What REALLY Happened to Our CEO Shawn!

What REALLY Happened to Our CEO Shawn!

So, you guys have been asking, “Where is Shawn, and what is he up to?” And you’re probably also wondering why am I in a smashed up Tacoma and driving it up this hill. Well, that’s kind of
what we’re gonna do today is show you what exactly we’ve been up to kind of behind the scenes. (Adventurous action music) (car engine revving) – [Unknown Male Voice] That is insane! – Holy (beep), dude! – [Deep Male Voice] Her
car was just stolen. – Come on; quit bidding.
– So, that’s it? – We’re done. We got outbid. Well, I didn’t want to go over budget. – You made the budget! You keep not buying
vehicles that I say to buy. – Well I didn’t want… okay. – And you’re gonna run out of vehicles. And then you don’t have a job. – Okay, I’m gonna go back to trying to find another (beep) truck. – [Male Voice] Oh (beep),
bro! We bought a Tacoma. – Oh!
– Let’s go! – We got a Tacoma. – [Male Voice] Dude, that gets rebuilt! – [Cameraman] This looks
like a pain in the dick! – It is. – Full dick pains.
– [Cameraman] Full dick pains. (uptempo pop music) – Those of you that
know who I am, remember. Those of you that
don’t–Fuller, roll montage of who I used to be. How y’all doing? Shawn Chartier again with Custom Offsets, Customs Offset TV. Hey y’all; Shawn Chartier again Custom Offsets, Customs
Offsets TV on YouTube. If you (mumbles), you’ve got fuel hostages, baby. Hey guys; Shawn again. Custom
Offsets. Custom Offsets TV. Hey guys; Shawn again. Custom Offsets. Custom Offsets TV on YouTube. So, that’s who I was. Because I’m addicted to startups, once Custom Offsets got up on its feet and Fuller took my job, I had
to go find something to do. So what we’re doing now is
called Branded Title Company. It is a Branded Title Co.
It is a YouTube channel so come on up to YouTube; check it out. I’m gonna definitely say
that seven more times. We are basically taking–
this is our Toyota Tacoma. We bought this smashed up; we got a sick deal on it. It is a salvage title truck that had the front end smashed in the back end smashed in and a messed up frame. The guys are basically taking these because we’re supposed to just restore them back to stock and sell them, but Shawn with Custom Offsets Custom Offsets TV Custom Offsets TV on YouTube
doesn’t do back to stock. So, this one’s got a
lift kit, wheels, tires. We’re doing one of four. This will be one of four of
the wide body Toyota Tacomas running the RK Sport wide
body kit in the world. So, we’re the fourth one to
put this kit onto the vehicle. Super frickin’ pumped! It’s gonna be one of the sickest builds we’ve done in a long time. I probably will end up having to personally buy the truck
from Branded Title Company because I’m already in love with it. So, these are your guys. Blair is our shop manager, so
he keeps everything running. And then Sean, the mechanic,
is clearly our mechanic. These two guys put it together. We got Lawson behind the camera. You guys might know Lawson
from back in the CO days also. He came from Custom Offsets; he’s now the videographer
for Branded Title. Let’s check out another one. That’s going to be super awesome. That’s getting light bars. That’s getting winch. That’s getting ADD front rear bumpers. That’s getting rear light
pods, wide body kit. Pretty much everything we can think of. I believe we’re gonna get some new Anthem Intimidators on there which I’m frickin’ pumped about. Some seventeen by nines; very
off road, very overlander. I’m definitely gonna take
it out and test it out and try to break something
because thats what offroaders do. I want to be an offroader when I grow up, so it’s time. This is another one. It’s supposed to be the shop truck. The plan was to buy this $4000
smashed up Chevy Silverado. It’s got like 130,000 miles–2011. We’re supposed to just fix it up, get it back on the road, and run shop supplies. Instead, Lawson has already
bought the truck from us. We are putting a full lift kit: wheels, tires, giving it a wrap, window tint, some interior stuff. Again, the addiction is strong. We’re incapable of just
restoring them back to stock and selling them like
Branding Title is supposed to. So this can be complete build too. Gonna be badass to watch! Let me show you one of
the ones we just finished. This is gonna be a Camaro
ZL1 convertible automatic. I know; I get it. We should’ve bought the stick shift coupe. That one’s also gonna be done, so, you’re gonna wanna tune in. Well, we put the fiberglass RK
Sport clear lexan hood on it. The whole front end of this
thing was smashed and mashed up. Completely got it back to stock, looking super sexy again. So this is an example of one of the cars that Branding Titles
already completely built. It’s now for sale. It’s like 30,000 bucks. I believe it’s the absolute
cheapest Camaro ZL1 of the year. Make, model, convertible,
mileage of this car. It’s got 30,000
miles–something like that. So, if you want to check that one out, the link will be in the
description so you can snap it up. I’d love for you to but it so
I can go buy another truck. If you guys take a look around, you’re gonna recognize
that used to be my office. This used to be the entire work room, and then that was my office when I got moved to just a corner, but Fuller can, again, flashback and kind of show you that
this used to be our home. This was actually the first location we owned for Custom Offsets, about 6,000 square feet. Now we’re gonna have 42,000 square feet. And this is kind of our playhouse. Let me show you the other cool stuff. So, not sure if you noticed, but this is a 2017 Audi
RA all wheel drive. It was another smashed up car. This is one of our super cars. This is our second one. If you go back and check out
Branding Title on YouTube, you’re gonna see we already built the 2018 rear wheel Audi R8 in blue. Its a one-off color
that is just about done and gonna be for sale soon. This one is just about done
and will be for sale soon. Don’t tell the Branded Title channel, but if you guys also follow
us on Fitment Industries, you might know that Alex
of Fitment Industries picked up a Ferrari. And that will be a future build also. That thing is gonna get a full work over. It’s another rebuild title that we’re working on bring back to life, and then its gonna get
a complete makeover. Then, we’ve got a top-secret
project under there. Moral of the story: Everybody keeps asking
where the heck I went. The ones that know who I am. The ones that don’t, go back and watch some videos. Fuel hostages, baby. You’ll see that I was Fuller
before Fuller became Fuller. Now I’m the old Fuller, or Fuller’s the new me. I don’t know. Whatever you want to believe. This is now Branded Title Company. Come check us out. Come subscribe. It’s gonna be frickin’ sweet. We’re building two trucks right now. I know we’re gonna be doing another truck. There’s word of an ice race and vehicle. There’s word of lifted Grand Marquis. – Ha! – We’ve got a bunch of truck dudes that tried to start a
super car rebuild company. We’re ending up with a bunch of trucks, which are gonna be won off, never done before, or just really cool builds
for a absolute bottom budget. So, come on out and subscribe. Check out Branded Title Co. I think I did that wrong, too. Let’s go see the fridge. We forgot that part. And this is my fridge. (chuckles) Natural ice, Salsa, one bag of carrots that
nobody’s eaten a single one and a bag of ham, turkey. Healthy, lean. Condiments. Peace. (Mellow pop music)

