. – They were chewed up
pretty good from just airing out so much. So I ended up getting rid of that and then I switched to
my BC Extreme drops. And I’ve loved it ever since. – So, tell me a little bit more about the suspension set up that you have. So BC Extreme drops, what’s your camber, what’s all that as, do
you have anything else underneath there? – Yeah, so a lot of people see my car and they think it’s just bags and wheels but I have a full Battle Version rear end which is the rear lower control arms, tow rods, camber arms, all that. I have all that in the rear,
so the rear’s fully adjustable. And then it’s six degrees
camber in the rear and then the front is shortened spindles, I have FIGS Engineering solid
spherical mounts all around and then, Serial Nine upper control arms. And right now it sits at
negative eight degrees of camber in the front. – [Alex] Why make your life more difficult being static over air? Right, I mean, that’s the
question that I’m assuming most people that would ask you is, why make your life harder. – It’s not too bad like that. The biggest issue I’ve
had lately is just chasing whatever rear suspension
problem I have is. – Sure. – Still haven’t figure it out. But everyone’s like, well, you can’t make it into this
driveway, that driveway. I have made it into every driveway anyone’s ever told me I couldn’t. It’s not always the prettiest but more not often that not
I trailer my car everywhere. Outside of a 30 mile radius of my shop, it gets trailerd. – Yeah, I mean, I would give you a fit but I trailer my shit everywhere too. So I mean. – And yours is a lot
more reliable. (laughing) – Yep and definitely isn’t
on the ground at all. – No. – So what other cars have you owned and what did you do to them? – So, cars that I’ve modified, modified, I had a ’96 Honda Civic Coupe that I put on Function
and Form coil overs. I put that all the way down, daily drove that for
three years, year round. And that was fun. That car, no issues. That was literally coil
overs, wheels, build done. Loved it, never owned
another Civic though. – Really? – Nope. Can’t do it. – So is the Lexus, would the Lexus be like your second big car, have you had another big car
that you’ve done stuff to? I had a ’76 C10 back
when I was in high school that had a built 400 small block, built TH350, it had a
couple other odds and ends. I’ve had a lot of 240s
that I’ve messed with. Never finished one of them. – Yeah, well, I mean, they’re 240s, the odds of them ever
getting completed are zero. – Only one ever ran and
by the time I sold it, it didn’t run. (laughing) – We bought, my friend
and I, we bought a 240 back when were in college thinking that we were gonna be able to
fix it up and get it running and that was, yeah. – Yeah, a black hatch? – Yeah, I mean it was… – Yeah, I picked it up from your house. (laughing) – It was the biggest mistake of my life. – Yep, picked it up from
your house five years ago. – I remember that. So, I think that and this is
something that’s interesting is when you talk to a lot of OG static guys, ’cause static has been
around for a long time. – Yep. – It’s not something that’s new but it almost seems like
they have a little bit of a chip on their shoulder
about air suspension. – It’s a pride thing. – Why? – [Brian] Look at Junior’s
rollers compared to mine. – [Alex] Yeah, I knew you
were gonna bring that up. – The rollers are the big one, and I’ve never gotten
rollers on my car, really, except for my buddy
Snapchatting a photo of my car going down the highway. I always thought it was cool but I never had friends with good cameras. – Sure. – So, Nick Campanelli from
Milwaukee took a photo of my car at Auto Motion back
when it was on air ride and I was like, that looks so bad. The wheels, when they aired up, went straight out, four inches, super stretched, no camber and then my fenders were
like (blowing raspberries) It looked terrible. – Yeah, it’s not a pretty– – No. – Looking thing, unfortunately, especially when it’s aired to the sky you see Junior’s 12.5 wides and it’s… – [Brian] Yeah, it’s not good. – It’s rough. So, what would be a dream car set up if you could buy anything you wanted? – Static or bagged? – Whatever you wanted, if you
could pick a brand new car and slam it on the
ground or take an old car and do the same, what would you do? – I’ve been heavy on the
Maserati GranTurismo MC. – [Alex] Okay. – [Brian] It’s just one of those cars, really love it, that’s
a car I’d bag though just cause it’s worth so much. – [Alex] Yeah. – [Brian] And I don’t wanna mess it up. – [Alex] Yeah, sure. – Plus a car you want to go fast in, so. – Yeah. So, does it ever bother you
that you see a lot of people going air over static recently, or do you not really care that much. – Yes and no, I’d almost say it’s kind of like a cop out way, it’s the easy way out – Mm-hmm. – ‘Cause I mean air ride’s nice ’cause I have a car in my shop right now that it airs out but it has
presets for when it airs out, it doesn’t smash the fenders
into the tires and wheels ’cause it doesn’t fit. But it gets low and it looks good but static, it’s like you have not choice. It has to fit, you have to
run it, you have no choice. – [Alex] It’s almost
like the margin for error is smaller. – [Brian] Yeah. – [Alex] And so it’s more work and because it’s more work and it takes more to do that look. – [Brian] Yep. – [Alex] It’s more prideful. – [Brian] Yep. – [Alex] Because you’re
locking it in 100% of the time. – [Brian] Yep, not just– – [Alex] And lots of people
on air are locking it in when it’s convenient. – Yep, exactly and I like my
car going down the highway, you hit a bump, guarantee
it’s gonna either touch the fender, it’s gonna
touch the inner fender. – That’s awesome. What’s the biggest
misconception people have about static cars? – Jasper will disagree but he
says his car rides terribly, mine’s not that bad. – [Alex] Well, you have big Lexus. – [Brian] I have stiffer spring rates. – [Alex] That’s true. – [Brian] And smaller tires. – [Alex] And that helps? – Well, no, it arguably
would make it worse because I have less sidewall and mine are stretched so far that my barrels touch the
ground more often than not. But I also have the
big, the super luxurious Lexus seats in it. But like you said, my cars
weigh a little bit more, it’s bit longer but I do
have stiffer spring rates and smaller tires. It doesn’t ride any different
than it did on air ride. – How many lips have you cracked because of how, now extreme your set up is but how aggressive your set
up is considering the vehicle. – This is where I have a hard time, Austin Flowers has issues
with lips on his bagged car. Jasper eats lips and
bumpers for some reason. I have a nothing. – Really? – Nope, I have the original
lip that came on my car when I bought it. There’s no scuff marks on it, nothing, it’s still holding true. – Do you think that has to do with where you’re getting the parts from and the fact that your wheels are bangin’. – Now, it’s the fact that
it’s got 13 bolts on it. The whole front lips got
a whole bunch of bolts. (laughing) So I mean, it holds on great. – Yeah, there you go. So, if you had one thing that
you’d want to tell them masses about yourself, your
Lexus, the static set up, why you are the way that
you are in the scene because it’s definitely
more of a prideful scene. – Yeah. – Then I would say other versions
of the car community are, what would it be? – Send it. – Just (blank) send it. – You have no choice, just do it. (laughing) – So that is our 10 questions for Rainy. I would say static stance guy but that’s a video that
we’ve already done. But we wanted to get a little
bit of a different opinion because there are different
sub genres, I would say, within the same thing. So, let us know in the
comments what you guys think. Hopefully there was a
enough footage out there so you can see what
Rainy’s car looked like. If you guys have any questions,
drop a comment below. Anything else you want to tell them about? – I think that’s it. – Alright, cool, well
we’ll see you later guys. Check out fitmentindustries.com for wheels, tires, suspension,
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we’ll see you later, peace.

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