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  1. Good for you Shawn! You've really grown the CO brand into something special. Keep up the good work and never stop chasing your dreams ๐Ÿ‘Š

  2. Awesome! Already subscribed. You make me feel lazy and unaccomplished in life. And I retired from USAF in 2014 flying F-16s. Haha. I KNOW this new endeavor will be as successful as your last.

  3. I thought all the way through this video that you were not going to show the fridge but you DID show it. Yes ! Nobody else does that. Saw it here first.

  4. Let's be honest the salvage to profit won't make money 90% of the time. Mainly planning on most of the income from views. Salvage ZL1 won't sell for 75% of what a clean title would.

  5. Congratulations Shawn. I wish you nothing but the best. I stumbled on your videos when you first started posted. Best of luck with the new adventure.

  6. OMG you are having way too much fun I'm a customer of yours and I'm definitely going to follow you in this new adventure merry Christmas and wishing you all a prosperous new year ๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

  7. This is so dope! I subbed to the branded title Channel. As a mechanic, I love watching others bring sweet rides back to life and then taking them beyond stock. Especially since I donโ€™t have to do it lol.

  8. Can't wait to see the other channel I'm very excited about seeing these channels that are popping up doing salvage title cars

  9. Fuller and Alex didn't want Sean to be the face of the company so they had to take matters into their own hands ๐Ÿง

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